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HEATWAVE '98 - British UFO Studies Centre

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Subject: HEATWAVE '98 - British UFO Studies Centre

From: Tim Matthews <matthews@zetnet.co.uk>
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Subject: BUFOSC - HEATWAVE '98
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 10:51:44 +0100

Hello all!

Welcome to HEATWAVE '98 - the warm message of Summer love and
affection from the British UFO Studies Centre.




Welsh researcher and Editor of the popular 'Truthseekers Review'
magazine Matthew Williams (truthseekers@btinternet.com) has
filmed some potentially amazing video footage in Wiltshire. Last
week, armed with video camera and accompanied by a colleague,
Williams filmed around five minutes of video footage; just under
two minutes of footage of a military helicopter (Westland Lynx)
flying low and hovering near Milk Hill, footage of this
helicopter chasing what appeared to be a ball of white light
under intelligent control and three minutes of a cigar-shaped
object overhead!!

There seems little doubt that the helicopter was chasing the
object. Whether the h/c pilot knew of the existence of the
cigar-like object is unclear but the h/c did hover menacingly
over Williams' head - around 20ft - for some time. This clear
attempt at intimidation breaks all known low flying protocol.

So what is going on? Can this be a series of coincidental
events, unconnected in any way?

Does the military have knowledge about the crop circles
appearing in nearby fields?

And who killed Kenny?

Editor of  'The Circular Review' Nick Nicholson reports that 40
formations have been reported this Summer in Wiltshire alone.
Many of these have been poor fakes although some appear to be
well-formed. BUFOSC and friends will be down in Wiltshire from
26th July........Join us. Contact us NOW for details.

Well done Matthew and Nick!


Did you know that the year 2,000 divided by 3=3D 666? No? Neither
did we and perhaps somebody will be kind enough to point out the
relevance of this fact...Neither Eric or I are given to reading
'Revelations' Chapter anything.......


Meanwhile, back in the weird and wonderful world of Ufology
attempts to stifle the publication of my forthcoming book
entitled 'UFO Revelation' have failed miserably. The same people
involved in this pathetic attempt are no doubt in close contact
with the people who sabotaged Eric Morris's car only hours
before we were due to travel to Sheffield yesterday (14th July)
to address the excellent Yorkshire UFO Society.

A very serious and potentially fatal accident was narrowly

The circumstances are as follows; the crime was committed at
Eric's place of work. 'Inside' knowledge that the work car park
video camera was operational but that no tape was being used to
record events was vital to the commission of the crime. There is
no history of vandalism or car theft at the location in question
and only ONE person with this information could have committed
the crime.  This person is also the one behind the libelous
'SHADOW' leaflets circulated at the back end of last year and in
early 1998. We believe that this specimen has had the support of
three other prominent Ufologists, one of them a prominent
Midlands UFO groupie, and that they are for whatever reason
desperate to halt our progress and to stop our research into
man-made UFOs. We also suspect very strongly, and based upon a
great deal of information provided by decent people close to
this gang of wasters, that they are desperate to attack Eric
Morris for reviewing his position on Close Encounters....

This information is being passed to the local CID.


As you may know by now, Eric is a qualified and Registered SEN
who has worked for many years as a Psychiatric Nurse. He spent
two years running the 'Abduction Research and Counselling
Centre' from 1994 and he gained quite a bit of publicity as a
result of this bold effort. He concluded, after a great deal of
research and having met several dozen 'experiencers', that in
all but a two cases nothing real (at least not abduction by
aliens whereby 'victims' are taken onboard a 'spaceship',
examined, experimented upon and returned to their point of
origin) took place. This does not mean that we have ruled out
psychological factors or that close encounterers do not think
that something has happened to them. What we are saying is that
the powerful imagery - the 'alien Grey' - put into people's
minds by Whitley Strieber, Bud Hopkins in concert with a wealth
of alien magazines has combined to create an abduction

The 'typical abduction scenario' is described by many authors
including Dr. David Jacobs and it is very similar to that which
I noted above. Jacobs' new book is titled "The Threat". We
venture to suggest that the biggest threat of all is to people's
sanity - from books like this with a neo-Gothic nightmare
scenario almost entirely constructed as a result of dodgy
hypnosis. We have spoken to many claimed experiencers and the
number of times that we have found them to have a long history
of medical, mental problems or subject to the use of
particularly strong medication never ceases to amaze.

And then there is some fascinating research, also the target for
smear and attack from certain of the sadder elements within
Ufology, undertaken by Albert Budden that strongly indicates
some sort of sensitivity to strong electromagnetic fields. I
remember reading an article in a scientific magazine recently
about the risk of cancer for those people living near power
lines. So it is more than conceivable that strange things result
from this most powerful symbol of modern technology.......

The saddest thing of all is that if more serious scientists
decided to look into these claims Ufology would be left behind
with little or no scientific information to impart. Ufology
would be left behind and out-maneuevered......


Paul McKenna, the well-known stage hypnotist and paranormal
presenter, has, it is claimed, managed to turn a perfectly
well-adjusted man into something approaching a gibbering idiot.
The case has been reported in most of the major newspapers in
the UK this week.

If anyone out there still believes that hypnosis is a good
thing, then perhaps they should think again - if they have the
capacity to do so.........

