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Re: 'She Blinded Me with Science'

From: Rod Eastman <darkstar@carrollsweb.com>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 14:26:59 -0500
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Subject: Re: 'She Blinded Me with Science'

> From: RobIrving@aol.com
> Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 22:45:22 EDT
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> Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: 'She Blinded Me with Science'

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> Jerry,

> Despite your attempts to suggest otherwise, many of the points
> I've made to Sean do not oppose the idea that "myopic
> conventionalism" <my words> slows down progress. I don't see why
> science would be different from any other human activity.

> So we agree. But I simply don't see sufficient evidence that the
> ETH is being obstructed in this way, as its proponents like to
> claim.  You haven't offered any convincing examples, just
> abstract association with earlier examples, none of which are
> particularly relevant, imo.

> Incidentally, the recent news regarding the scientific panel
> study of UFOs bears out the point I've been making.  But even
> this has been falsely portrayed in 'either/or' terms - viz, if
> you are sceptical of the ETH, then you must be embarrassed by
> it. This is sheer nonsense, premature bleatings.

> >"Belief" is not the problem with the ETH's more rational
> >proponents, of course.

> Belief is a problem for everybody in this regard. That is the
> whole point of this thread -- that it often doesn't matter how
> 'rational', or detached we like to think we are.  Your certainty
> would concern me if I cared at all - there's little difference
> between having an X-shaped gap and believing in X.

In contradiction Rob, belief is not a problem for everyone. I do
not believe their is eveidence supporting UFO's, however that
does not give me leave to close my mind to the  chance that some
may one day be found. And again in contradiction, their is a
very large difference between having the X-shaped gap and
believing in X, and that difference is reality; try walking thru
a doorway that doesn't exist. Or from another perspective, try
getting someone to walk thru that same doorway that believes it
isn't their. Belief and reality are natural opposites that will
many times meet in the middle and work for the better, debunking
and close mindedness work for the benefit of only those seeking
attention and recognition for their limited accomplishments. We
owe it to ourselves, the human race to investigate the UFO
phenomenon with an open mind to the possibilites we COULD
discover. How much has been lost to the human race due to our
own arrogance which has been exceeded only by our close minded