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An Open Message To Whitley Strieber - Jerry Black

From: Black's Hole
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 1998 09:57:31 -0400
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Subject: An Open Message To Whitley Strieber - Jerry Black


An Open Message To Whitley Strieber
by Jerry Black
July 1998

On or about February 10, 1998, Mr. Whitley Strieber and Ms.
Vicki Cooper, who is a promoter for the annual Gulf Breeze
Symposium held in Gulf Breeze, Florida every year, appeared on
the Art Bell Show. Vicki made a comment that, just recently, a
young couple took a video of what appeared to be a steel or
metallic ball in the sky. As it turns out, this video was shot
around 40 miles from Gulf Breeze. A still frame shot of this
object was placed on the Art Bell website.

Whitley Strieber had seen this photograph taken from the video a
few days earlier. Upon seeing the photograph on Art Bell's
website, and listening to Vicki Cooper relate the story, Whitley
Strieber made a comment that maybe the doubters of the Ed
Walters photographs would now take a second look.

I found that comment very interesting, because, first of all,
what does a video taken in 1998 -- or in 1990, for that matter
-- by a young couple, whether in Gulf Breeze, or 40 miles
outside of Gulf Breeze, have to do with Ed Walters' photographs?
It has absolutely nothing to do with Ed Walters' photographs.
Even if the object depicted in the video had been similar in
appearance to the Walters' photographs, it would still have
nothing to do with them.

Each case is, or should be, evaluated on its own merits,
individually and personally. Any other video taken has no
bearing on photographs taken by someone else. Certainly, it is
interesting to note similarities in photographs, and especially
in those taken around the same time. You certainly make a
notation of such in recording your investigative efforts. But
one case has no bearing on another case, otherwise. Each case
has to be evaluated as though it were a singular occurrence.

Mr. Whitley Strieber has written many books. He is a science
fiction writer by trade. I would have thought that he would have
been sharp enough to realize, by now, that Ed Walters' Gulf
Breeze photographs have been conclusively proven to be a hoax.
Mr. William G. Hyzer, and his son, James Hyzer, analyzed several
photographs, and concluded that, in particular, Photo #19, the
"road shot," was a double exposure.

The evidence of the case supports the fact that it is a hoax. So
why is Whitley Strieber out there touting the Ed Walters case?
Is it because this helps perpetuate the UFO phenomena on the Art
Bell Show? Does this help him keep a secure spot on the show, if
he professes to believe in other nationally-know UFO cases? I
would have figured that Mr. Strieber would have been a lot
smarter than that.

Another thing we'd like to point out is that Mr. Strieber is
certainly considered a contactee. In view of all of the books he
has written, and the numerous experiences that he claims to have
had -- which are ongoing -- he certainly would be categorized as
a contactee. Strangely, in the past, there has never been even
one contactee that mainstream UFO investigators have accepted.
That includes Mr. Daniel Frye, Mr. George Adamski, Billie Meier,
and a few others. There has not been a case of what we consider
a "contactee," which has been accepted as valid by any of the
better investigators.

Vicki Cooper went on to mention the then upcoming March 20
symposium in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Of course, Ms. Cooper would
obviously be promoting this, as she has had a financial interest
in the success or failure of the Gulf Breeze Symposium, ever
since the early 1990s, if not even before that. Consequently,
you can understand her point of view, when making the comment
that, for the last three out of five years, UFOs have been
spotted during the convention at the bay in Gulf Breeze. Mr.
Strieber went along with this, when Ms. Cooper stated that she
was hopeful that, with the gathering of a large crowd at the
symposium, the UFOs would make an appearance again. I don't
think anyone really believes that UFOs, whatever they might be,
make an appearance based on how many people are at a certain
location. I have no knowledge of any evidence that would support
this in any way, yet Ms. Cooper used it as a draw to get people
to come down to the symposium that was held on March 20. Of
course, Mr. Strieber went right along with that, and said that
he would try to be there.

My question is then, with Whitley Strieber, is he promoting the
Ed Walters case, and UFOs appearing to massive crowds of
believers, to keep an interest in his books on the subject? Or
does he sincerely believe this stuff? I also note, as referred
to earlier, that, as a UFO contactee, he is quite rare, as he is
the first to ever have been able to convince the vast majority
of UFO researchers that his encounters are true.

Ed Walters, who I assume is Mr. Strieber's friend, since he
supports Ed's story, claims to have taken and passed four
polygraph tests. In reality, what Ed Walters did was pass two
polygraph tests given by one gentleman; he passed one PSE test
given by another gentleman; the fourth PSE test was
inconclusive. Strangely enough, the two polygraphs and the PSE
that he passed were all self-sponsored, with no third party
involved to monitor the sessions. This is totally unacceptable.
The fourth test was sponsored by a third party, and was
inconclusive. Mr. Walters tried to make it appear that he passed
that test. He neither passed, nor failed -- there was not enough
material spoken on the UFO subject for the PSE to be valid.
Ironically, the three tests he passed were sponsored by no
outside, objective party. Ed Walters paid the bill, and there
were only two people involved in each test -- Ed and the tester.
Whether in ufology or in the criminal investigation system, this
is completely unacceptable.

On the sleeve of one of Mr. Strieber's books, I noticed that it
says he has also taken, and passed, four polygraph tests. So my
question is to Mr. Strieber, can you, sir, or someone else out
there, give us some basic information on the four polygraph
tests that you have claimed to pass? Who were the test
administrators? Who were the third parties involved in each, to
witness, or to pay for the sessions? Are the questions that were
asked in each test, along with the charts recording responses,
available for interested parties to take to other polygraph
experts, in an effort to have the material verified? I would
assume that, with nothing to hide, this would be possible and
that no one would have a problem with it.

I guess I'm trying to determine, Mr. Strieber, if your tests,
like Ed Walters', were self-sponsored, or if they were given by
a third objective, disinterested party -- no friends, no
relatives, but an investigator that could be completely
unbiased. Again, are the charts and questions available, to be
taken to other polygraph experts, for verification?

I would appreciate it if you could supply me with this
information, Mr. Strieber. Or if anyone out there has read
something of his that will give us a clear indication of this
information, it would be appreciated. I have tried to find the
information in a couple of his books, but could not.

Hopefully we will be hearing from Mr. Strieber, or someone else,
in the near future, to put to rest the question of whether or
not his polygraph tests were self-sponsored.

I thank you for your time in reading this.


Jerry Black


                    A NOTE ABOUT JERRY BLACK

Mr. Jerry Black has been researching and investigating UFOs in a
scientific and objective manner for the past 39 years. He spent
four and a half years re-investigating the Ed Walters/Gulf
Breeze case, with experienced investigators Rex Salisberry,
Barbara Becker, and Zan Overall. Mr. Black invites your comments
on the above. He can be reached at the following address and
phone number:

Jerry Black
6276 Taylor Pike
Blanchester, Ohio 45107
(513) 625-2613

NOTE: Permission is granted by the author to reproduce this
article in its entirety, in electronic form. Please contact the
author for permission to reproduce segments only.