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Alfred's Odd Ode #255 [Restore John Ford!]

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 18:22:10 -0500
Fwd Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 08:33:09 -0400
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #255 [Restore John Ford!]

Apology to MW #255 (For July 10, 1998)

The summer sees a flurry of an interest in John Ford. Not the
kind that matters, mind, nor the kind that changes score. He was
hardly even mentioned -- in fact forsaken, and derided; his
manner so abrasive (?) that his censure seemed entitled! There
was *distance* put around him; you saw people turning backs. You
heard a *qualified* support, and vague distortions of the facts.
You hear about betrayal when his lawyer left the ship. Where ARE
his friends supported quotes that "John's a good guy," Chip <g>?

Ms. Douglass washed her hands (damned spot!) in a fit of wounded
pique? Sensation peddling journalists were senseless, dumb, and
thick? Accusation _flew_ like rain in lacerating torrents, while
John is drugged indifference, without peer review, or warrant.
Pitiless he sits alone while we posture and we bicker; our
system and our world view is twisted -- getting sicker.
Forgotten, _he's_ the victim!  His only crime: he's
unattractive. He _*knew*_ that they were lying, and it _made_
him maladaptive. But he stayed within the law, I'd bet, the
machine went OUT to _get_ him. Entrapment, and a wire man, plus
a bogus stash -- forget it! John was doomed, the case contrived,
or I'll eat Phil Klass's crow. Lastly -- John's been _driven_
crazy -- if he's sane we'd never know.

It eats at me it _could_ be me; I'd be in John Ford's hell. Or
you or he or she, you see, and buying what they sell. Reminded
when it's bed time, and told to sweep the floor, and this while
stripped of everything you'd made -- it's out the door! Whacked
out on medication for a blunted even strain; forgetting to
remember what it was you'd said, again. Your thoughts are then
discounted, and your points amount to shit. You lose your good
ambition, and you wither bit by bit. Your expressions are
unvalued by the least that's in your crowd. Bonaparte, and holy
Jesus . . . share your cells -- so be not proud. UFO's have
flown right down _inside_ your fellow inmates. Some of it
perhaps in truth -- but to mainstreams you’re a primate. Beneath
its unconcern, contempt, or crass consideration you are
neutralized and hull breached -- rescue hopeless, sad ablation.


Like an entropy you can watch happen to you. A slow rot, bad
enough when it's justified, intolerable when it is not, and
serving the convenient ends of those that ultimately disrespect
you. I picture John looking past the bars to the free outside,
remembering what it felt like to be in hot pursuit -- on the
trail of his investigation -- remembering, with difficulty, what
it felt like to be useful. . . or happy.

Oddly, Ms. Douglass was cool on me from the very beginning,
dismissing my support with a curt, unfriendly E-mail. Perhaps I
failed to meet a standard she has before she is respectfully
appreciative of a response to her outcry. I've learned that I
should _start_ there . A person must lose _my_ respectful
appreciation. "With friends like that," I've said before -- and
how _was_  John Ford provided any support with front people so
charmless, standoffish, and picky?

I think I could have used me were I the respected, but distant,
Ms. Douglass. She could have had a philosophical ally at her
back at any rate, but all I got was authoritarian rebuff that
lacked all ceremony. I was told to stop what I was doing --
ironically, the same demand John Ford endures.

Now it certainly could be that I'm a lot more unpleasant,
intellectually odious, and obnoxious than even John Ford was
supposed to be <g>, <I'm thinking, stodgy unbending
Republicanism?> -- but I don't believe that completely explains
the icy shoulder I got from a member of John Ford's defense
team, and lately a rather clear implication that I'm a hothead
with a short fuse. What I _am_ is an interested person asking
for <demanding> resolution on the issue regarding an alleged
criminal mistreatment of John Ford.

>From where come the strange convictions that Ford DESERVES to
be in an institution for the criminally insane as a clear and
present danger to his fellow fat cat Republicans? And from where
came the obliging convictions of Ms. Douglass at the genesis of
this John Ford affair?

. . . She was passionate about John Ford once, though; she sure
rang true with me -- she got me started . . . fired me up! Now
-- it's a fire that makes its own oxygen! John Ford's apparent,
and very possible unconstitutional abuse fills me with insulted
rage, and in as much as this _kind of thing_ goes on all the
time, it should you, too! If for no other reason than it could
_be_ you, certainly, and much, much easier than you would think!

John Ford was a running (but lawful) embarrassment to Suffolk
county, and the Suffolk county political machine took him down
for it! If that's true, it can't be allowed! Every suspicion of
political behavior like that should be ripped out by the roots
everywhere it's found _forgetting_ the very real and personal
suffering of John Ford!

Moreover, as I have said before -- the John Ford Affair could be
one of those points where everything just _wants_ to fall out in
disclosure of its own accord, and should be pursued for _that_
reason. Getting to the bottom of the John Ford Affair could be
getting to the bottom of the full ufological monty <g>.

Restore John Ford! Put him back the way he was -- breathing
free, financially independent, and so far up the nose of the
man, boot heels are felt on unjust chins!

Restore John Ford!

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"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, while burning at the
fundamentalist's stake.