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Re: Sheffield Facts

From: Max Burns <AlienHype1@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998 09:15:13 EDT
Fwd Date: Sat, 04 Jul 1998 13:53:18 -0400
Subject: Re: Sheffield Facts

After all the pontificating and procrastinating from David
Clark and his supporters, which even after I offered an olive
branch in the hope of stopping all the personal insults that
have been flying across the list vier posts, which although may
supply some sort of entertainment for the subscribers of ufomind.

Has only distracted from the case, and as you can be aware from
the previous posts from Andy Roberts and David they responded
straight away with more attacks on my character, followed by
more attacks on my research, which all in all is just an attempt
to discredit my research, why this type of behaviour continues
is not to uphold honesty and to sort out credible research but
quite the opposite,

For example, Mr Andy Roberts produces a bit of photo copying
Called the Armchair Ufologist, which basically is a non stop
tabloid type attack on all researchers who dare to actually make
a statement in which anyway mentions aliens, extra terrestrial
craft, or abductions.

Mr Robert's has even attacked the user's of updates this is what
his thought's are on the users of updates, "Its a constant
babble of half formed speculation, pseudo-truth and pseudo
religious yearning"

Very nice of you to share your thoughts with us all from your
lofty and aloof ivory all seeing all knowing tower, in your self
appointed position as guardian of truth or is it suppressor of

You see what I am getting at every single person who even
consider's or perhaps would dare to open there mind's to the
large amount of evidence that certainly does not fall into the
bracket of colored lights. or atmospheric phenomena etc etc.

Mr Robert's roll call of abuse in his last issue included, Max
Burns, Miles Johnston, Erik Morriss, Harry Harris, Tony Dodd,
Steve Gamble, Bufora,Mathew Williams and Stanton if you are
reading this post he calls you the unclear physicist. As well as
lot's of sarcastic comments on others including Jenny Randles,
Nick Redfern, Tim Mathews, the list goes on and on.

You see that under the guise of searching for the truth, Mr
Robert's feel's that he has the right to attack anybody who's
onion differs from his own and his group of ivory tower guards.

And as far as I am concerned that is Mr Roberts right, but
trying to force your belief's on every body else at the cost of
other peoples reputation is just not on.

Now back to the Sheffield incident. Mr Robert's and Mr Clark
have been shouting from the roof tops that they have solved the
case in no uncertain terms, and have conclusive proof of what
has occurred. but this is simply not true. in David's may i add
well written article entitled," The crash that never was"

David has reached no positive conclusion to his investigation
and left it open to a number of options, A Bolide meteor, Which
David knows that there was no space debris in the atmosphere
that night, a micro light club prank,(Hudson valley sightings)yeah
right, a drug drop, top secret craft test, and a covert low
flying mission.

As Mr Clark has no conclusive evidence about the night of the
24th March, with all the ufo sightings that night he should not
preclude the possibility that an extra terrestrial craft may
have been involved.

David also acknowledges that there were a number of UFO reports
to the police on the 24th March 1997 and the 25th March 1997
pertaining to the night of the 24th March. confirming that
Helen Jackson MP has indeed been lied to in the houses of

And the last line of his article after coming to no firm
conclusions is "How long will the rest of us have to wait before
the truth emerges"

You must agree that making that comment is hardly the statement
of somebody who has conclusively solved the problem. And David
just seems to pass over the ufo sightings and as all good
hardened sceptics uses the usual ill decide and interpret what
the witnesses have seen to suit my own belief's.

And as he has no conclusive proof of what actually occurred, it
is an elementary rule of logic that you cannot prove a
negative. Coupled with the lack of conclusive evidence he should
not have precluded the possibility of extra terrestrial origin
of the ufo sightings on the 24th March 1997.

So there you have it the no conclusive proof no hard evidence
just the detailed multiple choice options none of which include
the possibility that the flying triangle was actually there and
a true ufo, whether this triangle was part of some top secret
stealth type project or et in origin is still open for debate,
but one thing is for sure, with the five clear independent
identical statements from people in the area and on the flight
path who have not seen each others statements, who all describe
the same object, never mind mis identification, these statements
are from people who have had close proximity sightings and are
not vague colored lights in the sky type sightings,there was
indeed a flying triangle present on the 24th March 1997.

With regard to comments that these witnesses have not had there
statements checked, this is not true, Miles Johnston has
interviewed and spoken to a couple of the witnesses as well as Mr
Mike Jarvis reporter for the News of the World,

I have made some new advances in my research, and I am steadily
progressing in the right direction to obtain conclusive proof
that a military jet has indeed crashed during this encounter.
And with the aloof and self appointed all seeing and all knowing
Mr Robert's and Mr Clark demanding that my witnesses be
interviewed by independent researchers,My witnesses will be
available to be questioned when the time is right which will be
soon, and not to your own timetable.

They will be available to people in a position to make comment,
who will not have already decided that the witnesses who although
believe what they have seen are mistaken, bold comments from
someone who has not spoken to the witnesses, a rush to judgement
if you ask me.

The behaviour of Andy Roberts and David Clark, is indicative of
the way hardened sceptics or debunkers are simply not willing to
entertain the possibility that we are in fact being visited by
various non human intelligence.

At least I stand by my Statement that we are being visited by
various non human intelligence.whether I am right or wrong only
time will tell and this truth is not to be meted out by the
likes of Mr Roberts Mr Clark and others of similar thoughts.
Although they are entitled to there own options, perhaps it would
be more productive if they concentrate on obtaining evidence in
there search for there version of the truth, instead of
attacking anyone who has a different version of the truth, and
therefore protecting there own version of the truth.

Whats the truth? I will keep the readers of UpDates informed, if
anyone has any personal questions about this incident then
please e mail me at


you can read my extensive research at





Comments are welcome,

Max Burns