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Second Interview with Eve Lorgen

From: Patricia Mason <pmason@ee.net>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 15:29:07 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 16:28:37 -0400
Subject: Second Interview with Eve Lorgen

Hi All,

My second interview with Eve Lorgen has been added to UNUSUAL


It is included below. I feel the most important thing to keep in
mind here is that not only are detracting efforts being
perpetrated by people to hinder us from getting at the truth,
the aliens also appear to be doing their part to prevent
experiencers from assisting us.

All the best,




Beyond The Unexplained with Eve Frances Lorgen

UR (Unusual Research): Let's review. What sort of research you
do and what are your credentials?

EFL (Eve Frances Lorgen): Most of my work involves counseling
and researching alien abduction cases. I hold a regular support
group for experiencers and abductees in the North San Diego
county area of California and also moderate an online abductees
only Internet mailing list.

I am a freelance journalist and involved in a number of book
projects related to my research. My degrees are in Biochemistry
(BS) and Counseling Psychology (MA).

UR :What aspects of the alien abduction phenomena do you focus

EFL: Primarily, support and research into the cases which yield
useful information or any kinds of evidence of alien contact.
For instance the fluorescence residue "light markings" observed
post-abduction (see paper "Underneath the Skin"). These
fluorescence markings are believed to be caused by the alien
handlers where they touched the abductee.

Another aspect of interest is the medical and anomalous health
issues that many abductees share. Most are in the area of
gynecological problems, missing pregnancies, tubal and fibroid
scarring, irregular menses and unusual discharges post
abduction. Migraine headaches and miscellaneous allergies are
very common. For example procaine allergy, allergies to
antibiotics, the sun, various drugs and even foods, and a whole
host of inexplicable autoimmune disorders, especially in the
realm of skin rashes. Endocrine abnormalities are also common,
especially thyroid conditions. Sleep disorders, anxieties and
phobias. Most prominent is the tendency for psychic abilities
and unusual mental abilities. For example photographic memory,
high IQ's.

One of my primary questions here is to be able to determine if
these health anomalies are primary or secondary effects of
abductions, or if these are newly acquired genetic differences.

UR: What about alien implants? What are they, where are they
usually found and what do they do?

EFL: Implants or anomalous objects have been found in several
abductees' bodies and even surgically removed. Common areas are
nasal area, inner and outer ear, back of the neck, lower legs,
hands and feet, and sexual organs (mostly Dr. Leir's and Derrel
Sims' research). I think implants are more than simple tracking
devices, or transceivers and transponders . In fact, in five of
the seven individuals who had their implants removed, all of
them had encounters sometime following the implant removal. Four
of them felt a mental and mood lift improvement after the
implants were taken out. Two women who had similar types of
non-metallic implants had similar reactions several months after
the implant was removed, a red, stinging pain and discomfort
shooting down their legs, from the scar incision site. One had a
dramatic diuretic effect after the implant was removed and
became ill for about a month. Then she recovered with greater
mental clarity and vigor. Most of implantees noticed paranormal
or unusual events just prior to and after their surgeries. Many
felt like they were being watched and were being deterred from
one event or another from getting their surgeries. This
detracting effect seems to be perpetrated behind the alien
intelligence to keep abductees away from obtaining evidence (see
paper "After Effects of Implant Removals").

UR: What do you mean by "detracting efforts" of the aliens?

