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UFOR: Chupacabra Update

From: Francisco Lopez - UFOR <d005734c@dc.seflin.org>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 11:18:07 -0400 (EDT)
Fwd Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 16:23:07 -0400
Subject: UFOR: Chupacabra Update

Maybe the best direct source for information regarding the
Chupacabras is Journalist and UFO Researcher Jorge Martin at
jmartin@coqui.net, also, author Scott Corrales at Lornis@aol.com

Martin, with veterinarian Dr. Carlos Soto, even took samples of
blood, hair and other material, which were sent to private
labs in the USA mainland, although the samples had pollution from
ground and bacteria and the results, although of extreme
interest (they were not consistent with the chemistry of any
known life form in earth), are not taken as conclusive because of
the ground contamination.

He interviewed a military man (and checked his 214) who was in a
base near Roswell, where a couple of Chupas were held in capture
near two greys. The Chupas, according to the officer (and in
consistency with the reports in Puerto Rico, Brazil and other
parts) seems to be intelligent and very selective.

(Although far fetched, is interesting to note that an air squad
based in that base, has as the group name 'The Goat Suckers"
[ref. UFO Magazine, UK].

Many point the beginning of the Chupa crisis in Puerto Rico to a
landing of a saucer in the Town of Barranquitas in the center of
the island, near a radio station. Magnetic perturbations were
noted in all the electronic equipment and the communications
were disrupted. More than a thousand witnessed the event and
several Chupacabras were seen abandoning the ship. (Other
witnesses in the El Yunque Rain Forest area [including police
officers] informed seen a saucer type craft taking Chupas).

Both Martin and Corrales wrote excellent books on this