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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 3, Number 27

From: Joseph Trainor <Masinaigan@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 06:44:29 EDT
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Subject: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 3, Number 27

Volume 3, Number 27
July 5, 1998
Editor: Joseph Trainor


     On Saturday night, June 27, 1998, several black
helicopters attacked Kijevo, a small town in
Yugoslavia's embattled Kosovo province, launching
rockets at and dropping bombs on positions held
by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).
     Fighting broke out around Kijevo on June 17
when KLA soldiers captured the town and locked
up 50 Yugoslav policemen and 100 civilian Serbs.
     Kijevo is located 24 kilometers (15 miles) west
of Pristina, the provincial capital.
     According to the AP report, "Witnesses said
Yugoslav helicopters, all painted black, strafed and
bombed the Kijevo positions for 90 minutes late
Saturday night."
     "The Serb Media Center, which releases official
Serb statements, said the gunners were providing
cover for the evacuation of four women and a child
from Kijevo."
     No list of civilian casualties was provided by
either the Serb Media Center or by the KLA
Information Center.
     The war began in February 1998 when ethnic
Albanians, who make up 80 percent of Kosovo's
population of two million, revolted against the
central Yugoslav government in Belgrade.
     On Friday, July 3, 1998, at around 5 a.m.,
a Yugoslav Army armored column rolled into
Kijevo and freed the prisoners.  The KLA
Information Center said their troops withdrew
into the hills prior to the assault.  (See the
New York Times for July 4, 1998, "Western
Officials Say Accord in Kosovo Seems
Unlikely," page A6.  See also the AP story
for June 28, 1998, "Besiege Village in Kosovo.")


     Five black helicopters were seen flying northward
over Port Washington, Wisconsin (population 9,338)
by a local man who reported his sighting to MUFON.
     Bob Mueller reported that he "saw black
helicopters fly over his house on Saturday, June 13,
1998, and again on Sunday," June 14, 1998.  "On
both days, five helicopters flew over, then came back
a few hours later, heading south.  They looked like
UH-60 Blackhawk gunships with a capacity of about
a dozen troopers apiece.  There were no markings,
and their low-visibility paint scheme made them
hard to see."
     On Sunday, June 14, 1998, at about 11 p.m.,
Bob reported, "I went out to my car to get something,
and I saw a moving, flashing orange light very high in
the sky directly overhead.  When it flashed, it was
very bright.  So much so, it reflected off my car (and)
glasses, caught my attention enough so that I had
to look up.  It appeared to be moving in a straight line.
The UFO was heading due north--the same heading,
and virtually along the same path, as the helicopters."
     Bob ran indoors to get his wife Michele.  But when
the couple reached the yard, 30 seconds later, the
UFO was gone.
     Port Washington is located on the western shore
of Lake Michigan 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  (See Filer's Files #26 for 1998.
Many thanks to George A. Filer, Eastern Director of
MUFON, for this news story.)


     MUFON investigator Evelyn Galson is looking into
a strange encounter that occurred in New Jersey
on Saturday, June 13, 1998.
     At 9:35 p.m. that evening, a couple was driving
south on Route 45 from Woodbury, New Jersey
(population 10,904) to their home in Mullica Hill.
     As the wife glanced in the direction of the
Gloucester County Public Library, she spied "some
strange lights in the sky.  There were three or four
red and blue-red lights like in a straight line."
     The wife asked, "What is that?"  Her husband,
sitting behind the steering wheel, did not look.
     "As she watched, the lights followed their car
and changed to all white lights.  She asked, 'Can a
plane's lights change color?'  Again her husband
did not respond.
     "When they finally arrived home and pulled into
the driveway, the object moved over the treetops to
the right side of the backyard and stopped.  She
asked her husband, 'What is that?'"
     "I don't know," he replied, "Maybe it's a
     After he went indoors, "the wife walked to the
backyard to get a better view of the object and
noticed that there was no sound coming from it.
The object moved a little at a time, very slowly,
and finally rested on the left side of the backyard
above their suburban home.  It was just hovering,
barely moving about 80 feet from the ground."
     "All of a sudden, the outside lights on the craft
were turned off, and the inside lights came on.
There were three decks or three landings that lit
up one after another.  Later she noticed three
white lights underneath the craft."
     After watching the UFO for 10 to 15 minutes,
the woman went inside the house.  On Sunday
morning, however, she said she was "unusually
tired" and "noticed a bruise on her thigh with
three pointed ends but did not have them the
day before."
     Woodbury and Mullica Hill are in southern
New Jersey, just south of Philadelphia's
international airport.  (See Filer's Files #26 for
1998.  Many thanks to George A. Filer for this
news story.)


