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William Cooper Taking On Authorities

From: Don Ecker <decker@ufomag.com>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 13:05:54 -0700
Fwd Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 18:32:15 -0400
Subject: William Cooper Taking On Authorities

Many of you that have been in the UFO field for along time will
know who Milton Wm. "Bill" Cooper is. If this name is not
familar to you as far as UFOs are concerned, 10 years ago Cooper
was all the "rage" on the UFO circut. In 1990 I completed a
several part expose on Cooper in the pages of UFO Magazine. I
will upload them here in future messages.

During the time frame of about 1988 until about 1991 and 1992
Cooper was still making the airwaves and lectures claiming that
the U.S. Government was in league with evil aliens to enslave
humanity, then it changed to the One World Government, then to
the One World Government (with no aliens) would fool the world
with a fake alien invasion. All the while screaming that the JFK
assassination was carried out by JFK's Secret Service driver
Bill Greer. You see, Cooper claimed that he had been on a U.S.
Navy Briefing team in the Pacific Area of Operations, and was
privy to these facts from either being present when the above
items were discussed, or from reading the information from
documents Cooper claimed he covertly stole and photocopied.

When Cooper burned all his bridges in the UFO areana, (if you
ever disagreed with him or called him on his "facts" you were
either called an agent of the secret government or perhaps
assaulted by him physically or had your car tires slashed, or
were subjected to a barrage of vile and abusive telephone calls.
All of which are on various public records in a number of police

At anyrate, Cooper left UFOs and entered the wonderful world of
armed civilian militia's. The following is the latest.

Over the next several days I will upload the Cooper files and
you can take a fun-filled trip into the last 10 years of UFOs!

Don Ecker
UFO Magazine


Source: The Arizona Republic

Militiaman Taking On Authorities

By Jerry Kammer
The Arizona Republic
July 3, 1998

An eastern Arizona militiaman is vowing to defy an arrest
warrant issued in Phoenix on Wednesday after he failed to appear
in federal court on charges that he evaded income taxes and
defrauded a bank.

William Cooper, 54, a media-savvy foe of the federal government
who claims to belong to the "Second Continental Army of the
Republic," posted a defiant message in big red letters Thursday
on his Internet site:

"WARNING!! Any attempt by the federal government or anyone else
to execute the unconstitutional and unlawful arrest warrants...
will be met with armed resistance."

Federal authorities in Phoenix are responding with calculated
calm to Cooper, who warned a 1994 convention in Mesa of a coming
battle against one-world government.

"Blood will be spilled in the streets of America -- it's
inevitable," Cooper declared then, even as he stressed that he
didn't endorse violence. He has broadcast the same message
around the world in his daily short-wave radio program. He also
publishes a newspaper.

The U.S. attorney for Arizona, Jose de Jesus Rivera, said
federal agents would move carefully to arrest Cooper, who faces
a four-count indictment on charges that he failed to pay taxes
from 1992 to 1994 and submitted false information to a bank to
obtain a loan.

"We are going to proceed with prudence and caution and handle
the matter in due course," Rivera said, declining to comment

Apache County Sheriff Art Lee said he has advised federal
authorities to move cautiously against Cooper, who lives in a
hilltop house in Eagar.

After talking with Cooper, Lee said, he cautioned federal
authorities that "it could deteriorate into an incident" if they
moved in to arrest Cooper and his wife, Annie Mord-horst, who
was indicted on the same charges.

"I felt like he meant what he said when he told me he would
defend his property with everything at his disposal," Lee said.

The sheriff said Cooper owns weapons, but he did not know how
many or what kind.

Lee said Cooper moved to Eagar two or three years ago from St.
Johns, where he had once spoken of opening a library where
residents could research the U.S. Constitution. Militia members
believe that the federal government has flagrantly usurped the
Constitution by asserting a range of powers, including the power
to tax.

"He sent me a lot of literature when he lived in St. Johns," Lee
said. "It was the regular right-wing stuff -- militia-type
literature on the black, unmarked helicopters and the takeover
of the United States by United Nations forces."

Asked whether Cooper had a broad following in the county, Lee
said, "Not that I'm aware."

One sympathizer is Glenn Jacobs, publisher of a small weekly
newspaper, who said he spoke to Cooper early this week.

"He told me he is not going to submit to arrest by the feds,"
Jacobs said. "He said if they're going to murder him, they're
going to have to do it in the house, that this is where he has
drawn his line in the sand, and he's not going to retreat from
it. I think he is expecting to be murdered by the FBI."

Lee disputed Cooper's Web site report that "several ranking
local law-enforcement personnel" had informed the FBI that they
would "absolutely not allow another Ruby Ridge or Waco to occur
in Apache County, Arizona."

Lee said, however, that both Cooper and Jacobs had spoken of
Ruby Ridge and Waco, scenes of bloody confrontations that in the
militia movement have become symbolic of federal government
brutality and arbitrary power.

In Phoenix, Thomas Nixon of the U.S. Marshal's Office said
authorities intend to act cautiously as they enforce the arrest
warrant "because no federal agency wants any copies of Ruby
Ridge or Waco."

But Nixon added, "Obviously, at some point, we'll effect the

Nixon said a federal marshal last month was unable to serve a
summons on Cooper. He said the marshal visited Cooper's home but
was unable to establish that the man who met him there was

Reached by phone Thursday, Cooper refused to answer questions,
responding to a reporter's inquiry with a stream of obscenities
before hanging up.

In his Web site, however, he calls summonses "unconstitutional"
and "unlawful" because the federal government has no
jurisdiction in Arizona "except over land that was ceded to the
United States by the State Legislature."

Copyright 1998, The Arizona Republic

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