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An Open Letter To Linda Moulton Howe - Jerry Black

From: Black's Hole
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 1998 09:47:07 -0400
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Subject: An Open Letter To Linda Moulton Howe - Jerry Black


UFOs And Credibility
An Open Letter To Linda Moulton Howe
by Jerry Black
July 1998

Recently on the Art Bell Show, a gentleman referred to as "Kent"
talked to Linda Moulton Howe for about two hours. He related a
story of being employed by a major courier company, and being
sent to NASA to pick up a package. After receiving the package,
it fell open. Out of the package came photographs of the "face"
on Mars which had not been shown to the general public. Upon
seeing the photographs, he was reprimanded by the gentleman who
had given the package to him, and the photographs were placed
back into the tube, for the courier to continue on his way.

Linda Moulton Howe spoke about the two-hour conversation on the
Art Bell Show, and made comments indicating that she thought
this was a solid case. Richard Hoagland, who was on the show at
the same time, felt the case was "98%" valid. He left that
remaining two percent open. To the credit of Mr. Hoagland, he
did investigate the case, and found that the gentleman was
hoaxing the story that he had told Ms. Howe. He even admitted

Richard Hoagland's defense, regarding his 98% assessment in
originally deeming the story credible, was, "Well, I did leave
that two percent open." That is not good enough. One cannot make
a comment on high credibility, based on a person relating a
story that they were told by yet another person over the phone.
Even though one may know and trust that person (in this case,
that person was Linda Moulton Howe), one cannot automatically
say, "Well that case sounds like it's 98 percent authentic."

Linda Moulton Howe, who is the big culprit in this particular
case, ran with this story prematurely, as she has done with
others in the past, certainly before any investigation was
conducted. Because of this she has lost a lot of credibility,
not only on this case, but on others in which she has done the
same thing.

When Mr. Art Bell asked her what she had to say when it was
determined, through Richard Hoagland's investigation, that this
was an admitted hoax, she said, "Well, it doesn't make any
difference. We have some other pictures out there showing better
images of the face on Mars, structures, and things of that
nature." One has nothing to do with the other. This is a case of
Ms. Howe again trying to shrug off her mistake of running
prematurely with cases, as she has clearly demonstrated is her
nature in the past -- as though it makes no difference. It does
make a difference. It makes a difference in one's credibility.

Since that time, Linda Moulton Howe has brought forth the name
of a gentleman called "Cooper." Cooper has related information
to Ms. Howe concerning the autopsy video and his alleged
knowledge of this situation. He is apparently saying that the
autopsy video is authentic, and has given her some other
information concerning the crash at Roswell.

Again, Ms. Howe has presented the story of her conversation with
this gentleman, concerning the autopsy video, telling Art Bell
and his listeners that this is a bona fide story. We wonder when
she will realize that a conversation with someone over a
telephone is just that -- a conversation over the phone. One
cannot make any distinctions as to the credibility of a case
until one has at least personally spoken with the proponent of a
story and conducted an investigation. In fact, if these people
who call on the phone will not meet with Linda Howe, or Richard
Hoagland, or whoever it might be, once they have placed that
phone call, then, in my opinion, the investigation should be
dropped. One cannot handle these types of investigations over
the phone. Anyone can call and make claims, as these people do,
or send some type of document that may look valid.

The bottom line is, one cannot conduct an investigation over the
phone. It simply cannot be done, in my opinion. One must
convince the person on the other end to meet with you, to
discuss the situation eye to eye, get more information, and then
begin the investigation of what is being related. Only then can
one determine if there is any credibility to a given case.

Linda Moulton Howe has lost a considerable amount of credibility
in the past few years, because of situations just like this one.
I have learned from a credible source that she also continues to
use a photograph of the alleged body of an alien being in her
various lectures, even after being told, over a year ago, that
the photograph was not real. The photograph is of a dummy alien
made up for the Showtime movie, Roswell, and is the same dummy
on display at the UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico. Ms. Howe
was advised of this over a year ago, yet still uses it in her
lectures, presenting it as a bona fide photograph of an alien

So as far as I am concerned, Richard Hoagland -- while we
applaud the fact that he did conduct an investigation, to bring
the case of "Kent" to a close -- should not be making these 98%
and 2% statements. Sure, it's easy to say, after the fact,
"Well, I did leave that two percent open." But to listeners of
the Art Bell Show you have relegated the story as 98% authentic
just because of what Linda Howe told you. The proper statement
to Art Bell or Linda Moulton Howe would be, once Mr. Hoagland
had heard this, "The story sounds interesting. I think a lot of
investigation needs to be done on this to see if this gentleman
is telling us the truth. Will he meet with us at a place and
time convenient to all of us, where we can talk with him? We
need more information." At that time a full investigation should
proceed. Mr. Hoagland would have no way of knowing if what Ms.
Howe, or her informant, was saying was "98%" true. It shouldn't
matter if Ms. Howe was one's best friend... Realistically, even
if my father had made that statement, I would not make the claim
that the story was "98%" valid, before any investigation had
been made.

Linda Moulton Howe is yet another figure in the UFO field that
has lost a lot of credibility, by continually making these
ludicrous statements about people calling her on the phone,
making claims about this or that, then running with those
stories prematurely. I really cannot even understand what reason
she would have to do so. Is it because she becomes of more
interest to the Art Bell Show when she does this? I have no
idea, but I do know that her credibility has been drastically
compromised. You can bet that most serious researchers will now
take a second look at anything she has to say, before trusting
the credibility of the stories she comes forth with. She has
only herself to blame for this.

In the future, I wish Ms. Howe would check things out
thoroughly, before making claims on the air. It does no harm to
bring it to the attention of the Art Bell audience that you have
talked to someone about a case, or that you are proceeding
cautiously, based on a phone call from someone. It would even be
acceptable for her to tell us that she was trying to meet with
the person, and checking to see if that was possible, before
making unfounded claims. As it is, she has no way of knowing if
the person is telling her the truth or not. It would not be bad
protocol to even advise listeners of the investigation, letting
the listeners know where the case stands.

To go on the air, though, after talking to a complete stranger
for two hours, and to say, "Oh, this sounds like a solid case,"
is ludicrous. It has to be because Ms. Howe is simply trying to
maintain some kind of status on the Art Bell Show, or that she
really is a very gullible person. We do not have room for any
more gullible people in the UFO field... We have more than we
need at the moment.

Again, UFO research and credibility must go hand in hand. We're
losing a lot of credibility with the general public, because of
statements like these Linda Moulton Howe has been making about
"Kent" and "Cooper." She must change her way of doing things,
for the good of the field, because she is the person that people
hear on the radio, and she is the person they go to listen to
when UFOs are being discussed.

Linda Moulton Howe needs to be extremely cautious, for the good
of UFO research in general, and should be a bit more skeptical
about things she hears in the future. This is the only way she
will continue to be a viable force in the UFO community, to be
considered a responsible, objective, and scientific

I thank everyone for their time in reading this.


Jerry Black


                    A Note About Jerry Black

Mr. Jerry Black has been researching and investigating UFOs in a
scientific and objective manner for the past 39 years. He spent
four and a half years re-investigating the Ed Walters/Gulf
Breeze case, with experienced investigators Rex Salisberry,
Barbara Becker, and Zan Overall. Mr. Black invites your comments
on the above. He can be reached at the following address and
phone number:

Jerry Black
6276 Taylor Pike
Blanchester, Ohio 45107
(513) 625-2613

NOTE: Permission is granted by the author to reproduce this
article in its entirety, in electronic form. Please contact the
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