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Re: Flying Triangles

From: Max Burns <AlienHype1@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 14:33:26 EDT
Fwd Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 03:43:31 -0400
Subject: Re: Flying Triangles

I was thinking if these triangles are World goverment. top
secret hardware why are the public seeing them so much?

And if they are military then the military industrial complex it
would appear are not bothered about the public sighting these
craft, and is in clear contradiction to classification Top
secret or above.

The prudent thing for the miltary to do would be to come out and
comment, with this is what they are dont worry, everything is

As clearly they have been seen by so many people now that its
not much of a secret anymore, the only secret is who is flying
these craft.

Something as advanced as this is either top secret or above, and
surely the best place to test and protect this secret would be
over the sea, and not over sleepy hamlet's big cities and over
20 countries of the world, as surely by that definition, it
would appear that nearly all the major countries of the world
have got huge triangular craft that would appear to have the
control of gravity.

And if this was the case, information leaks of the existence of
such craft would have been leaked to the public by now.

Before Mathews responds with I have evidence, lets not talk
about German science let,s see this up to date evidence that you
claim to have.

As a project as big as this would involve thousands of people,
and upto date information would have been leaked, a sly picture,
or some documents.

I my self would be very pleased for Tim Mathews if he aquired
this confirmation and would be pleased to offer my

I am not bothered about ego's or who's right or wrong but what
is the truth. I do not care who's version of truth it is. Mine
or Tim's perhaps its both, or any other version as long as it
settles this enigma and
confirms the facts about the origin of these craft...

Anything else is just ego's at war.....


Max Burns  Alienhype1@aol.com