     On Wednesday, July 1, 1998, at 8:53 p.m., a
male witness sighted a UFO near his home in
Bowie, Maryland, a suburban community located
20 miles (32 kilometers) northeast of Washington,
     "I observed a bright white point of light which
appeared about 1.5 degrees north of the half moon
and moved extremely slowly to the northwest," he
reported, "I estimated the light to be about
magnitude 0 (zero) and briefly mistook it for Jupiter,
which I quickly realized should not have been
     "After about three to four minutes of observation--
by then I viewed it with binoculars--it rested at about
a point 0.5 to 1.0 degrees northwest of what I believe
was the star Porrima (Gamma Virginus) or about
three degrees northwest of the moon.  The steady
brightness and very slow movement suggest to me
that the light was not an aircraft.  The light then
flashed for several seconds to maybe magnitude
5 or 6, then disappeared.  At about that time appeared
in the binoculars a faint 'puff' of white smoke or vapor,
not a trail" where the object had been seconds before.
(Many thanks to Jim Hickman of Skywatch for
forwarding this report.)


     On Wednesday, June 17, 1998, several people
in Galliach, near Derry, Northern Ireland reported
sighting three silver sphere UFOs flying and
hovering over their homes.
     According to the Derry Journal, there were
"several reports of a strange object being sighted
in the sky around the Galliach area.  Observers
reported that the first sighting was...around 11 a.m.
on Wednesday."
     One witness said, "It was spinning, and you
could see the sun reflected from it.  But the strange
thing was there was no sound.  Then two other
objects and that strange light...could be seen
spinning high in the sky."
     "The witness claimed the object flew across the
sky, and then two of them disappeared by flying
straight up into the atmosphere.  The other reportedly
disappeared after flying across the sky."
     Galliach is about 120 kilometers (75 miles)
northeast of Belfast.
     On Thursday, June 18, 1998, the Derry Journal
attempted to corroborate the reports by checking
with the City of Derry Airport and the Royal
Ulster Constabulary.  The newspaper was told that
the airport "had no reports of any sightings in the
sky over the Derry area."  (See the Derry Journal
for June 19, 1998.  Many thanks to Daev Walsh
of Nua Blather for forwarding the article.)


     On Saturday, June 20, 1998, a strange "conical"
meteor weighing 300 kilograms (670 pounds) crashed
in a farm field in Turkmenistan, a small nation just
east of the Caspian Sea.
     The meteor crashed on the Daikhan Daryalik
collective farm just after 6 p.m.  The farm is in the
Kune-Urgench district of Dashkhovuz province.
     The meteoric impact created a crater 6 meters
(43 feet) wide and 4 meters (25 feet) deep.  The
meteor measured 60 by 90 centimeters (30 by
45 inches) and was described as having "a conical
form" and being "of the stone or iron type."
     The meteor was dug up and shipped by truck
to Ashgabat, the national capital.  Because it
crashed on the sixth anniversary of the election
of President Sapamurat Niyazov, scientists wish
to name the meteor Turkmenbashi (Head of the
Turkmen), one of Niyazov's official titles.
     The meteor will soon go in display at the
National Museum of History in Ashgabat.  (See
the newspaper Neitralny Turkmenistan for
June 27, 1998.  Many thanks to Sue Kovios for
forwarding this news story.)


