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Re: From the FBI Web Page

From: Jerome Clark <jkclark@frontiernet.net>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 98 11:45:56 PDT
Fwd Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 18:01:34 -0400
Subject: Re: From the FBI Web Page

> Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 10:54:57 -0700
> From: Terry Blanton <commengr@bellsouth.net>
> To: updates@globalserve.net
> Subject: From the FBI Web Page

> A friend of mine pointed out this page from the FBI FOIA
> documents at:

> http://www.fbi.gov/foipa/ufo/ufo11.pdf

> This document is on page 102.  The quality is fair and I have
> attempted to reproduce the text accurately below.

>        <><><><><><><><><><><><>

> Date:  July 10, 1953

> To:
> Director of Special Investigations
> The Inspector General
> Department of the Air Force
> The Pentagon
> Washington 25, D.C.

> From:
> John Edgar Hoover, Director
> Federal Bureau of Investigation

> According to <blank> he and two other companions, while travelling in an
> automobile on Bankhead Highway in the vicinity of Mableton, Georgia,
> encountered three small animals which they believed had landed from a
> flying saucer.  <W>aters advised as he and his companion approached, the
> three animals started making their way back to what was believed to be a
> flying saucer.  According to <Wa>ters, two of the animals <escaped> in
> the flying saucer but the third was killed when hit by the automobile in
> which Waters and his companions were riding.

> What do you think the odds are that a couple of drunk barbers
> shaved a monkey? <g>

Pretty good. That is, in fact, what they did. Watters was
responding to a $10 bet about whether he could get his name into
the newspapers. He bought and killed a monkey, shaved it and cut
off its tail, and left the corpse on a rural highway. He and two
friends waved down the first approaching car and claimed they had
come upon a landed saucer and plowed into one of its crew.
Watters confessed after the animal was identified as a monkey,
and he was subsequently fined for littering a public highway with
the body of an animal.

One of saucerdom's cruelest and most contemptible hoaxes, in my

Jerry Clark