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Re: 'Eliptical' Crop Circles

From: Mark LeCuyer <randydan@wavetech.net>
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Subject: Re: 'Eliptical' Crop Circles

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> As for the "crop circles", I might also point out that the
> really interesting agriglyphs are not the circular or elliptical
> ones, but the highly complex structures consisting of circles,
> squares, spirals, straight paths, etc. which have been seen over
> the last 8 years or so, Thes odd shapes are far from what one
> would get by shining a beam downward at some angle. One would
> need, at the very least, a beam that can be scanned or a beam
> that can be shaped into a very complicated arrangement of
> intensities (like imaging a cookie cutter onto a field of
> grain).

From: Alien Astronomer

Hello Everyone :-)

Crop circles always reminds me of this simple experiment:

Take a flat panel of fairly thin metalic material and sprinkle
sugar on the surface. Using the bow from a violin, run it up or
down the perimeter of the flat surface and watch how the
vibration causes goemetric shapes to form. Different vibrations
cause different patterns.

Could there be a possible link?