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Sheffield and Flying Triangles

From: Max Burns <AlienHype1@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 09:13:54 EDT
Fwd Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 09:33:39 -0400
Subject: Sheffield and Flying Triangles

I think the focus seems to have been shifted by some onto the
Tornado jet aspect of this incident..Let us not forget that
there are five very clear witneses to the flying triangle. which
was there and was sighted by a number of people who are not my
friends, and only know me because of my investigation into this

I feel that these questions need an answer.

A) Why would they be test flown, low, over heavily built up
areas of the U.K?  Such an aircraft would be designated 'Top
Secret' and normally flown from establishments such as Boscombe

B) If they are Stealth aircraft, why would they fly around at
night, illuminated like "Christmas Trees" or alternatively, why
would they fly close to airports, without any navigation or
strobe lights?

C) If they were undertaking a normal night flying test program,
why would they undertake such irresponsible behavior as to
silently hover near an isolated witness or car full of
witnesses, far from any airfield?

D) It has been said that a triangle is an excellent design for
flight and this could explain their design, but what could
explain the FT's 'broad side first' movement, seen by numerous

E) If they are under Air Traffic Control in the U.K, why have
they been observed frequently flying over Nuclear Power
Stations, a restricted 'no flying' area?

F) Could the UK afford to develop such a Stealth aircraft as the
'Flying Triangle', when the British Aircraft industry currently
has to co-operate with several other countries to develop the
'Eurofighter'. Without this
co-operation the UK couldn't afford to proceed alone.

G) It is claimed that the 'Flying Triangle' is a product of the
British Aerospace Establishment at Warton, Lancs. If this is the
case, why was Simon Lewis of the North Lancashire UFO
Investigation Group, invited to address a meeting of British
Aerospace engineers at Warton to explain what the 'Flying
Triangle' thing is all about. They had heard of the huge FT
craft and exclaimed "Its not ours!" However this does not
preclude the possibility that a smaller 'Stealth' triangular
craft may be undertaking flying trials over the UK

H) If the FT was due to exercise in Belgium air space during the
period 1989/90, why did the Belgium Air Force have no knowledge
of the FT flight plan? Why was it necessary for the Belgium Air
Force to ' scramble' a group of F16's to intercept the 'Flying

I) We have had reports of FT's dating back to the mid-50's, why
hasn't the technology been revealed by now? The American
authorities wasted no time in disclosing the use of Stealth
aircraft in the recent Gulf War.

J) If the FT is British (or American) what is it doing flying
around Japan, Guatemala, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Brazil etc.?

K) Are we being confronted with both a huge extra-terrestrial
craft and a smaller military Stealth development

With regard to the Sheffield incident

As to whether this triangle was ET or Terrestrial in nature I
can only call it on how I see it, whether it ET or Terrestrial
or the jury is still out..

Comments please


Max Burns