     On Saturday, June 20, 1998, Texan ufologist
Mike Harman was at a family outing near the
Prairie Parkway, a.k.a. Highway 330, in
Arlington, Texas when he spotted a UFO.
     "I had stepped outside for a breath of fresh air
and had been looking at the sky for only a few
minutes when I noticed an object that didn't look
the 'norm' for an aircraft."
     "This object was displayed only as a single
colored red light.  No landing lights or strobes
were visible," he reported.  Unlike the standard
FAA red-and-white strobing lights he had seen
on five conventional aircraft passing over in the
minutes prior to his UFO sighting.
     "Only the single very large red light that pulsated
from the brightest down to a glow and back again"
was visible, he added, and it "was moving across the
sky at approximately 30 to 35 degrees from the
horizon and moving at about the speed of the other
aircraft.  It flew at a steady speed and continued the
cycling (pulsating) of the light until it was out of
sight behind some trees.  I estimated it to be
approximately two miles from my location."
     Arlington (population 261,721) is approximately
20 miles (32 kilometers) west of Dallas, Texas.
(Many thanks to Mike Harman for this report.)


     An unexpected meteor shower struck Earth
on Saturday, June 27, 1998, and was confirmed by
scientists in several countries.
     That evening, two Japanese astronomers,
K. Suzuki and M. Ueda, noticed a sudden "increase
of meteor ratios by radio-forward meteor scattering
signals."  The incidence of meteor signals was
"three to five times above normal ratios."
     They estimated that up to 50 meteors were
hitting Earth's upper atmosphere each hour during
the evening.
     Between 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 27, and
1:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 28, Italian astronomers
Alberto Haler, Enrico Stomeo and Roberto Gorelli
confirmed the Japanese sighting and found "rates
above 100 (meteors) per hour."
     An astronomer in Portugal also confirmed
the meteor shower.
     The meteors apparently came from these
coordinates in space: Right Ascension 224 degrees,
Declination +50 degrees.  (See the International
Astronomical Union Circular 6954 for June 27, 1998.)
(Editor's Comment:  This anomalous meteor shower
is a bit too late to be part of the Eta Aquarids, which
usually arrive on May 4.  And it's too early to be
part of the Delta Aquarids, due on July 28.  Our world
seems to be getting hit by a lot of meteors lately.
See recent issues of UFO Roundup for details.)


     Ground controllers are still unable to contact
the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
by radio, despite the best efforts of NASA and
the European Space Agency (ESA).
     Contact was lost Thursday night, June 25,
1998, "after controllers at the Goddard Spaceflight
Center in Greenbelt, Maryland sent a set of
routine commands to maneuver the satellite."
     Launched in December 1995 from Cape
Canaveral, Florida, the $1 billion solar satellite
is currently in a "halo orbit" at the Lagrangian
L-1 point one million miles from Earth, or 92
million miles from the sun.
(Editor's Note: Lagrangian points are small
areas of outer space where the gravitational
attraction of Earth and its neighbors cancel
each other out.)
     According to the Sky & Telescope News
Bulletin, "Efforts to reestablish contact have
continued, using the 70-meter-wide antenna of
the (NASA) Deep Space Network to listen for
signs of electronic life aboard the derelict craft."
     According to SOHO mission scientist
William Poland, "radio contact was lost" as the
spacecraft was undergoing "a procedure that
included firing control jets."
     Poland "said engineers have determined that
the craft is spinning and has lost its alignment
with the sun.  'Exactly how it is spinning and the
rate of spin is not clear,' Poland said, 'We are
not certain about what went wrong."
     On Tuesday, June 30, 1998, a team of experts
from ESA and Matra Marconi Space, the firm that
built the satellite, arrived at the Goddard Spaceflight
Center to meet with the NASA Flight Operations
     A board of inquiry to investigate the space
mishap will be formed and chaired by Dr. Massimo
Trella, ESA's Inspector General, and Dr. Michael
Greenfield of NASA's Office of Safety and Mission
     The most recent telemetry available showed
that SOHO "is clearly spinning in such a way that
its solar array, which generates power, either does
not face the sun at all or it does not receive enough
sunlight to generate power."
     SOHO is completely dependent upon its solar
array to provide needed electricity.  Its onboard
battery only carries enough reserve power to
run the spacecraft for one hour.  (See USA Today
for June 29, 1998, "Sun-studying probe failing to
respond; NASA fears it's lost."  Also Sky & Telescope
News Bulletin for June 26, 1998.  Many thanks to
Errol Bruce-Knapp for forwarding the bulletin.)
(Editor's Comment: At one million miles sunward
from Earth, SOHO is a little too far out of the
neighborhood to have been affected by the current
meteor shower.  It makes you wonder just what
knocked it out of alignment out there at L-1.
There are rumors, though.  See the following story.)


