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The Whistleblowers - Cooper Addendum

From: Don Ecker <decker@ufomag.com>
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 12:55:49 -0700
Fwd Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 18:58:40 -0400
Subject: The Whistleblowers - Cooper Addendum

The Rest of the Story.

Don Ecker


This information was not included into the Cooper story, and as
promised, I will now relay it.

Cooper, during his initial exposure in the public, was on the
Billy Goodman Happening in 1988 or 1989. One of the people that
heard Cooper was a well known Hollywood entertainment figure,
Michael Callan. Callan was fascinated by the information that
Cooper was giving, and ended up contacting Cooper. Callan, and a
close friend of his, Doug Deane, decided that they would use
their entertainment contacts, and professionally "market"
Cooper. Callan and Deane set up a business called "Need to Know
Productions", and sunk money into setting up Cooper on the
"lecture tour".

Callan and Deane videoed Coopers lectures, and gave him the
benefit of their combined knowledge of Hollywood to go out and
sell himself. Setting up Cooper at lectures, and finding an
agent for him at "Spotlight Enterprises", Callan and Deane made
a heavy investment. Cooper signed a contract with Deane and
Callan, and when he saw how much money he "could" be making,
tried to squeeze Callan and Deane out of their contract. Callan
had had suspicions earlier when Cooper spoke to him about trying
to squeeze Stan Barrington (Coopers business manager) out, but
then Cooper found out that it would cost him $15,000. Barrington
stayed, but one night, Cooper indulging in his childish temper
tantrums, and drinking heavily, made 10 ( that is TEN ) phone
calls to both Callan and Deane, threatening them with public
ruin, death, property damage, and slander if they did not give
him the master copies of the tapes that they had videoed for
him. Both men (Callan and Deane) ended up phoning the police,
and they had Cooper placed on file.  Later, Cooper went to
Deanes home, was witnessed by Deanes gardener, and tried to
force his way into Deanes house. Later, when Deane returned
home, found all the tires on his car slashed.  It is interesting
to note, that one of Coopers threats to Deane, mentioned his car
tires. The police investigated, but it ended up that no charges
were filed. They found prints but the prints were so badly
smudged they could not get a match.

Later both Callan and Deane made an audio tape called Cooper
Exposes Cooper and sold it nationally. In this tape you get a
true insight into Coopers personality. According to Deane,
Cooper was drinking very heavily then, and on the night in
question he was roaring drunk when he called. This tape is
available in Real Audio on the UFO Magazine website. However it
is not for children's ears or someone with refined tastes.

Prior to the above events, one of Coopers invitations to speak
were from a German UFO group. Cooper was invited by Michael
Hesseman, a German "New Age UFOlogists" to appear in Germany.
Cooper had accepted, and demanded 5000 Duetch Marks ( $3000 US )
plus his plane ticket, room, board, and the other things that
Hesseman had promised.  Hesseman sent Cooper all of the above,
but because of a German Postal Strike, word of the event was
late in getting out in Europe. Cooper had planned, according to
Hesseman, in making money in "workshops" while the UFO event was
going on, and because the event would not be so well attended,
became upset. Hesseman offered to reschedule the event, or set
it up later, but Cooper refused, and then told Hesseman that if
he wanted him to come, he needed another 5000 Duetch marks, or
he refused. Hesseman did not have the money, so Cooper informed
Hesseman that he would not fly over, and then refused to refund
Hessemans cash.

And another event with Mr. Cooper which shows his pathological
side happened on my own radio show. I had on as a guest Carl
Pflock, a name you may be familiar with. Pflock was a former
Asst. Sec. Of Defense under the Reagan Administration and was a
former officer in the CIA. We were discussing a number of items
and I was taking telephone calls. I put "John" from Atlanta on
the air and he suddenly started attempting to embarrass Pflock
and myself. The call screener flashed me a note from another
caller (all in about 20 seconds) alerting me that "JOHN" was
really Bill Cooper. Then I recognized his voice! Well the upshot
was I got into trouble with station management when I called
Cooper an Ass Hole on the air.

But you may not know how pathological Cooper really is. After my
Expose he subjected us to years of abuse. One example was his
call to an abductee back in 1990 that had been working with a
guy by the name of Martin Cannon. Cannon, you may know, wrote a
tract called "The Controllers" where he hypothesized that many
abductee's may in fact be government mind control experiments.
Cannon and I had gotten off to a very bad start back in 1988.
Martin was very left wing and knew I was a Viet Nam veteran.
Just let me say he and I were not on the best of terms. At any
rate Cooper knew that and called this abductee, claiming to be
me (she taped it, Coopers voice was unmistakable and he was
drunk) and said words to the effect that "Cannon better watch
himself when he spoke about UFO Magazine" or "I'll come to get
your KNEE'S!!!" Cooper loves to mention "coming to get your
knee's". He made the same kind of threats to Michael Callan and
Doug Deane.

Another example of Coopers un-wired mind was to try to smear
Vicki Cooper Ecker, Editor of UFO Magazine, by claiming she was
a secret government agent. His biggest proof? Vicki's uncle was
Grant Cooper, a very prominent Los Angeles Criminal attorney,
was one of the lead attorneys defending Sirhan Sirhan, the
assassin of Robert Kennedy. He had also defended a number of
high profile mob figures. Cooper claimed that Vicki was
recruited by the secret government at this time of the
assassination. He failed to mention that in 1968 she was a brand
new mother with an infant.

Then Cooper tried to pull the biggest con, he claimed that Vicki
was the former book-keeper for Sydney Biddle Barrows, the
Mayflower Madam, from Washington DC. After Barrows was arrested
the CIA sent Vicki to Los Angeles to set up UFO as a CIA front.
How could he get away with this kind of crap? Well he must have
read Joseph Goebbels and Adolph Hitler, the bigger the lie, the
more likely it is that they will believe it. However his motto
was: "The Only Way To Defeat The Enemy Is To Attack..Attack..
Attack.. And Attack Again!  And If You First Don't Succeed,
Attack Them Again Until You Do Succeed!"

He launched a campaign against me personally claiming I was not
in Viet Nam, never a police officer, and would often call the
office leaving abusive messages on the phone. We sought several
attorneys who were willing to sue Cooper but wanted anywhere
between $5,000.00 -to $10,000.00 to begin the suit. It was not
worth it. The people that Cooper catered to were for the most
part as disaffected as he was.

Now that there are federal warrants out for Cooper, I have heard
a number of people worry that another Ruby Ridge or Waco was in
the offing. Just allow me to say this. I do not believe for one
second that it will come to that. I wouldn't want it to happen
(Ruby Ridge or Waco) to anyone....not even a Bill Cooper. My
biggest reason? Having known Cooper in the past, it won't happen
because at the core of Cooper is simply a bully and a coward.
Somehow this will be resolved and Cooper will end up being tried
for fraud and tax evasion. The end of this story?? Who knows....

Don Ecker
UFO Magazine

  The End ...for now.