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CE: Open Letter to The Cincinnati Enquirer

From: Kenny Young <task@FUSE.NET>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 12:58:27 -0400
Fwd Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 07:14:16 -0400
Subject: CE: Open Letter to The Cincinnati Enquirer




For the July 13 article from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

It is interesting to note the skew that Hopkins delivers to the
piece, conveniently disregarding viable information conflicting
with the flare theory. Hopkins contacted me three times in March
and April of 1997 regarding this piece, so he was aware of the
discrepancies against the flare theory, yet selectively chose to
delete that data.

Yesterday I spoke with Hopkins about the article, which took
over one year before appearing in the Cincinnati Enquirer
(recenly troubled by the Chiquita calamity involving reporter
Michael Gallagher), and reporter John Hopkins said that the
editors of The Cincinnati Enquirer simply wanted some "Fourth of
July Fluff" to run in their newspaper, which is why this story
was a banner headline and appeared at all (on July 13th).

I conveyed my concern over the skew that he presented, and he
basically acknowledged that the article portrays "the military's
side of things." I also expressed that it was well within my
rights to complain that Hopkins had utilized my research for his
piece, to which I was given no reference or attribution.

I left Hopkins and his editors a letter to mull over afterward.



An Open Letter To The Cincinnati Enquirer July 13, 1998

Dear Mr. Harry M. Whipple, President and Publisher

The front-page, headline article of Monday, July 13, 1998: "War
Games Often Mistaken For UFOs In Tristate" by John Hopkins,
contains investigative information which Hopkins can assume no
credit for.

The details used in this piece were gleaned from information
Hopkins acquired from yours truly in late March of 1997, when
the newsroom of The Cincinnati Enquirer was flooded with UFO
reports. Hopkins informed me, "We don't know what to do with all
of these sightings!"

Cincinnati Enquirer readers were regrettably never apprised of
this sensational and dramatic happening in the skies above them
by the news staff of The Enquirer, who had stories of greater
importance to convey: such as the new site for the Reds stadium,
beef prices or non-smoking ordinances. This surprising lack of
reportage was in light of the intense national media attention
and hype surrounding the supposed Arizona UFO sightings, in
which the same flare explanation may also apply.

Furthermore, the article references - word for word - quotes and
descriptive details drawn straight from the "UFO RESEARCH:
CINCINNATI!" web-site. [address - http://home.fuse.net/task/] In
some circumstances, this particular deed could be termed

Most disturbing is the apparent skew The Enquirer article
exhibits in reportage of these spectacular series of events.
There were numerous, documented eyewitness details regarding
these odd happenings which strongly conflicts with the 'flare
explanation.' Hopkins quotes eyewitness Jamie Orme, yet deletes
his strong conviction that his sighting was “not caused by
flares.” These contradictory reports were totally glossed over
and disregarded by The Cincinnati Enquirer. The omission of
these conflicting details renders incomplete information to the
readership of The Enquirer and results in inaccurate reportage.

John Hopkins was informed of my data-gathering research and
investigations, in which I concluded that the UFO sightings were
explainable as these flares he references. In my analysis of
this incident, I found it necessary to address these reports
conflicting with the ‘flare explanation’ so that my report could
be factually accurate and objective, and I am troubled that such
concern for accuracy was not apparent in the article. The
apparent skew this article conveys and usage of my research
without proper attribution is grossly unethical and in
remarkably poor taste.

Our skies are full of misunderstanding, mystery, and yes,
perhaps even conspiracy. The Cincinnati Enquirer would do well
to conduct proper and objective reportage of such unusual
happenings so that we may have an informed populace.


Cincinnati, OH
UFO Research