     On Tuesday morning, June 23, 1998, Eagle Net,
operated by Norio Hayakawa of Citizens Against
the New World Order, suddenly disappeared from
the Internet.
     Wiped out in the mysterious event was Kent
Steadman's popular cyber-newspaper, the
CyberSpace Orbit.
     The Orbit had recently been running a series
of articles about the Solar and Heliospheric
Observatory (SOHO) satellite, which suddenly,
and equally mysteriously, lost contact with ground
controllers here on Earth two days later.
     According to the Orbit, two weeks ago a kind
of solar flare "seemed to reach out and blind" SOHO's
cameras.  In another incident, "two strange objects"
appeared near the sun.
     UFO Roundup first learned of the strange loss
of Eagle Net from a reader who had attempted to
access last month's Orbit interview with an
anonymous scientist who claimed that data
from the Mars Global Observer showed a high
incidence of radioactive isotopes in the Cydonia
region.  The scientist speculated that the region
might have been struck by a nuclear bomb.
     UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor tried
to access the Orbit site himself at 7:10 a.m.
on Thursday, June 25, 1998 and received a
"403: Access to this site is forbidden" message.
     UFO Roundup interviewed a handful of
computer users who had tried to or successfully
accessed the site, including Jon H., who first
posted the message about Eagle Net's disappearance
in the USENET.
     "I attempted to access Eagle Net on Tuesday
morning, June 23," Jon reported, "I use my ISP which
is Earthlink, and I can also access the Internet at work
over a T-1 computer.  Most of my newsgroup saw the
enhanced images of the object that SOHO picked up."
     Asked if he had experienced computer problems
as a result, Jon wrote, "Yes, although I cannot
attribute them directly to the site.  My computer went
down and I lost most of my bookmarks.  I believe that
it was a virus that was downloaded by email."
     Jon has a sophisticated virus scanner, but it was
not running at the time of the download.
     M.H., another operator, remarked, "I watched the
(alleged anomalous) object up until Friday, June 26,
and it kept getting brighter and brighter, as if it were
coming right at us.  It was a fascinating sight."
     Concerning the loss of the Orbit, he added,
"Perhaps too many people are seeing things someone
doesn't want them to see."
     J.B. claims to have visited the Eagle Net site,
adding, "There was nothing there.  If you try to enter,
you wind up off the Net.  Fascinating."
     Another respondent wrote, "It was like ground zero.
Nothing left."
     During the week, Kent Steadman successfully
salvaged the newspaper's back issues and has set
up a new website.  Once back online, he remarked,
"Let's hope this new web location holds up against
or resists broadsides by hacker/buccaneers."
     The Orbit can now be accessed at this URL:
     Noted ufologist Dr. Bruce Cornet suggested
this week that many "mirror sites" be created to
protect vital newsletters like the Orbit, Filer's Files,
CNI News and UFO Roundup from cybernetic
attack.  (Email Interview)


     Intensive scientific study of the data radioed to
Earth last year by Pathfinder shows that Mars
was "warm and wet" three billion years ago.
     The rock-strewn plain where Pathfinder landed
was deluged "by large volumes of water in the
distant past, and the hills on the horizon known as
Twin Peaks appear to be islands shaped by water."
     The study "suggested catastrophic flooding two
billion years ago," but the area has been dry ever
     Wind has also contributed to the erosion of
Martian landforms, according to Pathfinder scientist
Dr. Matthew Golombeck of the Jet Propulsion
Laboratory in Pasadena, California.
     "There are other places on Mars that we call
'sinks,' or places where dust ends up being
deposited (by the wind--J.T.)  Amazonis Planitia,
for example, probably has about three to six feet
(1 to 2 meters) of fine, powdery dust that you would
sink into if you stepped on it."
     Chemical analysis of nearby rocks by the
rover Sojourner's Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer
(APXS) recorded "an unexpected composition that
scientists are still trying to explain."
     The rocks appear to be an unusual form of
andesite, similar to the volcanic magma flows of
Iceland and the Galapagos Islands off the coast
of Ecuador.
     Before losing its radio last year, the Pathfinder
transmitted "2.3 gigabytes of data to Earth,
including 11,500 images from the lander's camera,
550 images from the rover camera, 16 chemical
analyses of rock and up to 20 million measurements
of atmospheric pressure and temperature" on Mars.
(Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for sending along
this story.)
(Editor's Comment: Andesite of the Icelandic and
Galapagos type is formed when magma oozes
up from a planet's core through a fracture zone,
i.e. the point where two tectonic plates overlap
each other.  So, are two plates colliding miles
below the lost Pathfinder and Sojourner?  Mars
is just chock-full of mysteries, isn't it?)

