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Re: Filer's Files #26

From: George Filer <Majorstar@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 17:16:37 EDT
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Subject: Re: Filer's Files #26

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>>From: George A. Filer <Majorstar@aol.com>
>>Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 16:54:02 EDT
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>>Subject: Filer's Files #26

>>Port Washington Bob Mueller reports that saw black helicopters
>>fly over his house on Saturday, June 13, 1998, and then again on
>>Sunday. On both days, five helicopters flew north and then came
>>back a few hours later heading south. They looked like UH-60
>>Blackhawks gunships with a capacity for about a dozen troops
>>apiece. There were no markings, but those low-visibility paint
>>sc hemes make it tough to see. Sunday night, at about 11:00 PM,
>>I went out to my car to get something, and I saw a moving,
>>flashing orange light very high in the sky directly overhead.
>>When it flashed, it was very bright (so much so, it's reflection
>>off my car/glasses caught my attention enough to cause me look
>>DIRECTLY up). It appeared to be moving in straight line. The UFO
>>was heading due North - the same heading (and along virtually
>>the same path) as the helicopters. I watched it for about 10
>>seconds, then ran inside to get my wife Michele. We came out
>>maybe 30 seconds later, but by then it was gone. Was a satellite
>>catching the sun? I wonder. Thanks for the E-mail submission
>>from Bob Mueller.

>I believe this report to actually be from Port Washington,
>Wisconsin (north of Milwaukee and sitting on Lake MICHIGAN).

Yes, the post should read UFO near Lake Michigan, in the state of Wisconsin.


George Filer