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'Atlanta Journal-Constitution' Questionaire

From: Terry Blanton <commengr@bellsouth.net>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 11:15:12 -0700
Fwd Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 12:25:02 -0400
Subject: 'Atlanta Journal-Constitution' Questionaire

This morning's (Saturday) Atlanta Journal-Constitution has
printed a half page of comments responding to their question on
their web page:


"What do you think about UFOs?"

Below are some exerpts which I found interesting:

Douglas O. Winter, Atlanta writes:

A well-known entertainer once said: "Even if my husband is
cheating on me, I prefer not to know it, else I would have to do
something about it."

There is everything to lose, and nothing to gain, for our
elected officials even to acknowledge the possibility of UFOs.
If it were ever proved that UFOs do exist, then the public might
clamor for government to "do something about it." Government
officials do not like to feel powerless.

<snip. . .Indeed! -tb>

Thomas Olin Sneed, College Park writes:

In 1951 on Yontan Mountain, Okinawa, my crew and I clocked a UFO
traveling at 2,500 mph from the north of our area to the south,
and then back north again.

Shortly after this sighting, some officers I had never seen
showed up and questioned each crew member not only about what we
had seen on the radar screen, but also about our education and
experience as a radar operator.

We were all sworn to secrecy and told we would be courtmartialed
if we discussed this matter with anyone else. This was before we
had aircraft capable of these speeds.

<I guess he is not so worried about that threat now. -tb>

Mike Swartz, Atlanta writes:


What lures so many alien spaceships to our humble planet? Maybe
they're scouting for food. You never know: On the interstellar
food chain, we might be the equivalent of cattle.

<Food or pets? Our water planet is also a good source of
deuterium. -tb>

Finally, Jeffrey B. Krieger, Greer, S.C. writes:

I do not consider us an intelligent life form, even on this
planet. I find our collective arrogance about being alone and
unique, in the infinite diversity of wherever we are,
astonishingly pitiful and pathetic.

<end of quotes>

Agreed, Jeffery. Until we shed nationalism and the war it
causes, and unify humanity, we are no more than savages.