EFL: One of the first things I observed when working with
abductees is the influence the aliens seem to have over their
lives, whether they know it or not. This was evidenced by the
things and unusual coincidences that happen before and after
abductees go to support groups, visit researchers and after
abductions. For example, an abductee will want to go to a
support group meeting and look into UFO research to discover
their own memories and experiences. This behavior and attitude
seems to set off a series of insidious detracting efforts or
even blatant spiritual warfare tactics to keep the abductee or
researcher from getting valuable information or evidence of
alien abductions. The abductee may be suddenly struck ill, like
a migraine, chest pains or odd flu like illnesses that
perpetually keeps them away from support groups. Or a spirit
guide will tell the abductee not to read a certain book, see a
certain researcher, etc. Sometimes the person will get abducted
the night or two before a conference, support group or
therapist's appointment and they will not recall the abduction.
The only thing they will feel is extreme anxiety about going to
the researcher, and an uncomfortable feeling that "they are not
supposed to talk" to anyone or they will get into trouble. It
has been discovered later through hypnotic regression that the
abductee was given a suggestion by the aliens to not see a
therapist or support group, etc.

Another example is an abductee will go into a bookstore intent
on getting a specific UFO book. Then once they enter the store,
they get a violent headache and have to leave. Or they have no
problem reading a positive benevolent extraterrestrial theory
book replete with channeled messages from cosmic space brothers,
and consciousness raising propaganda. But if they read something
like a scientific book on abductions or the more hard core
deception uncovering books like David Jacobs, The Threat or Dr.
Karla Turners book Masquerade of Angels, then the abductee may
suddenly go to sleep and not be able to read the book.

UR: How do the aliens control these abductees? Can this be
related to the implants?

EFL: It is very possible implants can influence the abductee's
health, moods and even thoughts. This is based on some of the
scientific results of the implant surgeries, combined with keen
observation of abductees after abductions where they recall a
new anomalous object inserted into their bodies. The implants
were discovered to have nerve proprioceptors of the wrong type
around the implant, suggesting a connection to the nervous
system. If the nervous system is connected to these objects,
then this alone can suggest alteration of neurotransmitters and
endocrine function, theoretically.

Also, abductees I've interviewed who, after an abduction where
an object was inserted sometimes in the back of the neck, wrist,
hand, and many locations, will suddenly have no dream recall
after this event. Whereas usually they had good recall of

An appearance of an implant sometimes will happen right after
the abductee goes to a researcher to explore memories. Or one
case, where the abductee had recall of horrific underground base
memories of human processing plant operations, called to tell
me, then after a short period of time, she got abducted again,
and dream recall became a blank, along with any other abduction

UR: What do you mean by spiritual warfare tactics?

EFL: I believe that the aliens or the intelligence acting
behind them is working on a spiritual level to affect the
abductee. Most of the warfare tactics can be observed when the
abductee seeks out information on abductions, UFOs and their own
memories. This happens by steering the abductee into psychic
readings, channellers, and many New Age ideologies that draw
them away from hard facts. For example, they may be led into
finding their spirit guides, past life therapy, psychic
readings, etc. This information can be nothing more than alien
"spiritual disinformation" to keep the abductee away from
getting hypnotic regressions or critical thinking. I've had
abductees tell me they received telepathic messages to not do
regressions, or instead do psychic readings or see channellers
who throw a positive spin on alien contact. I've seen the
abductee get thrown from crises to crises or a series of dramas
that keep them detracted from getting to core issues related to
a life time of abductions. Often they will have an addiction

Also, it can be evidenced by the retaliatory behaviors of the
aliens on abductees who start speaking out publicly, rather than
promoting alien propaganda. (They are here to save us, raise our
consciousness, spread peace and light, etc.)

I personally have found prayer and reading scripture with faith
in Jesus Christ's name to be a powerful tool against basic
spiritual warfare, and also alien intrusions.

UR: Can you give an example of how aliens manipulate our lives?

EFL: A good example is what I term "Alien Orchestrated Human
Bonding Dramas". What happens is that the aliens will abduct a
person, then bond them together emotionally, sexually and
psychically to another abductee. Sometimes this bonding begins
in childhood. Later in life when the two targeted partners meet,
they may suddenly fall in love and have an instant sense of
recognition and profound love for one another. They may already
be married to other partners, and this creates a very painful
and difficult situation. The emotions are intense and usually
one falls in love more than the other and is left feeling
unrequited. More often than not, one partner will recall the
abduction or previous set up, or at least a strong sense of
recognition, while the other will not. These bonding dramas set
up intense love obsessions for either partner, which in most
cases are emotionally painful and exhilarating at the same time.

