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Ruppelt Index Approaches Completion

From: Gary Alevy <galevy@pipeline.com>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 00:18:21 -0400
Fwd Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 10:42:35 -0400
Subject: Ruppelt Index Approaches Completion

Some of you may recall that I have been working on the index for
Edward J. Ruppelt's The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects (The
Report) for several months. Here is a small sample from the
introduction to the Research Index and Commentary:

Copyright =A9 1998 Gary Alevy

The Role Of Scientists
Another up-to-the minute controversy which is addressed by
information contained in The Report is the widely held belief
that the mainstream scientist, particularly the physical
scientist has ignored, never investigated the UFO. Scientist
readers of The Report will have the scales fall from their eyes.
The very latest development in this arena can be found in the
preface to the recently released Journal of Scientific
Exploration study of UFOs (Physical Evidence Related to UFO
Reports, JSE vol.12 no. 2 pp. 179-229). Peter Sturrock,
principal author of the Rockefeller funded effort, seems to be
saying on page 182 that there has never been any significant
investigation of the UFO by physical scientists.

"In December 1996, Mr. Laurance S. Rockefeller, Chairman of the
LSR Fund, invited me to review with him the status of our
understanding of the problem posed by UFO reports. We agreed
that the problem is in a very unsatisfactory state of ignorance
and confusion. I expressed the opinion that this problem will be
resolved only by extensive and open professional scientific
investigation, and that an essential prerequisite of such
research is that more scientists acquire an interest in this

The obvious implication of the paragraph above is that Sturrock
would have us believe that there has never previously been any
serious investigation by physical scientists. Many readers will
simply glide over the word 'open' and jump to Sturrock's
intended conclusion that there has no such investigation has
ever taken place. However, close reading of Sturrock's statement
reveals that what he actually says is that there has never been
any "open professional and scientific investigation". However we
know from The Report that there were serious scientific
investigations of the UFO by physical scientists. The key to
understanding Sturrock's paragraph is the strategic use of the
word 'open'. That is, the investigations that Ruppelt mentioned
were hardly open, not standard academic affairs, they were
clandestine investigations conducted by government scientists.
Does Sturrock understand that this may be true? We think the
answer is yes because of the use of the vital qualifying word
'open' in the paragraph above. The use of that word reveals to
us his certain knowledge of the information contained in The
Report. Is it possible that Sturrock has not read The Report,
not likely. Therefore he must qualify his statement by the use
of the word 'open'. He would hardly have used that word if he
was ignorant of any clandestine investigation. Groups of
scientists and industrialists, of the highest level, such as the
code named Beacon Hill Group received briefings on UFOs. Ruppelt
never disclosed the names of the scientists or organization
which comprised the Beacon Hill Group. However, as this
introduction was being written Professor Micheal D. Swords,
Professor of Science Studies at Western Michigan University made
the following disclosure in the Spring 1998 issue of the
IUR/International UFO Reporter, pages 12 and 31. (Swords holds
The Edward Ruppelt Manuscript Files for CUFOS in Kalamazoo,

"They were apparently scientists associated with Project
Lincoln, which later became the Lincoln Laboratory, and was
largely administered by the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology. One Lincoln division head was Dr. George Valley,
perenial member of the USAF Scientific Advisory Board and their
chief expert during the Project Sign era. Valley would most
likely have been one of the scientists present at Ruppelt's

"Project Lincoln seems to have been a continuation of the
wartime Radiation Laboratory, and was vitally involved in radar
and photographic reconnaissance and electronic intelligence.
Much of this focused on air defense. It is intriguing that they
were keeping tabs on the UFO phenomenon."

Swords also notes:

"An important member of Project Lincoln, MIT's Dr. Julius
Stratton, insisted to the CIA - at a meeting with Assistant
Director for Scientific Intelligence Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell -
that the project be assigned to investigate UFOs. Dr. Alfred
Hill was suggested as leader of the investigation. Chadwell
ignored the suggestion and instead continued with his idea of
the Robertson Panel."

Any reasonable person would certainly agree that these were
physical scientists of the first magnitude and associated with
institutions of equal or similar rank. How the activities of
scientists of such distinction could escape the notice of
Professor Sturrock is almost as mysterious as the UFO itself.

*** end of excerpt ***