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Anthony Lake Denies UFO Briefing

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Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 01:38:57 -0400
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Subject: Anthony Lake Denies UFO Briefing

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Anthony Lake Denies UFO Briefing

 From: Bob Durant <70232.17@compuserve.com>
 Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 08:36:06 -0800

On March 30 Washington columnist Sarah McClendon published a
report claiming, among other things, that "a community of
scientists and technicians employed by the government" believe
UFOs "are actual visitors from other worlds." Her report has
received wide distribution on the Internet.

  [See http://www.ufomind.com/people/m/mcclendon/#1]

McClendon states that a number of senior Clinton advisors
received UFO briefings. Among those named officials is Anthony
Lake, who served as the President's National Security Advisor.
Lake was nominated for the position of Director of Central
Intelligence, but his nomination was withdrawn in the face of
Republican opposition. He resigned from public life, and now
teaches at Georgetown University.

On April 14 Lake delivered the annual George W. Ball Lecture at
Princeton University. I attended the lecture, and approached him
after the talk to ask about McClendon's report. The following is
a transcript of our short but unambiguous conversation.

Durant: Two weeks ago Sarah McClendon, a Washington reporter,

Lake: Right, right

Durant: wrote a real fire burner about UFOs. And she indicated
that this was taken very seriously by the Clinton
administration. Your name was mentioned in it, as somebody
having received a briefing on this topic. Do you know anything
about this?

Lake: This is very highly classified. But if you looked at
Independence Day, the contact with the space aliens, the
description of the aliens is just about perfect. No, that's just
nonsense. Absolute nonsense. I never got a briefing. There is
no, what, what is it, Roswell. Unless, I never heard of Roswell,
in fact, until I was on the Diane Reems (sp?) show about a year
ago, and a caller said, so are you going to tell us about
Roswell, Roswell and what's it called, 51 or 52?

Durant: Area 51

Lake: Oh, Area 51. I never heard of it, and so I went back to
the Air Force and said, what's this all about? And they denied
it. Maybe they lied to me. This is nonsense. And I think the
explanation is, uh, I can't remember now, it may have had
something to do with satellites, reconnaissance, going over,
flights, planes going over that convinced people something was
happening. Now, the problem is, as I said on the Diane Reems
(sp?) show, I never heard about this, I don't know about this.
You can either conclude, one, that I'm lying to you, or two,
that I'm naive and nobody ever tells me anything, or three, that
I'm telling the truth. All I can do is tell you what the truth
as I know it is. But Independence Day was a good movie!

Durant: OK, gotcha. Thank you.

Earlier in the day, a colleague of mine telephoned Sarah
McClendon to inquire about her source for the claim about Lake's
UFO briefing. She was unable to answer that question at the

Robert J. Durant
15 April 98

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