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A Note About Jerry Black

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Subject: A Note About Jerry Black

From: Black's Hole


A note about Jerry Black...

Jerry Black is a long time UFO researcher, having been actively
interested in the subject for about 40 years. As with many of us
in the field, he's seen a lot of changes, some good and some

One thing that distresses Jerry is that he has seen, in the last
decade or so, the gradual decline in good research and
investigation by what were once the forerunners in ufology;
those that, at one time, were earnest and forthright seekers of
the truth about the UFO phenomenon.

In recent conversations with Jerry, he related to me his
misgivings about the detrimental effect that many of these
one-time solid figures were having on the field, overall. There
is a group of people that are considered long-standing "experts"
in the subject of UFOs. These include some prominent names that
are recognized even by folks that have little interest in the
subject. Jerry applauds the work that got most of these people
to the status that they now hold in ufology... He fully realizes
that determination and a sincere desire for answers to the
enigmatic questions about the nature of the phenomenon is what
made them the "big names" that they are.

He feels though, that, unfortunately, many of these well-known
figures have lost sight of what originally brought them to their
research and investigations. It appears that, for some, the
original fascination with the enigma has given way to the
limelight that they have been cast into, either by fate, or in
some cases, by design. He has come to the conclusion that some
of them have even "sold out." By this, I mean that they no
longer truly conduct themselves in the manner that a researcher
should, and more concerned with "staying in the public eye,"
"cashing in" on the subject (with lecture tours and book sales),
and maintaining their status and notoriety.

According to Jerry, the problem with this lies in the fact that
these people are big names in the field; they are the
individuals that are looked to for answers about UFOs, not only
by we students of the subject, but by the media, the curious,
and those with a burgeoning interest in ufology. Because of
this, it is their duty to provide only the best in information,
the facts, as they can be determined, and nothing but clear,
concise, unembellished data about what the phenomenon may be.
Sadly, this is no longer necessarily the case. He questions a
lot of what is presently being said and presented by "big name"
UFOlogists -- as we all should -- and wonders if many of them
have lost sight of their original objectives.

Jerry makes no apologies for what he says... Everything comes
straight from the gut, and is to the point. He believes that
ufology can progress and be taken seriously only if we get back
to the basics in research and investigation. It saddens him that
many of the people he speaks to in his open letters have "lost
their credibility," because he once considered many of them to
be the best in the field.

On a personal note, I have come to know and respect Jerry Black.
Not only is he still very sincere in his quest for the truth,
but he pulls no punches. He is straightforward and targeted when
he begins a research or investigative project. I have also come
to consider Jerry a friend. His open letters, sharp and coldly
inciscive, give no indication of the man behind the scenes. He
is a good soul, honest and giving. He and his wife, Peggy, went
through the most traumatic experience a parent can ever endure,
having lost their three-year-old daughter to brain cancer. Yet,
yearly, they deliver toys to kids at Cincinnati's Children's
Hospital on Christmas Day, and have established the Melissa
Black Memorial Fund (in honor of their daughter), to provide a
continuing source of financial help for terminally-ill children.

In closing, I urge anyone with questions and comments about
Jerry's editorials to contact him. He really is accomodating,
and will discuss his views openly and without reservation. He
does not have an e-mail address, but his contact information
appears at the end of each segment.