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Tunisia and UFOs

From: Sean Jones <Tedric@tedric.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 20:31:25 +0100
Fwd Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 00:55:13 -0400
Subject: Tunisia and UFOs

Hi Errol, Hi All

Well for those that are interested, (few that they may be :-) )
I had a wonderful time in lovely Tunisia. But this post is not
to brag about my good fortune (bout bloody time I can tell ya
:-) ) But I recall Tunisia being one of the countries mentioned
a little while ago in another post about western influence
corrupting UFO reports.

At our hotel we had an entertainment chappie who spoke and
understood English very well, so when I had the chance I nailed
him down for a quick chat.

I asked him if Tunisian's see things in the skies that arn't
planes or the moon and etc. He replied "what you mean like
lights bigger than the size of planets but thy move to fast to
be even a comet?" Yeah that sort of thing, I responded. "Yeah we
see loads of them".

It transpires that this particular chap, name of Ashref (
could'nt pronounce his last name ) was doing his national
service ( something all the twenty year old Tunisian men do for
a year) when there was a lot of sightings of lights and similer
sort of things around a new military installation that he was
stationed at.

His base commander had him call up a place in Tunis (the
capital) to ask about comets and sundry, the answer was that
there was no comets about but one of the planets might be
visible, he could'nt remember which one. Well there was no way
these lights was planet because they was moving. Nothing was
ever done about it as far as he was aware, apparently his base
commander was of the opinion if they dont bother us we wont
bother them.

Ashref was not in any way a UFO buff, he did'nt even know the
term UFO! I asked him more questions about was there any kind of
secrecy about these lights and etc and he replied that he don't
see how there could be as all Tunisians like to talk, (because
they don't have much else to do probably?  Nearly every evening
I saw many a Tunsian just sitting in a coffee shop just

Ashref was sure that the Berbers (sp?) a nomadic tribal people
counted things as these lights as signs or portents but could'nt
say just how often they was seen in the desert.

Also Ashref did not know of any people seeing craft landed, he
did mention that a lot of things could go unseen because Tunisia
is a fairly empty desert scrubland and if any such thing was
seen it would almost certainly be ascribed to a "foreign power
invadeing our country". (The middle east is still not a "quiet"

I thanked Ashref for his time and I did'nt ask him any more
questions because 1, he was a busy man and 2 because he really
was'nt all that
interested. Besides which I was on holiday :-)

btw I took Stan's Top Secret/Majic with me.

    In an infinite universe inifinitely anything is posible.
                       Sean Jones
         Research page--http://www.tedric.demon.co.uk/