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UFO Groups Increase Pressure For Hearings

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Subject: UFO Groups Increase Pressure For Hearings

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For July 1, 1998

UFO groups increase pressure for hearings

By Paul Hoversten
Gannett News Service

WASHINGTON - Buoyed by suggestions from an international panel of
scientists, UFO groups in the USA plan to step up efforts to push for
congressional hearings into Unidentified Flying Objects.

"This could be the thing that puts it over the top," said Steven Greer,
a Charlottesville, Va., physician who heads the nonprofit Center for
the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Greer was referring to Monday's report from scientists who said past
and future mysterious sightings deserve serious scientific review.

The nine-member panel, which included physicists and astronomers from
such institutions as the German Aerospace Center, the University of New
Mexico and France's University of Bordeaux, spent nine months on the
first independent review of UFOs since 1968.

The study was sponsored by the Society of Scientific Exploration of
Stanford, Calif. It's an interdisciplinary organization of scholars
formed to support unbiased investigation of claimed anomalous

Though it did not find convincing evidence to support the existence of
extraterrestrial intelligence, the panel noted that UFO reports dating
back 50 years contain enough unexplained observations to merit another

"It may be valuable to carefully evaluate UFO reports to extract
information about unusual phenomenon currently unknown to science," the
panel concluded. "Such evaluations must take place with a spirit of
objectivity and a willingness to evaluate rival hypotheses."

The panel looked into several incidents, including:

=B0A photo taken on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, by a family
visiting a park in October 1981. It shows a daytime view of a mountain
with a silvery oval-shaped object set against the blue sky. But the
panel said it is impossible to rule out a hoax.

=B0A 1994 report from an airline crew who spotted a gigantic, fuzzy-edged
disk near Paris. They lost sight of the object when the edges appeared
to lose focus. Swiss military radar tracked it for 50 seconds.

=B0A 1992 report from Haines City, Fla., patrolman Luis Delgado, who said
he saw a green-lit object in the rear view mirror of his patrol
cruiser. He said the object was 15 feet long and hovered 10 feet off
the ground. It circled his car several times before he pulled off the
road. Then the engine, lights and radio went dead.

The panel's conclusions are far different than those reached by Edward
Condon, who headed in 1968 an Air Force-sponsored study known as the
Colorado Project. That report said further study of UFOs "cannot be
justified in the expectation that science will be advanced."

But Greer said he has 150 former government employees, many from
classified projects, willing to testify under oath of their experiences
with UFOs and how such technology can help the world.

"These people are not the flakes you see at some bizarre UFO conference
with the T-shirts and bug-eye things you wear on your head," Greer
said. "These are courageous men, and in a few cases women, who do not
want to take to their grave one of the most important issues of the

He has pressed Congress and the White House to convene hearings and
take the witnesses' testimony - so far to no avail.

The last congressional inquiry into UFOs was in 1966, chaired by the
then-representative Gerald Ford.

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