from the UFO Files...

           TO MARS

     Twenty years ago, on July 6, 1978, at 6 a.m., a
fleet of UFOs appeared over the World Cup futbol
(soccer in the USA) stadium in Mendoza, a city
in western Argentina.
     "There were 25 to 30 of them," said Marco
Palma, a night watchman who worked near the
stadium.  "They had green windows and were about
the size of a car.  The objects were round and very
bright. There was no noise at all.  After about 20
minutes, they went north very, very fast."
     Another watchman, Gilberto Caballero, reported,
"About a thousand people stopped to watch.  The
saucers completely covered the stadium.  Further
north there was a bigger craft sitting motionless
in the air."
     Fifteen hours later, at 9 p.m., Francisco Nunez,
age 66, and his son, Carmelo Nunez, 22, were
driving home to Mendoza when something strange
     "We were just about to pass a traffic sign when
a pickup truck in front of us disappeared," Carmelo
said, but in actuality, "We had disappeared."
     "Carmelo said he could see the beam's of his
car's headlights ahead of him, but nothing else.
On all sides there was only pitch black."
     Pointing at the dashboard, Francisco said,
"Look at that!"
     The odometer's numbers were spinning.
Spinning so rapidly that they were a blur.
     "But suddenly the men found themselves in an
alien city.  They believe they were on another
world--but they had reached it within just minutes."
     "'The car entered the city going very, very fast,'
Francisco said."
     "Said Carmelo, 'The car felt as if it were in the
air...I couldn't feel the engine running or feel any
bounces.  I felt that the car was controlled by
something else.  The steering wheel seemed to
be fixed, and I couldn't turn it.  I think a UFO was
above the car.'"
     "Francisco agreed that the car 'seemed to
be floating' at high speed.  'We saw big square
windows in the buildings, and inside everything
was red.  The buildings looked reddish, too.'"
     "'We were on an avenue 45 to 55 yards wide,
and the buildings were so tall we couldn't see
their tops.  I looked up, and the red light was
coming from the sky above.'"
     "I said, 'How beautiful it is,' and Carmelo
agreed.  I said, 'I don't think we're on Earth.'
There were no trees, no people, no cars--
just buildings."
     "'A few minutes after we got into the city, it got
very cold.  It was like twenty degrees below zero.'
The men said their journey through the incredible
city lasted about 15 minutes."
     "Then Carmelo said, 'It seems as if the
Martians have taken us'--and as soon as he said
that, the city disappeared,' recalled Francisco."
     "'I felt a jolt, and suddenly the car was making
noise again.  We looked around, and Carmelo
said, 'Oh, we're in Guaymallen (a suburb of
Mendoza, which is located 900 kilometers
(540 miles) west of Buenos Aires--J.T.).'"
     "Said Carmelo Nunez, 'I think the UFOs
took us, but I don't know where.  I don't know
that city.'"
     "Francisco added, 'I felt we were not on
     "'I think it is a UFO case,' declared Police
Sub-Inspector Adolfo Siniscalchi of Mendoza...
'They are honest and reliable people.  We don't
think they invented this story.'"  (See the book
Books, New York, N.Y., 1985, pages 108 to 111)

     July 7 is the birthday of George Graham, the
talented Eighteenth Century watchmaker who
built telescopes for the famous British astronomers
Sir Edmund Halley and James Bradley.

     We'll be back next week with more saucer news
from "the paper that goes home--UFO ROUNDUP."
See you then.

UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 1998 by Masinaigan
Productions, all rights reserved.  Readers may post
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