Many times the abductee learns in retrospect that they were set
up to marry specific partners, possibly for the offspring they
produce. Other times, the choice of partner seems unlikely and
the abductee wonders why they are matched up with a partner who
becomes switched of from them or emotionally isolates them.

I've seen this kind of bonding drama or "Love Bite" be activated
in someone's life once they are in hot pursuit of abduction
memories or UFO research information. It's like they get hit
over the head with a love spell that throws them off for a year
or two.

The Love Bite is the title of a book I am co-authoring with
Barbara Bartholic, an abductions researcher from Oklahoma.
Basically it is about Alien Orchestrated Human Bonding Dramas,
Relationship Manipulations, Love Obsessions and Spiritual
Warfare tactics perpetrated on human abductees.

UR: Do people report positive and uplifting experiences with
the bonding and matchmaking dramas?

EFL: Yes. For those who have had the experience of being bonded
to another individual, there is no other love so strong and
unconditional as the love they feel for this targeted partner.
It is an exhilarating high because the love is so strong and
seems to unleash powerful emotions and creative energies. During
these intense emotional highs, a whole variety of psychic and
paranormal things happen to the bonded couple. The part that is
painful is that the aliens don't seem to have any moral
considerations for the matched individuals, whether they are
married to other partners or not. These strong bondings can
create marital infidelity, divorce, depression, and emotional

UR: What kinds of aliens are abducting people and doing these
bonding scenarios?

EFL: Most abductees report the grey aliens, the small 3-5 ft.
ones. A significant number of abductees I've worked with had
reptilian encounters, or a combination of greys, reptilians and
human military type of people. Other aliens reported are the
small dark robed ones, tall black robed ones with glowing red
eyes, insectoids, tall pale thin ones, Nordic types, and tall
ones wearing diaphanous robes. The Greys seem to be the main
work force. The reptilians have a lot of power and control over
the Greys and have been observed to use intimidation and fear
tactics of control. In fact, the reptilians may be behind much
more alien activity than we even imagined. This is what
researchers like Barbara Bartholic and James Bartley have
discovered in their work.

UR: What about underground bases? Are our own people involved
with the aliens?

EFL: I've had several abductees report being taken to
underground facilities where alien greys, human military or
white lab-coated people work, and also reptilians. These kinds
of abductions seem to involve a human element as well. I've had
several abductees recall joint abductions or mutually shared
dreams and virtual reality scenarios that they believe took
place in underground bases. Often these abductees report
surveillance activities, phone tapping clicks, tones, black
helicopters, indirect threats, etc.

UR: What can abductees do to cope, avoid abductions and get out
of the victim mentality?

EFL: The first thing abductees should do is to find support or
like minded individuals who they can freely share experiences
with. Secret keeping behavior of multigenerational abductions
causes dysfunctional family patterns and emotional isolation.
Get out of emotional isolation and talk, read, write and
correspond with as many others to get a wide view of the
phenomena. As much as the abductee/experiencer would like, do
not use a single personal experience to determine the truth of
the abduction phenomena. Get to the information where you can
observe the numbers of abduction reports from many different

Knowledge is power. Freedom comes from getting out of the bonds
of imposed ignorance. Avoid information that sounds too good to
be true or those that make you feel important, special or "feel
good" theories. Some abductees have been able to resist
abductions through prayer or other mental disciplines. Learn
healthy coping skills and communication skills, overcome
addictions. Counseling and hypnosis and prayer are useful. Learn
lucid dreaming for enhanced dream and abduction recall.

For me, prayer and counseling has been the most useful. Also
getting the right information has saved me years worth of
suffering and misery! Talk, talk, and talk!

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