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The Whistleblowers - Cooper Part III

From: Don Ecker <decker@ufomag.com>
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 12:52:42 -0700
Fwd Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 18:47:28 -0400
Subject: The Whistleblowers - Cooper Part III

'The Whistleblowers'
from UFO Magazine
by Don Ecker
copyright 1990
All rights reserved.


In his CAJI newsletter, Cooper stated that "No one likes to be a
fool, but most ufologists are exactly that. I keep saying to do
research, to investigate, but no one does it. They just sit
around and call each other names." This reporter, representing
UFO Magazine, attempted to contact Cooper to verify his claims
by leaving a message on his computer service.

Cooper read the message and called about an hour later. When I
answered the phone, Cooper growled, "What the hell do you
want!?" When I attempted to explain that I was doing a story for
UFO and wanted to verify his claims, he shot back, "What are you
writing for your f***in' trashzine?" I then said that I had
received a copy of the CAJI newsletter and he replied, "I would
be very careful if I was you. That newsletter is copyrighted."

Cooper then stated, "I don't trust you or anyone you are
associated with. " The only response I was able to get con
cerned the allegation that Bob Lazar ran a speed lab. "John Lear
told me that out of his own mouth ... I got the information from
a man named Cory and Geoff who are good friends of John Lear. "

Just at that moment the phone rang with the call waiting
feature, and Cooper refused to hold 'till I could find out who
was calling. He refused to speak any further and hung up. This
seems out of character for a person who claims that his
information is legitimate.

As UFO Magazine was going to press, and as we expected, Cooper's
newest newsletter attacked this writer and the magazine. Cooper
now claims that Cory Testa was intimidated by UFO regarding the
claims that Bob Lazar is involved with drugs, and that UFO or
myself or both are a part of Cooper's paranoiac "secret

The absurdity of this speaks for itself. But for the record, UFO
will attempt to get Testa's version of this. Researching and
accurately reporting facts are not Cooper's strongsuit.-D.E.

And UFO MAGAZINE CO-Publisher says...

There you have it. Don Ecker's article, documentary reports
researched and produced by George Knapp of KLAS-TV and what
Cooper has published in his CAJI newsletter are part of a
growing information base which should demonstrate why we have
chosen not to give space to the often false and specious claims
that Cooper purveys.

It is not our intention to single out individuals and "pick on"
them; it's simply very important that the truth or the closest
thing to it be established. A close reading of our
whistleblowers series, as it progresses, will demonstrate that
there are people in this field who have set themselves up for
examination and whose claims of truth are, at best,
cleverly-mouthed chunks of propaganda; some if not most will be
found wanting. Milton William Cooper has threatened, lied about
and attacked a number of people in the UFO field (I'm included,
as is Don Ecker). Along with slander and lying, he has a clear
history of contradicting himself, backtracking when caught in
those contradictions and then attempting to patch up his story
with a turnaround position based on sudden new claims that, true
to style, cannot be checked out.

A Bill Cooper could not maintain a foothold in any other field.
Such a bullying personality would have been "run out of town"
long ago. But the fact that this man and others like him still
can command some audience and are seen as having some veracity
and authority denotes a sore lack of discrimination on the part
of many in the UFO arena, if not outright foolishness.

But it should be likewise emphasized that this syndrome also
testifies to our collective frustration with the lies and secret
machinations of some powerful persons in the U.S. government,
cultivating many people's willingness to listen and 'follow just
about anyone who purports to be defending the Constitution and
who vocally demands accountability from the very government
officials in whom we should be able to place our trust.

It's so very important: Dedication to the absolute truth, to the
finer points of democracy, when exercised without caution and
discernment, plays right into the hands of those who would
shortcircuit those very precious qualities we hold dear. "Users"
of all political persuasions will exploit the emotional fervor
of the crowd to further their own selfish and inhumane ends.
(Some names to remember: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Joseph
Stalin, Joe McCarthy.)

It's imperative that we and I include everyone who shares the
vision of UFO Magazine-short-circuit such perniciousness at its
very core, striking at the heart of demagoguery with persistent
courage and honesty. Only personal commitment to humane and
truthful ideals, and the willingness to expose the truth, can
successfully overcome The Big Lie. UFO Magazine honors just such
a commitment. -Vicki Cooper


When I began to look at Cooper's UFO-related information, our
purpose was to examine his claims and see how valid they were.
This endeavor started with Cooper's CAJI newsletter, and his
claims that people such as Bob Lazar, John Lear, Bill Moore and
others were engaged in various illegal or unethical acts.

But back in April and May of I990, Lazar, for instance, had NO
criminal charges even pending. Apparently Lear was targeted by
Cooper only because he appeared on the George Knapp special and
exposed some of Cooper's bogus information over the air.

When UFO tried to contact Cooper, he immediately blew up. Sure
enough, before too long he launched a smear campaign against the
magazine and this writer. Cooper has even called the magazine
and threatened to sue unless we print a complete retraction of
Part One, published in UFO, Vol. 5, No. 4.

Never a word that parts of the story (in his opinion) are wrong,
not a word that he wants his side told in these pages. Instead,
in his latest newsletter, Cooper has resorted once more to
smearing, innuendo and libel. He even engages in an incredibly
sophomoric, juvenile display by making scatological parodies of
my name, George Knapp's, and Vicki Cooper's.

I, for one, wiIl not be intimidated. UFO Magazine wilI continue
to report the truest facts available, and what is nice about
reporting facts is .. . they can be shown to everyone at any

What is really sad about this story is the fact that I agree
with much of what Cooper says when he is speaking about an
erosion of Constitutional civil liberties. There are bizarre
things afoot in the land, each day becomes more uncertain, and
the public is simply not being told the true facts. However, one
thing about the First Amendment, that although it guarantees
freedom of speech, it does not allow the screaming of fire (with
no fire) in a crowded theater. Cooper has been screaming fire on
rainy days, and the problem with that is ... What do you do when
a real fire starts? Just like the kid who always cried wolf, no
one came when the wolf finally showed up.

