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St. Paul, Alberta UFO Conference Update

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Subject: St. Paul, Alberta UFO Conference Update

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July 11, 1998


By RACHEL EVANS -- Staff Writer=BF ST. PAUL -- Unlike some participants
in a UFO conference that started here yesterday, Gerald Kotowich isn't
convinced by those who see lights in the sky.

But as one of the organizers of the two-day event and a business
booster, he can relate to those who see dollar figures every time
extraterrestrials are mentioned.

"I'm a very non-believer," said Kotowich.

Kotowich became involved with the first UFO conference as a member of
St. Paul's economic development board. The town of 5,000, located 208
km northeast of Edmonton, built a UFO landing pad in 1967 and began a
novelty UFO hotline four years ago.

Still, it's not like he hasn't tried to buy into the tales of alien
abductions and little green men. He watched the X-Files movie to get
into the spirit and came away with an open mind.

"There's something out there," he conceded.

Yeah, but aliens?

"I don't know what it is ... but let's find out."

Then there's fellow board member Randy Brodziak. He's trying to solve a

When he was 14 years old he saw two small white circles zoom across the
sky, then vanish. It made him a believer - unlike Kotowich, who admits
he's in the minority.

"I think most of the people are going to be serious," Kotowich said. "I
think the skeptics are afraid to come."

Non-believers may be convinced by tonight.  Speakers will include
Stanton Friedman, a physicist working to prove the Roswell, New Mexico,
UFO crash happened; an Edmonton woman who claims to have been abducted;
and speakers on the mysterious crop circles and cattle mutilations.

Linda Hymanyk, who is selling colorful ceramic alien figurines at the
conference, said she's afraid of what she might learn.

"I want to believe that they don't exist but I'm sure that they do,"
she said. "I think the conference is a great idea because some people
have the fear of the unknown."

Winnipegger Chris Rutkowski said it's not necessary to believe in
aliens in order to believe in UFOs.

"A belief in UFOs is sort of a non-issue," he said after his
presentation yesterday. "UFOs exist because people report unidentified
flying objects," not aliens.

But even though he's a scientist, he admits it deserves more study.
Rutkowski quoted a poll of Canadians that found 78% of people polled
believe there is intelligent life somewhere other than Earth, and 10%
said they had seen a UFO.

More than 300 people registered for the conference yesterday, and
Brodziak expects even more today.

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