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P1947: NY Blackout

From: Francis Ridge <slk@EVANSVILLE.NET>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 10:14:15 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 01:04:51 -0400
Subject: P1947: NY Blackout

Re: New York blackout/great NE power grid failure
    [November 9, 1965]

Hi Folks,

Here's the portion of the Dr. James E. McDonald statement,
excerpted from testimony before the House Committee on Science &
Astronautics, July 29, 1968.

I will be posting a UFO vs. Outages graph later this morning.

Francis Ridge NICAP Site Coordinator


Mr. Ryan: Let me ask a further question: In the course of your
investigation and your study of UFO sightings, have you found
any cases where contemporaneously with the sighting of UFO's
allegedly, there were any other events which took place, which
might or might not be related to the UFO's?

Dr. McDonald. Yes. Certainly there are many physical effects.
For instance, in Mr. Pettis' district, several people found the
fillings in their mouth hurting while this object was nearby,
but there are car ignition failure. One famous case was at
Levelland, Tex., in 1957. Ten vehicles were stopped within a
short area, all independently in a 2-hour period, near
Levelland, Tex. There was no lightning or thunder storm, and
only a trace of rain. There is another which I don't know
whether to bring to the committee's attention or not. The
evidence is not as conclusive as the car stopping phenomenon,
hut there are too many instances for me to ignore. UFO's have
often been seen hovering near power facilities. There are a
small number but still a little too many to seem pure fortuitous
chance, of system outages, coincident with the UFO sighting. One
of the cases was Tamaroa, Ill. Another was a case in
Shelbyville, Ky., early last year.

(here we go)

Even the famous one, the New York blackout, involved UFO
sightings. Dr. Hynek probably would be the most appropriate man
to describe the Manhattan sighting, since he interviewed several
witnesses involved. I interviewed a woman in Seacliff, N.Y. She
saw a disk hovering and going up and down. And then shooting
away from New York just after the power failure. I went to the
FPC for data, they didn't take them seriously although they had
many dozens of sighting reports for that famous evening. There
were reports all over New England in the midst of that blackout,
and five witnesses near Syracuse, N.Y., saw a glowing object
ascending within about a minute of the blackout. First they
thought it was a dump burning right at the moment the lights
went out. It is rather puzzling that the pulse of current that
tripped the relay at the Ontario Hydro Commission plant has
never been identified, but initially the tentative suspicion was
centered on the Clay Substation of the Niagara Mohawk network
right there in the Syracuse area, where unidentified aerial
phenomenon has been seen by some of the witnesses.

This extends down to the limit of single houses losing their
power when a UFO is near. The hypothesis in the case of car
stopping is that there might be high magnetic fields, d.c.
fields, which saturate the core and thus prevent the pulses
going through the system to the other side. Just how a UFO could
trigger an outage on a large power network is however not yet
clear. But this is a disturbing series of coincidences that I
think warrant much more attention than they have so far

Mr. Ryan. As far as you know, has any agency investigated the
New York blackout in relation to UFO?

Dr. McDonald. None at all. when I spoke to the FPC people, I was
dissatisfied with the amount of information I could gain. I am
saying there is a puzzling and slightly disturbing coincidence
here. I'm not going on record as saying, yes, these are
clear-cut cause and effect relations. I'm saying it ought to be
looked at. There is no one looking at this relation between
UFO's and outages.

Mr. Roush: Our time is really running short, Mr. Ryan.

Mr. Ryan: One final question. Do you think it is imperative that
the Federal Power Conmussion, or Federal Communications
Commission, investigate the relation if any between the
sightings and the blackout?

Dr. McDonald: My position would call for a somewhat weaker
adjective. I'd say extremely desirable.

Mr. Roush: Thank you. Thank you, Dr. McDonald.

(Dr. McDonald's testimony is noteworthy because of its
directness and force. He considers the extraterrestrial
hypothesis the most likely explanation of the phenomena. On
examining the best UFO evidence, it is certainly possible to
rule out practically every other hypothesis, and it is on this
basis that Dr. McDonald and others lean toward the theory that
we are undergoing surveillance from intelligently guided craft
from extraterrestrial sources.)