What it appears we are dealing with is demagoguery. Demagoguery
in any form, with people following blindly, is always a
dangerous development. Examine everyone's information, do not
accept anything without checking it to the extent you are able,
and then check it again from another angle, if possible.

UFO Magazine's opinion is that this field is fraught with enough
dangers; tread carefully while walking down this path.

During this investigation UFO Magazine has found that much of
Cooper's material is entirely fabricated, lifted from
others'work, or facts he's selected and twisted to support his
own story. Several times Cooper has told those who have
disagreed with him or questioned his information,"I will crucify
you..." At what point will someone allow a demagogue to
intimidate him or her into silence? At what point will truth be
the final casualty in a war of words with liars?

I will report the truth as long as we publish, and if necessary
suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous slander.At some point
the public will learn that each demagogue DOES have his 15
minutes in the sun, but then the public learns WHAT IS THE
TRUTH. Don Ecker

Letters to the Editor:


Editor: I've served most of my adult life as an intelligence
operative (Intelligence Officer, Delta Force; Commander,
Special Operations, VietNam: Commander Special Forces, Latin
America; Principal Agent, NSC-ISA). Unlike William Cooper, I can
prove this identity. I have been a Pilot for more than 30 years.
My assignments have taken me all over the globe including
Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, et al.

Much of this time has been spent out in the open under the
stars. I have never witnessed a UFO in the classic saucer sense,
but I believe they exist nevertheless (Even Jimmy Carter says
so). While in England, enroute to Bangladesh, I bought and read
Above Top Secret, which strengthened my personal convictions.

This past month the Association of Former Intelligence Officers
and National Intelligence Counter Intelligence Association
included UFO reports (Belgian Air Force Colonel Wilfried de
Brouwer) in their monthly INSUMS (Intelligence Summaries).

As a Chemical, Biological, Nuclear trained officer, I know that
"the" government lied about gassing sheep in Montana with
GB-Agent, infecting San Francisco with a virus, and the proposed
use of underground nuclear demolitions to construct a new
canal in Nicaragua. They denied Frank Powers U-2 over Russia,
SR-71, and Stealth. Why wouldn't they cover-up UFOs (classic or

I obviously don't know much about flying saucers, even though I
have more than a dozen friends, including pilots, who are eye
witnesses to UFO sightings. I know a lot more about people and I
certainly know the intelligence system. I have examined military
records on Bill Cooper. I have spoken with him and listened to
him on telephone recorded audio tape. I feel compelled to add my
opinion to that of George Knapp, Ed De Mar and others. I am
absolutely convinced that Cooper is a charlatan. There is no
doubt that he has information concerning government cover-up,
which is easily vacuumed from the presentations and publications
of others.

When I retumed from Burma's Golden Triangle with videotape of
overlord Khun Sa accusing U.S. officials of being his best
customers, Cooper started saying that drugs were funding the
secret government UFO campaign.

Only God and Cooper know if he actually observed a UFO, but I
don't buy his story about being a part of Naval Intelligence. I
have a Top Secret Crypto clearance with access to Special
Intelligence, which is clearly imprinted on my records. None of
the Cooper file shows him to have these basic intelligence
clearances, without which he would be denied access to
classified materials.

I also have been granted coded clearances which open doors when
combined with a "need to know" to highly selected
"compartments" of information. If Cooper were real, he would
have long ago referenced the proper codes that deal with
information he says was available to him. 1 believe Bill
Cooper is a fraud. There is enough wrong with the government.
Cooper types only hurt honest efforts to gain truth. His fare
would be more accurately billed as "entertainment."

As Chief of Special Activities on the Army General Staff, I
regularly briefed the U.S. Army Chief of Staff and the other
generals. I know and have experience working with Admiral
Isaac Kidd (former Commander in Chief, Atlantic) and his

There were no enlisted men on the "briefing team." Field grade
officers (Major and up) normally furnish information to these
key decision makers. Classifed information is carefully guarded,
especially the compartmented information that Cooper refers

Without the proper coded access and a need to know, you don't
get in!

I don't buy Bill's "testing" the government by mixing up code
names (Majestic vis Majority). Every time someone produces
information contradicting Cooper, he changes, adds to, or
reveals yet another personal revelation he read in the cloak ed
documents way back when. St. John should have had such access.
Cooper has more twists than a snake. He is also dangerous. I
listened to a telephone answer tape wherein Cooper badgered,
bribed, threatened, cried, and then later allegedly slashed the
tires on a man's car.

Cooper talks and acts like a number of other fakes I know. They
seem to want someone, anyone, to do anything that might threaten
them since to be that important would enhance their own
self-image. In the absence of real threats they conjure them up.
I don't begrudge whatever popularity or success he may garner
that is show biz. But I do feel he is hurting the credibility
and honesty of sincere researchers at a time when we are facing
a true peril from within. The secret government needs to be
exposed and expunged before it turns us into economic slaves
through King George's "New World Order." Cooperites dull our
cutting edge of truth. I exhort William Cooper to stop his
Bush-lip and focus his energy and resources on unmasking the
real villains.

This is the first time I have written a letter to the editor.
Strange that with all that is going on, it would be to a
publication I haven't read, about a person I hope if there are
ETs will soon be beamed up.

Please send me info on your magazine.It wasn't on our Pentagon
reading list, but maybe it should be.

 James "Bo" Gritz
 Center for Action
 Sandy Valley, NV

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

End of Part 3