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Re: Non-Sub. Post - 'Alien Recovery' Team

From: Jeff Westover <jeff.westover@mailexcite.com>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 12:58:46 -0700
Fwd Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 18:26:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Non-Sub. Post - 'Alien Recovery' Team

>From: Concorp@aol.com [Name Not Known]
>Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 02:25:32 EDT
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: Alien recovery team

>Ed Komarek of Thomasville,Georgia and Rob Bailey of Troy,

...email addresses and phone numbers please...

>have formed a recovery team to excavate 5 alien
>skeletons from a remote glacial site located
>near the Alaskan/Canadian border.

Identify the team, who is it led by and how can we reach him/her?
Verify please!

(I seem to remember an X-Files episode about this very
scenario...be careful, if I remember the episode correctly, you
may just unleash another dormant plague upon humanity!)

>The skeletons were orignally discovered in 1938 by a member of a
>police organization while searching for a missing person.

Which police organization???  RCMP's?  Alaskan State Authorities?
FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper of Twin Peaks? Who?!?

>operations begin in July and members of the media and scientific
>community will be apprised of the search results.

Apprised how?  By anonymous posts like this?

Please provide email addresses and telephone numbers so as to
verify this wild claim!

(...is this Phil K.???)

Jeff Westover