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The Whistleblowers - Cooper Part II

From: Don Ecker <decker@ufomag.com>
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 12:50:44 -0700
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Subject: The Whistleblowers - Cooper Part II

'The Whistleblowers'
from UFO Magazine
by Don Ecker
copyright 1990
All rights reserved.


In part one of this series, UFO focused on the background of
Milton Wm. Cooper. Cooper's information raises many questions,
especially in light of its sensationalist nature and the
potential harm it may cause to unsuspecting, gullible innocents.

During the latter part of 1988 and the very first part of 1989,
Cooper's story varied widely from what he is presently
disseminating. In early January 1989, Cooper was interviewed by
a California researcher, Paul Shepherd. An excerpt of this
interview follows. Cooper: "While serving in the United States
Navy in 1972, I participated the intelligence briefing team of
the Commander-in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet...
During this participation on the intelligence briefing team, I
came across a document called the Grudge Bluebook Report Number
13, and a file called the Majesty File... classified Above Top
Secret with a MAJIC classification, which means MAJI controlled;
MAJIC is the Majestic Agency for Joint Intelligence. It is the
organization that controls all the operations with UFOs and with
an alien race that is present on the Earth." In later
interviews, and especially after he began accusing researcher
Bill Moore of being an agent of the secret government, Cooper
began claiming that any file with the word "Majestic or forms
thereof, are a fraud, a lie."

Attempting to check on Cooper's claim of belonging to a
permanent intelligence briefing team while serving in the Navy
between 1970 and 1973, which would have allowed him access to
some classified documents, UFO called the United States Navy to
determine how the Navy conducts its briefing teams. UFO spoke to
Lt. Commander Ron Morse at the Office of Information-West. Lt.
Commander Morse stated that the Navy did not have permanent
briefing teams, but would form a temporary one on a need basis.

"Usually if a team is put together, it will last for no more
that two weeks," Morse said.

Many of Cooper's claims have been disputed not only by John Lear
and Bob Lazar, but also by Tony Pelham, former reporter for the
Las Vegas Bullet newspaper. All three men told UFO Magazine that
Cooper admitted early on that he had never been on a briefing
team, but had in fact "taken the documents, copied them and then
returned them." "Cooper told me that while he worked on the
graveyard shift, he would wait for the Lt. JG (Junior grade) to
go on a coffee break, and then somehow get into the classified
files," Pelham said. "I asked him if he broke into the files,
but he never answered me. "Cooper then told would take a number
of files,copy them, and then carry them out in his lunch pail.
He said he did this until he got all the files he needed."
Cooper called Pelham in early August. "He asked me why I had
turned away from him. He is really upset about all the people
who are attacking him... he said that if I turned against him,
he will crucify me next." Pelham also reports that when he asked
Cooper about his claim that all his stolen government documents
were lost in a garage fire, Cooper refused to give the date or
location of the fire so Pelham could check the police or fire
records, and would give no explanation for refusing to provide
information that would validate his story.

Other unsubstantiated information from Cooper has apparently
stimulated the fears and concerns of some people who have
undergone the "abduction"experience. East coast researcher
Marianne Shenefield, a nationally-known abductee who works with
many abductees, called UFO on several occasions and expressed
her own concern about what she heard while dealing with abduc
tion victims. She told UFO, "When Bill Cooper's paper 'The
Secret Government' came out, I had abductees all over the U.S.
calling me. Cooper said in his paper, and was claiming in his
lectures, that the government was going to round up abductees
and put them in concentration camps.

"I knew it was going too far when two abductees whom I have
worked with were talking about committing suicide. They were
terrified that the Army was going to come into their homes and
take them off to concentration camps." Cooper has stated that he
doesn't care who his information hurts or who it helps, but that
he will continue to put it out there because people "deserve the
truth." In his paper "The Secret Government," Cooper falsely
claimed that "Stanton Friedman has told me and many others that
years ago he helped develop a nuclear reactor the size of a
basketball, to power an aircraft. It was clean, turned out
hydrogen, and worked like a dream". UFO called Friedman, a
respected nuclear physicist and one of the top ufologists in the
United States. "Cooper's claim is totally fraudulent," Friedman
stated. "There is no truth to it at all." Friedman expressed
bewilderment when asked why he thought Cooper would make that

THe 'Orange'

UFO Magazine was present in the fall of 1989 at a UFO conference
hosted by the UFO Data Research and Intelligence Center, in
Modesto, California. Bill Cooper was one of the speakers, and
during the course of his lecture was asked by a member of the
audience if he knew how many types of aliens were presently on
earth. Cooper answered, "There are four types, and four only. .
. one group (is) very human looking; as a matter of fact they
are starring on television in "Alien Nation," the Orange....

According to the casting director of Alien Nation, Irene Kagan,
these remarks of Cooper's are totally false. "I can assure you
that all the 'alien' actors on the show are human," she said. "I
hired them."

On a recent broadcast of the "Billy Goodman Happening" on KVEG
from Las Vegas, researcher Lars Hansson (see article, p. 17)
debated Cooper on the air and pointed out some of the
inconsistencies that Cooper has espoused. Hansson brought up the
fact that at one time Cooper himself gave Bob Lazar his "stamp
of approval." Cooper vehemently denied ever having endorsed
Lazar's authenticity,

UFO has been following the Lazar story since it broke upon the
UFO scene. Cooper's claim that he never gave Lazar his support
or claims of legitimacy is untrue. On November 21, 1989, Bob
Lazar was a guest on the Billy Goodman Happening, and during the
audience call-in phase of the show, Cooper phoned in and said
the following over the air: "I'd like to clear up a couple of
misunderstandings here. Number 1, I would really like to thank
Bob Lazar for coming forward. I have been talking to him for the
last year, along with John Lear, we have met in groups and
privately. The man (Lazar) is a wealth of information. I am
tickled pink that he has finally decided to come forward and use
his real name, because it helps all of us... the reason he has
gotten into this predicament is because he is a Patriot. He
cares about this country and that is what made him do this..."
Goodman then broke in, saying, "That's beautiful, Bill, an
unsolicited testimonial, basically, that's what it comes down
to. "

Then Cooper continued, "First, I'd like to say that I
personally, and also Tony Pelham and also the Channel 8 news
staff - George Knapp and several other people, John Lear - we
have all investigated this man's background thoroughly because
we did not want to be sucked into a trap by the government. And
I can tell you that he is who he says he is. He has worked at
Los Alamos. He is a physicist, he is a theoretical physicist. He
has worked at Area S4 in Groom Lake. We have verified all of
this-not just me but several other people, and I have verified
it by two different sources of mine who are in the government.
One is at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories... We are
always on the lookout for somebody trying to trap us and
something that we ean be discredited by. We have to do that
(background research) to protect our own credibility." Cooper
has subsequently attacked Lazar with claims that he knew all
along that Lazar was fraudulent. In his CAJI Newsletter, he now
presents a completely different tone than before, and writes of
"Lazar, the so-called physicist who claims to have seen flying

End of Part 2