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Re: 'Believers' Say It's About Time

From: John Velez <jvif@spacelab.net>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 15:43:21 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 19:30:34 -0400
Subject: Re: 'Believers' Say It's About Time

>From: Stig_Agermose@online.pol.dk (Stig Agermose)
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>Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 04:57:05 +0200
>Subject: UFO Study: Believers Say It's About Time

>>From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. URL:




>June 30, 1998

>UFO study: Believers say it's about time

>By Bill Hendrick, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Hi All,

_Now_ is the time to put pressure on the government for full
disclosure! If this panel found cause for further investigation
in the comparatively short time it has been looking into these
matters, what has the Air Force, NSA, FBI and others in our
government been up to in the 50+ years of their involvement?
Surely 'they' knew -and long ago- that there was 'something'
worthy of investigation here. Yet all we've ever gotten are
lies and denials. The speed with which this panel arrived at
it's conclusions makes the guys who run our government look
like completely, hopelessly incompetent boobs!

If they should answer a public request by saying that they
really didn't find reason or justification for further study
then we'll have to fire a few of them and let bigger, better
minds tackle the job. They work for us! If they don't produce,
we have to let them know with our correspondence and (more
importantly) our ballots.

The numbers quoted in all of the recent pop surveys represent
a politically significant group. Congressmen, Senators, all of
our representatives in Washington need to get letters and
e-mails from these folks urging them to put pressure on the
government/military for full disclosure of -any and all- UFO
related material.

The findings released by this panel has created 'energy'
(momentum.) It would be wise to make use the attention being
created by this report to rally support for a popular demand for
information. Before the publics short attention span moves on
to feed on something new!

I am going to write to my Senator and Congressman. If enough
of us do the same it may make a difference. We have absolutely
nothing to lose in trying. Let's make the best of a good thing!

Just a thought, . . .maybe what they really fear is, that if we
ever found out what they (da gubbamint) have really been up to,
that we all may just go down there and hang a few of them
on the White House lawn and the courtyard of the Pentagon.

Just a thought. <G>


John Velez