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Re: Sturrock Panel/skeptics

From: Jerome Clark <jkclark@frontiernet.net>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 98 10:20:24 PDT
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Subject: Re: Sturrock Panel/skeptics

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> Well, anyway, you can bet CSICOP was quite jealous of the
> exposure of SSE and they will be fighting back by enlisting their
> members to say that (a) the scientists of the panel had the wool
> pulled over their eyes by the UFO investigator/presenters and (b)
> UFOs/sightings are merely cult-related activity or a result of
> wishful thinking and do no bear any serious consideration.

The shape of the debunker response to the Sturrock panel is
already becoming clear.  Like the New York Post, a nearly
hysterical editorial in the current issue of New Scientist links
the SSE with all sorts of other heresies and condemns UFOs as
evidence of mass ... well, fill in your nasty noun here.
Basically, the thought police are determined that nobody, least
of all a scientist, is going to get by with acknowledging the
obvious: that the best UFO reports continue to resist explanation
and maybe, just maybe, deserve scientific attention.  Such is the
heresy that menaces civilization.

Jerry Clark