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UFOR - Uri Geller on 'Aviary'

From: Francisco Lopez <d005734c@dc.seflin.org>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 13:32:01 -0400 (EDT)
Fwd Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 16:49:41 -0400
Subject: UFOR - Uri Geller on 'Aviary'

From: Blue Resonant Human <density4@cts.com>

::: Uri Geller on The Aviary :::
[from the London Times, July 1 1998]

I HAVE been discussing my work in the 1970s with the CIA a
little more openly for the past few weeks. The Men In Black
haven't come round yet, so I'll take another step into the deep
waters - and recommend you log on to

The Aviary is an informal network of government and military
officials in America who share a fascination with UFOs. Its 12
members, so the conspiracy theory goes, are dedicated to
creating a smokescreen around CIA misuse of extra-terrestrial

The site opens in macabre fashion with a picture of a huge
pterodactyl and a blood-curdling quotation from Revelations
under the heading: "Dark Disciples of Diabolical
Disinformation". The introduction announces the members as
"spooks who often work at cross-purposes and frankly don't even
get along with each other all that well. Extremely weird birds."

I can confirm these 12 exist, and their long-standing obsession
with alien science is genuine. I worked closely with Hal
Puthoff, for instance, whose Aviary codename is allegedly "Owl".
His Institute for Advanced Research in Austin, Texas, claims to
extract energy from vacuums. Is this a technique derived from
captured UFOs?

Ron Pandolfi, the Aviary's "Pelican", is involved in ET
disinformation. He heads the CIA's Weird Desk, which fields UFO
sightings and inquiries from the public. Many of his statements
contradict facts I know to be accurate. But no one should expect
a secret service man to tell the whole truth, the whole time.

Dale Graff, or "Raven", was director of Project Stargate,
training spies to project their minds into enemy territory and
"remote-view" military bases.

One bird is said to be experimenting with Aleister Crowley's
black magic rituals, using twisted mind-power to induce heart
attacks or strokes in humans.

I was approached 20 years ago by a government agency
representative proposing psychic experiments to stop the heart
of a pig. I stared him in the face and a name flashed across my
mind: KGB director Yuri Andropov. Could some of the birds in the
Aviary have similar ideas?

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