Over in the USA, the debate about regression continues with
further revelations of bad practice and misuse of hypnosis. This
must indeed be music to Kevin McClure's ears. Although we
strongly disagree with his take on German flying saucers his
expose of the many charlatans and lunatics within  Ufology has
been very important indeed. A still small voice of calm in a sea
of paranoia and deceit. McClure's 'Abduction Watch' is available

3 Claremont Terrace,
Leeds LS3 1AX.
United Kingdom
=A310 for 12 issues......

Back issues are available to view at the 'Magonia' website.


We discovered a very amusing and informative website last week;


Try working out what the guy is talking about and you get
instant passage to heaven.....


Max Burns and Victor Keen appear to share rather alot of common
ground although Max has difficulty constructing sentences and
spelling simple words properly.

Their latest miserable attempts to put forward their belief that
flying triangle 'UFOs' are of 'ET origin' defy belief and common
sense but highlight a much bigger problem for Ufology......

'Ufology' appears to be little more than a religious position
based upon myth. Serious scientific and/or research-based
efforts, for instance Project Hessdalen, the investigations into
the myriad of problems associated with hypnosis and the efforts
by some of us to penetrate the web of deceit around black
projects have little to do with 'Ufology' per se although they
may affect the UFO 'research' community in certain ways.

Keen and co seem to feel that any old sighting will do - three
lights seen by witnesses does not mean 'triangular UFO'. Most of
these ' Triangular UFO sightings' relate to misidentifications
or aircraft lights. Max Burns and Keen are wholly unaware, or
refuse to understand, that flying wing/delta aircraft have been
developed from the 1930s. Therefore, Keen's latest 'discovery'
of a 'flying wing report from 1948' is wholly irrelevant
especially given that this was seen over London and that the UK
had been testing captured flying wing aircraft and building her

For instance, I have some very interesting early schematics for
the AVRO Vulcan (1949 I think...) which show a straight-edged
triangular planform. Even more interestingly I note from a
recent history of the AVRO company that early test flights of
the Vulcan bomber resulted in UFOs being reported to local
police.....AND it was light-coloured....as were most a/c back

It is also the case, on a more general note, that triangle
sightings are not restricted to the USA or Europe. It is
fascinating to now hear of reports over Korea, Japan and Central
America - all these are places of vital strategic interest, and
potential troublespots as far as the US is concerned...

As far as the Belgium flap of 1989/90 is concerned I note that
neither Keen, Burns nor Omar Fowler (who appears to have a
marsupial relationship with Keen and Burns) have had the guts to
admit that there was/is no correlation between the faulty radar
returns showing a 'UFO' falling thousands of feet in a few
seconds and the triangles seen operating in near silence at low
level. They also fail to admit that the pilots of the 2 F-16s
sent to intercept the 'UFO' never made visual contact.........

I have found that a radical re-investigation of several cases,
Hudson Valley is one, suggests that we are dealing with bad
investigative techniques combined with pro-alien fantasy. For
instance, despite only receiving 19 so-called 'abduction'
reports out of thousands during early attempts to research the
Hudson Valley boomerang sightings, Imbrogno and Co decided that
the triangles were part of an 'alien-human breeding programme
run in cooperation with the CIA'. Check out his book 'Contact of
the Fifth Kind' if you don't believe me.......In addition, Bud
Hopkins was called in at the earliest moment, mid-1984, to
hypnotically regress some of these 'abductees'. His regression
'proved' the link between the triangles and abductions. NOT.

Later, Imbrogno claimed that triangles sightings had been
reported by local people almost exclusively between 8-12pm
whereas the 'abductions' took place between 2-4am.

Therefore he destroys his own argument. There was/is NO

Now I shall let you into a secret.

Some of the triangles operate from a military facility in New
York State........


We now hold regular meetings at the Saracen's Head Pub in
Stockton Heath, Warrington. The town itself has a history of
triangular UFO activity (the real stuff) going back to at least
1978/9. At that time RAF Burtonwood, now closed down (but you
can get to see the massive underground base there if you know
the right people) was the focal point for the flights of
classified triangular prototypes......The U2 also operated from
the base. Nuclear weapons were said by CND to be housed there
but this was just a bit of fiendish govt propaganda.

Nowadays triangles are reported throughout Cheshire. Many
sightings are misidentifications - major routes into Manchester
Airport etc. - although some are clearly evidence of Most Secret
goings on. Recent sightings over Stockton Heath, Glazebury,
Cuddington, Daresbury and the Mersey Estuary have been reported
to BUFOSC. In the case of the Cuddington sighting we
received a detailed report and sketch.....


21st July      - Southport monthly meeting.

26th July      - trip to South West for general hellraising.

4th August     - meeting at RAF Club, Northwich.

6th August     - meeting at Saracen's Head, Warrington.

29th August    - International Skywatch Event, West Lancs.

12th September - BUFOSC Conference in Midlands.....Eric Morris,
Tim Matthews, Steve Austin to speak. Admission just =A33 - full
big screen overhead and video projection. Ample parking
facilities, refreshments available. Start at 10am - finish 4pm.

British UFO Studies Centre,
78 Greenall Rd, Northwich,
Cheshire CW9 5RN.

Tel (01606) 330567

Email bulletin; Tim Matthews; matthews@zetnet.co.uk

D of I; Eric Morris; bufosc@compuserve.com