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UK Mystery Lights: No Meteor Involved?

From: Stig_Agermose@online.pol.dk 
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 03:46:45 +0200
Fwd Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 12:08:59 -0400
Subject: UK Mystery Lights: No Meteor Involved?

Posted to the newsgroup "uk.rec.ufo" July 11.



Subject:      Yet another 'meteor'. :)
From:         eadams8221@aol.com (EAdams8221)
Date:         1998/07/11
Message-ID:   <1998071119245100.PAA29964@ladder03.news.aol.com>
Newsgroups:   uk.rec.ufo

This just in (important, so that's why I'm posting)...

A source of mine, who-shall-remain-nameless, phoned me this morning
alerting me to the following: A Z-shaped formation of EXTREMELY bright
lights travelled over the West coast of Britain. Now, the souce THINKS
it might have been from North to South - they're not really sure about
that. The impressive thing is that, unlike the certain incident the
other week, both the Ministry of Defence and the police apparently
issued a statement saying that it was definitely NOT a meteor shower.

Later on in the day, I heard it on the radio news. On this, a coast
guard station said that it was a 'mystery' too (unable to remember
location) and that a civilian airliner called in to report, what they
termed as a "meteor". I THINK I also heard something about an
explanation being given for the thing being a meteor shower, so I'm
still waiting for confirmation on this (although whether it came from
some astronomer who was just being quick off the mark, or the MoD or
some such institution, I don't know).

I have no information regarding speeds or altitude, but a Z-shaped
formation would cast extreme doubt on the 'natural' case. I'm awaiting
the outcome of this, but there isn't much coverage of these events here
in the UK. I still
feel that this is all part of a 'flap' which is concentrating here in
the UK - even though there is little or no media coverage. If my guess
is correct, then it should last into about August (perhaps September) -
I have my reasons! :)

PS: New stuff just come in. From Ceefax and Teletext, the following has
come to light. It was around midnight this morning (11 June 1998). They
travelled from Scotland to Cornwall. They were seen in 'Z', 'Q' and '2'
shaped formations (although I would say that '2' and 'Z' may well be
interchangeable). An un-named pilot (probably from the civilian
airliner, although it may have been a different one), said that he saw
them 'arrange' themselves into a pattern of a 'Z'/'2'. The MoD
previously said that there were no meteors on the time in question.
Now, all of a sudden, our favorite Defenders of the Realm are saying
that there WAS a meteor shower! :) People at the Isle of Man called in
noting a "huge explosion". A meteor would produce one, but not in such
a magnitude - or so I would have thought.

Incidentally, this source also alerted me to the rather strange
incident involving the Tornado F-3, the wreckage of which was
discovered (officially) and the body of ONE of the crewmembers was
found. That came to me before breaking on the news too.

- Eric


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