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The Whistleblowers - Cooper Part I

From: Don Ecker <decker@ufomag.com>
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 12:49:05 -0700
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Subject: The Whistleblowers - Cooper Part I

'The Whistleblowers'
from UFO Magazine
by Don Ecker
copyright 1990
All rights reserved.


As many of you know, UFO Magazine completed a story and
investigation on Milton Wm. Cooper in Vol. 5, No. 4 and 5.

Cooper, a very controversial figure in the UFO field, had been
making claims and pronouncements for the a number of years. We
spoke to many that knew him, and for you folks that are new here
at UPDATES, Cooper made his debut on ParaNet. At that time ( in
1988 ) he was "made" as a fraud by the former Administrator Jim
Speiser, and was removed from the system.

I had just received a copy of "NEW TIMES" NEXUS, a magazine that
is published in Australia. The issue is Volume 2 Issue 1 dated
October 1990. In this magazine is a story by Cooper with his
"Operation Majority". Now during the UFO Magazine investigation,
we found most of this information to be fabricated or
information that Cooper plagiarized. However it is a fact of
life that not everyone reads UFO, and Cooper was going public in
every area he could attain to. Therefore here is the expose from
UFO Magazine, Vol.5 Issues 4 and 5.

One other thing, I am also going to include a couple of things
that did not reach publication, because of space, and also the
fact that at the time we did not wish to "crucify" Cooper.
However, to paraphrase George Knapp, News Director of KLAS TV in
Las Vegas, "Cooper is like a cornered rat, desperate, vicious
and vile." He has "smeared, lied, threatened, and libeled
everyone that
has disagreed with him. With that, here is "WHISTLEBLOWERS Part ONE.

All Rights Reserved UFO Magazine
by Don Ecker


Who are the UFO whistleblowers? They come out of relative
obscurity and burst into the center of ufological attention.
Making incredible claims of alien activity on earth and the
Government's deep but covert involvement. Without exception, the
whistleblowers of recent times only furnish the most hazy
evidence of their claims, if that.

Oftentimes they will also lay claim to having worked with or for
the government, in high enough positions to wield security
clearances and to have observed the most unequivocal

Because these individuals fail to furnish proof for their
startling claims, and because many people have asked UFO
Magazine for a readout on their credibility, we are beginning a
series of investigative articles on certain individuals who fall
into the "whistleblower" category. Normally, UFO avoids focusing
on personalities, preferring to concentrate on the phenomenon

But these personalities force us to make an exception. Their
material has appeal and sensation value. But is it legitimate?
Who are the whistleblowers who are telling the truth ? Who are
the ruthless Pied Pipers forging a trail of lies and deception ?
Our series begins with Milton William Cooper.


In the last several years, few have stirred the field of ufology
like Milton William Cooper. Cooper, born May 6, 1943, is a
balding 47-year-old man who has enthralled thousands with lurid
tales of dangerous UFOs and secret government treaties allowing
the alien menace to abduct and experiment on unwilling human
victims in exchange for advanced alien technology.

Raining threats and pronouncements over the UFO field like a
continuously firing shotgun, Cooper has recently leveled charges
of government spookery against a number of prominent ufologists
in the field, in many cases claiming to have seen their names on
a government recruitment list back in 1972 and 1973 while he was
purportedly serving in Naval Intelligence in CINCPACFLT
(Commander-in Chief, Pacific Fleet).

Not above accusing former friends and associates, Cooper has
charged various ufologists with illegal acts, moral turpitude
and of purveying disinformation that permeates the field. Now
with an agent to book speaking engagements at any and every UFO
event possible, Cooper is very fond of stating to his audiences,
"Don't take my word for it, go out and check the information
yourself." UFO Magazine has, and the following is the result of
our investigation.

Paranet debut

Who is M. Wm. "Bill" Cooper, and where did he come from?
Cooper's first public appearance resulted when he uploaded a
text on ParaNet, the international computer data service. The
file alleges a fantastic UFO sighting while Cooper was a crew
member of the U.S.S. TIRU, a United States Naval submarine, in
1966. According to Cooper, the sighting took place while he was
on duty as port lookout.

Claiming that the sub's skipper immediately classified the
incident, Cooper reported that when the submarine reached port,
the witnesses were debriefed by Naval Security.

During this time frame of Cooper's initial appearance on the
scene, John O. Lear, son of William "Bill" Lear of Lear Jet
fame, had also been undergoing ParaNet scrutiny as a result of
the release of his hypothesis concerning an alien threat. Lear's
document, released in December of 1987, had created quite an
uproar in its own right. Lear alleged that the U.S. government
had entered into a relationship with a possible ET intelligence,
and in exchange for super technology gave carte blanche to the
ETs to conduct experiments and abductions on unsuspecting human

Lear also claimed that the ETs, with our government's knowledge,
were mutilating domestic animals such as cattle and sheep, and
in some cases even human victims. Because much of Lear's
information was hypothesis, and little checkable information was
forthcoming, many ParaNet members and others in the UFO
community were asking very hard questions. In a number of in
stances, Lear's credibility was attacked.

When he again visited the ParaNet system, Cooper allied himself
with Lear, publicizing the claim that because of releasing his
UFO information, he had just been terminated from his $75,000 a
year job as the executive director of a commercial business

In October of 1988, Cooper contacted this writer, requesting a
favor. Telling me at that time that "this is dangerous if anyone
finds out," he asked me to accept the electronic transfer of a
file into my computer, to be sent to Stanton Friedman with the
information of who wanted Friedman to see it. The document in
cluded information about purported government UFO involvement
under the terms MAJI, MJ-1, THE BLUE TEAM, GRUDGE, etc.-and,
according to Cooper, various other alleged secret government
projects dealing with the alien presence. I agreed to send the
information to Friedman. (I never heard anymore about it until
later, when Cooper was barred from ParaNet because of' claims of
feeding false and fraudulent information.)

I basically forgot about the file to Friedman until Cooper
released additional files with the claim that they were the
final release. But subsequently Cooper was to release several
"final" releases.

In one, he claimed, "MJ-12 is the name of the secret control
group... The Jason Society [was set up] to sift through all the
evidence, technology, lies and deception..." But later, in
another file, he stated, "MJ-12 cannot be used as a name for the
control group as it would cause confusion in meaning, i.e., is
it referring to MJ-12 the person or MJ-12 the group... ?"
(Italics added) By this time, I and others were becoming
confused with the various "final releases."

Project 'Luna'

In another public release, Cooper claimed that "Project Luna"
was an alien base on the far side of the moon which had been
observed by various astronauts, but changed the story in one
more "Final release," stating that it was the code name for an
underground base near Dulce, New Mexico.

In Cooper's later releases are a number of names that were never
mentioned in earlier releases, names such as JOSHUA and O.H.
KRLL or KRLLL, or CRLL, CRLLL, or even KRILL. When it comes to
answering whether these claims will bear up under serious
scrutiny, these names prove to be very important, as later
information in this article will show.

End of Part I