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DISPATCH # 97 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

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Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 20:36:42 EDT
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Subject: DISPATCH # 97 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

DISPATCH # 97 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

S O M E T H I N G   S T R A N G E   I S   H A P P E N I N G


Quote of the Week

"Do not condemn the judgment of another because it differs from
your own. You may both be wrong."



Announcing: Mr. Apol's UFO Book Search
NEW FREE service for ParaScope visitors!

Looking for hard-to-find UFO books? Let our "man in black" track 'em down for
you! ParaScope presents Mr. Apol's UFO Book Search, a free service for our
visitors. Send in your request via our quick and easy online form, and if Mr.
Apol locates the book, he'll get back to you on the price and availability
status. Try it out at www.parascope.com/parastore/usedUFObooks.htm, and check
out the Terms & Conditions for more info on the service.


Congratulations: Everything Is Under CTRL

ParaScope sends hearty congratulations out to Kris Millegan, editor of CTRL:
the Conspiracy Theory Research List, whose article on the Order of Skull and
Bones was cited as a source in Robert Anton Wilson's new book, "Everything's
Under Control: Conspiracies, Cults and Coverups" (pp. 391-392). You can read
Kris' article on our web site at
www.parascope.com/articles/0997/skullbones.htm, and RAW's new book is
available in the ParaStore (www.parascope.com/parastore). For information on
subscribing to the Conspiracy Theory Research List, see
www.parascope.com/other/lists/ctrl.htm. Way to go, Kris!


Rant of the Week: “The Reptiles Like Our Babies”

Every week we pick the wackiest, scariest, nastiest or funniest rant from the
hundreds of letters received by us here at ParaScope headquarters, and present
it to you as our Rant of the Week. This week, “Patricia” offers tips on how to
get your children to drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and eat red meat to avoid
ending up in an alien’s stew pot. (What, no L’il Martini for Kids?) Enjoy.

“I can give you all my thoughts on HOW to protect yourself and loved ones from
being eaten!!!  And the REPTILES like our babies.  Give your kids coffee with
milk in it, expose them to cig smoke or city polution, or any slight polution
you can think of!!!  Keep in mind we are not at the top of the food chain and
they like NON-POLUTED children.  That is why there are millions of children
disappearing EVERY YEAR!   This is not a scare post but what I believe is
happening RIGHT NOW!!!  Children in the mountain areas are at great risk as
well as children out in small towns. I also believe they want us to quit
eating meat ourselves because they like GRAIN-FED MEAT just as we prefer the
same in meat and look how we like VEAL which is a baby.  They have screwed
with our thyroid because they want us to produce babies that tend to have alot
of fat, making the meat more tender!!  There is a method in their alien
maddness and the sooner the SHEEPLE get wise the sooner they can be protected.
To be absolutely healthy is NOT SAFE.  Hopefully the Gov will find a vacine
that will drive away the aliens from those people but in the meantime you must
take care to polute your children and yourself in some small way.  While they
are producing hybrids for the the new wave of humans to populate the Earth, I
feel the hybrids serve another more sinister idea and that is that the Aliens
eat them.(and better them than you and I).”


All rants are printed “as is,” with spelling and grammar goofs left
uncorrected. Some rants may be edited for brevity or clarity, to the extent
such a thing is possible. If you’ve got a rant you’d like to share, send it to
pscplady@aol.com with “possible rant” in the subject line of your letter.


Coming Up This Week!

Catch a number of great stories this week on the ParaScope web and AOL sites,
including daily updates to our Conspiracy Newsline and Daily Dose features.
Among the articles you'll want to check out:

FEMA's X File

The long-awaited "X-Files" movie is here, projecting the paranoia and intrigue
of the smash TV show onto the big screen. Some officials in Washington are not
pleased. Unlike the "X-Files," Mount Weather is real -- and the Federal
Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which maintains the Mount Weather facility
and plays a role in various conspiracy theories about secret plans for martial
law in the United States, issued a public affairs guidance on how to respond
to allegations voiced in the movie. It's just a fun flick, right? So why the
unusual p.r. measure? Dossier details FEMA's very own X File.


"Talking to Heaven"? Like Hell!
The Spirited Trickery of James Van Praagh

The latest supernatural sensation to hit the top of the bestseller lists is
James Van Praagh's book "Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After
Death." Not only does Van Praagh claim the ability to contact the afterword
and carry on conversations with the dead, but he also says that anyone can do
it -- and if you buy the book, he'll tell you how. But is it all just a bunch
of hocus-pocus? Be sure to read Enigma editor D. Trull's review before you run
to the bookstore.


Fortean Slips: "Wide World of Weirdos" Edition!

Fine Old Cannibals: Could it be that societies who feast on human flesh have
only existed in myth and folklore? Chew on the evidence and digest the
question of whether cannibalism is historically rare or well done.

Druids Go Home to Stonehenge: Over a decade ago, modern-day Druids were banned
from Stonehenge -- but now these two mystical mainstays have been reunited at
last! Get the full scoop on who they were, and what they were doing.

Death of a Devil's Advocate: If you think devil worship is weird and baffling,
wait till you see how it's gotten even crazier since the death of Anton LaVey
last year. Will the Church of Satan survive without its founder and high


The Paper Trail: All-New Edition

The secret documents keep on coming, and The Paper Trail is back to review the
latest government declassification news. Featured in this month's issue: the
CIA's latest offerings on the Bay of Pigs invasion -- 3,200 pages of
previously secret material and the agency's first-ever historical CD-ROM; the
JFK assassination -- Assassination Records Review Board releases Jim Garrison
grand jury documents; and the Operation Tailwind scandal -- what does the
documentary evidence suggest about the alleged use of sarin gas by Special
Forces units in Laos? Follow The Paper Trail to get the facts!


Malice in Wonderland

San Francisco University student Peter Gordon recently authored an excellent
paper titled "Malice in Wonderland: An Essay on CIA Interrogation Techniques
and the Lesser Forms of Torture in Daily Life" for a communications course,
which is available for reading on the SFU web site at
www.sfu.ca/~pbgordon/Malice.html. Peter's research included ParaScope's
reprint of the CIA's 1963 interrogation manual as a primary source; the manual
details the use drugs, hypnosis and torture in obtaining information from
"resistant sources." Great work, Peter! ParaScope's reprint is still
available; see www.parascope.com/interrorgation for more info, or go to
www.parascope.com/articles/0397/kubarkin.htm to read the online version for


Plus, catch your daily dose of rampant rumor-mongering, wild-eyed speculation,
irresponsible accusations, unsubstantiated allegations, and, of course, the
absolute gospel truth you won’t find anywhere else, each weekday in Conspiracy

...All this, and much, much more!


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