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Kevin McClure and Nazi UFOs

From: Jack Veach <pinegap@flash.net>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 17:38:39 -0500
Fwd Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 08:31:17 -0400
Subject: Kevin McClure and Nazi UFOs

Mr. McClure makes some very positive statements debunking a
great deal of untruths about Nazi UFOs, however I would like to
offer him a website and an email whereby he might find more
information about Mr. Renato Vesco.

I am a member of Vanguard Science, not Vangard Science, as he
has listed. This is a civilian group of folk, here in the
Dallas-Ft. Worth TX area that are open-minded about the verity
of science and have taken it upon ourselves to study Tesla,
Keely, and a host of others we feel have been given the
short-end of the stick with respect to technology and
applications thereof.

Mr. Jerry Decker and Mr. Churck Henderson could much better
avail you of information about Mr. Vesco and his work. I
personally had an English translation of one of his works I gave
away about ten years ago pursuant the German V-7.

My father and his C.O. both saw Foo Fighters over Europe during
WWII, so that much is real. Neither my dad or Col. Lasly knew
anything about UFOs, nor had any interest in them. What they did
say was that between the Foo Fighters and the Me-262s they
encountered, they felt they would be killed before the war was
over in Europe.

You may, if you so endeavour, pass this on to Mr. McClure as I
found this posting on an international UFO site somewhere: he
may contact jdecker@keelynet.com and/or chenders@keelynet.com or
take a gander at the site itself, keelynet@ix.netcom.com.

I hope that will clear some things up for Mr. McClure with
respect to Vanguard Science and Mr. Vesco and hopefully all of
us can clear the riddle of the Nazi UFOs from all the smoke and
mirrors that unfortunately come to the fore on something of this

Yours truly,

Jack Veach