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Re: Anthony Lake Denies UFO Briefing

From: Brian Cuthbertson <brianc@freeside.fc.net>
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 11:08:55 -0500 (CDT)
Fwd Date: Sat, 04 Jul 1998 10:12:37 -0400
Subject: Re: Anthony Lake Denies UFO Briefing

Regarding the following Updates post ...

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> Anthony Lake Denies UFO Briefing

>  From: Bob Durant <70232.17@compuserve.com>
>  Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 08:36:06 -0800

> On March 30 Washington columnist Sarah McClendon published a
> report claiming, among other things, that "a community of
> scientists and technicians employed by the government" believe
> UFOs "are actual visitors from other worlds." Her report has
> received wide distribution on the Internet.

>   [See http://www.ufomind.com/people/m/mcclendon/#1]

> McClendon states that a number of senior Clinton advisors
> received UFO briefings. Among those named officials is Anthony
> Lake, who served as the President's National Security Advisor.

> [ snip ]

> On April 14 Lake delivered the annual George W. Ball Lecture at
> Princeton University. I attended the lecture, and approached him
> after the talk to ask about McClendon's report. The following is
> a transcript of our short but unambiguous conversation.

> Durant: Two weeks ago Sarah McClendon, a Washington reporter,

> Lake: Right, right

> Durant: wrote a real fire burner about UFOs. And she indicated
> that this was taken very seriously by the Clinton
> administration. Your name was mentioned in it, as somebody
> having received a briefing on this topic. Do you know anything
> about this?

> Lake: This is very highly classified. But if you looked at
> Independence Day, the contact with the space aliens, the
> description of the aliens is just about perfect. No, that's just
> nonsense. Absolute nonsense. I never got a briefing. There is
> no, what, what is it, Roswell. Unless, I never heard of Roswell,
> in fact, until I was on the Diane Reems (sp?) show about a year
> ago, and a caller said, so are you going to tell us about
> Roswell, Roswell and what's it called, 51 or 52?

> Durant: Area 51

> Lake: Oh, Area 51. I never heard of it  [ snip ]

Well how interesting!  The President's National Security advisor
never heard of Area 51?  This when its common knowledge that the
site is one of the military's most protected development
facilities? And when President Clinton himself has granted
waivers to the site regarding Environment Protection Agency

Somehow I don't think so.

If this were true at all, its only because Lake is familiar with
the site, but by some other designation.  And I have to wonder
about his denial of the UFO briefing too.  The only remark above
I don't doubt the truth of is Lake's initial one,

> ... This is very highly classified.  ...

-Brian Cuthbertson