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Rantings from the Edge - Bill Cooper

From: Don Ecker <decker@ufomag.com>
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 07:42:15 -0700
Fwd Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 19:23:38 -0400
Subject: Rantings from the Edge - Bill Cooper

This little Op Ed piece was written by me one evening after
reading a piece from the Omega New Age Directory.

MICHAEL and AURORA El-Legion wrote columns for the Omega New Age
Directory. The timeframe is about March, 1991. The El-Legions
were a couple of New Age flim flam artists out of Sedona, Az.
This was about the height of the Bill Cooper hysteria.

Anyhow....I put on my sardonic face, with tongue planted firmly
in cheek...and let go.....

Don Ecker
UFO Magazine


From 1991

Rantings From the Edge;

Don Ecker

I am a child of the '60s. I remember very well the day Jack Kennedy
was shot, saw both Bob Kennedy and Martin Luther King in Arlington
Cemetery in 1965. I can remember seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan
when they first came to the states in 1964. I liked the `Doors',
Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and even Harry Chapin. I survived the
dawning of the `Age of Aquarius', went to Viet Nam, came home and
waited for the Nam to wear off.

I never experimented with psychedelics--I never dropped acid, and
if I felt the need to take a trip, I found a willing girl of like
mind, ingested a quart of tequila, and tripped. After Nam I doubted
the reality of God, then I heard about Watergate and doubted the
reality of my government. When the channeling craze started, I
looked at it and figured that it was just a re-hash of the
spiritualism from the last century, and decided that if someone
wanted me to channel, I would buy cable, it was probably cheaper.
I do not eat curds, bark at the moon or listen to much that comes
from Sedona, Arizona. However . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the UFO field, some trash, similar to something - oh, say
like herpes--ends up being the gift that keeps on giving. . . .
. . Several issues of UFO ago, I started the `Whistleblower'
series, and examined Milton "Bill" Cooper. Unlike many folks who
Cooper has dazzled, I and a few other old timers from ParaNet
`knew' Cooper since he first hit the `airwaves' here on ParaNet
back in 1988. Cooper's story kept changing like the weather in
Denver, and after a not too-long period of time, the old
Administrator, Jim Speiser, had enough of Milty and gave him the

Cooper's brand of paranoia encompasses the `dark side' of ufology,
claiming to have seen documents way back when. . . . ol' Milt was
in Navy Intelligence. Seems like, according to Milty, the little
grey critters, ( or was it green? ) were responsible for everything
from drugs in the USA, to high oil prices, the murder of a
president, Bill Moore, the CIA, and I guess by extension, maybe
even me and UFO Magazine. You see, even though Cooper had not one
shred of any type of evidence whatsoever for anything he raved
about, you either had to take him at his word, or like me, were an
agent of the imperial government, the CIA, or were just flat-out a

Now, on to New Age. If there was ever a contradiction in ideas,
Cooper's brand of UFOlogy had meant the New Age * * * and they
loved him in Sedona. Now I always figured that the New Agers
were into peace, love, light, brussel sprouts, chanting things
like "Free Huey", singing old Dylan songs, and listening to what
Baba Ram had to say. Space Brothers were here to save us from
us, and crystals are good. Well . . . . . .

A couple of Sedona gurus named Michael and Aurora El-Legion, who
are into the Ashtray Command, Semi and Full-ase (from the
Pleiades) Crystal Power Demonstrations, New Age Diets, and
Intergalactic Tours, (all out of Sedona, by the way)
discovered Cooper and really got p.o.ed by the two-part Cooper
expose. As it happens, they also do a column for the Omega New
Age Directory. The content of their column for February was
inflammatory, to say the least. The editor of this paper called
UFO and interviewed editor Vicki Cooper for their 2/91 issue.
that follows this little ranting. What is really interesting,
however, is how they arrive at the conclusion that UFO Mag is a
CIA front, ( according to the El- Legions "they have their
reasons," but none are offered ) and that Milty Cooper is
honest, upright, red-blooded and all-American. They are also
shocked that James Bo Gritz, the former Green Beret Lt. Col.
sent a letter to UFO complaining about Milt Cooper, and assume
he must have been pressured by the CIA to make these unfounded
accusations. At any rate. . . . .

Maybe they should stick to 'Telepathic Channeled messages for the
audience', or `Channeled Readings for the Star People'--all paid-
for advertising blurbs, by the way, for the El-Legions out of the
Omega New Age Directory--and leave the UFO investigations to other
people more qualified.

For your reading enjoyment....


El-Legions take sides in UFO ROW

In their column UFO Updatethis month, Michael and Aurora
El-Legion bring up the controversy that exists between UFO
researcher William Cooper and UFO Magazine.

Cooper has brought tonational attention a number of formerly Top
Secret documents that indicate that the government is involved
in some sort of cover-up concerning UFOs and Aliens.

UFO Magazine is a nationally recognized UFO publication that has
always been seen by other publishers as moderate and objective
in its reporting.

Recently, Cooper has taken objection to some of the reports
appearing in the magazine concerning him. He has made statements
accusing it of being a tool of the CIA.

In their column the El-Legions have expressed Cooper's views
about UFO Magazine, that it was "set up by the CIA to keep tabs
on what is going on in the UFO movement and to create confusion
through misinformation"'

Vickie Cooper (no relation) editor of UFO Magazine, was
contacted by the Omega New Age Directory. She agrees that
disinformation is a tactic used by intelligence agencies to
discredit the UFO movement, but says that is William Cooper who
is causing the harm.

"Anyonewho pays close attention to the information issuing from
individuals such as WilliamCooper." says Vickie Cooper, "will
see clearly that he is doing what he accuses UFO Magazine of
doing, which is to mix pertinent information with complete,
unabashed lies.

"What that does is effectively dilute not only the information
people should be paying attention to, but effectively discounts
all of UFOlogy and the UFO subject in the eyes of the general
public. This is an effective tactic of disinformation that has
been used by a number of paid experts in the intelligence and
counter-intel- ligence Community according to many fine
journalists who have tried to expose the secret government."

In their column, the El-Legions also address a letter written to
UFO Magazine by Bo Gritz.Criticizing William Cooper. They find
it surprising and wonder if Gritz was pressured into writing it.

Vickie Cooper agrees with Gritz's criticism when he said of
William Cooper, "He's hurting the credibility' and honestly of
sincere researchers at a time when we are facing a true peril
from within."

Further, says Ms. Cooper, "If Michael and Aurora El-Legion and
others who claim to do good work in theUFO field cannot see and
act on the truth of that, they are only adding to the problem."

I wouldn't expect Vickie Cooper to say anything else," commented
Aurora El-Legion. "Of course, she supports the position of her

The El-Legions steadfastly maintain that, despite reports and
rumors undermining either side in this issue, they remain among
the many who supportWilliam Cooper, "I think Cooper is honest
and for real, a man of high integrity," says Aurora El-Legion.
"If I ever see anything that proves otherwise, I will change my

The El-Legions feel that Ms. Cooper is not competent to speak on
the subject ofUFOs because she had no background in UFO research
before she began publishing UFO Magazine.

Supporters of UFO Magazine claim that because she had no
background in research, she was not committed to one position or
another, and is thus a very impartial publisher.

 -The End-