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Re: HEATWAVE '98 - British UFO Studies Centre

From: Rory Lushman <PHUFON@compuserve.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 06:27:00 -0400
Fwd Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 10:13:44 -0400
Subject: Re: HEATWAVE '98 - British UFO Studies Centre

>Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 09:16:07 +0000
>From: Philip Mantle <el51@dial.pipex.com>
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>Subject: BUFOSC - HEATWAVE '98

>From: Tim Matthews <matthews@zetnet.co.uk
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>Subject: BUFOSC - HEATWAVE '98
>Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 10:51:44 +0100

>Hello all!

>Welcome to HEATWAVE '98 - the warm message of Summer love and
>affection from the British UFO Studies Centre.


>Meanwhile, back in the weird and wonderful world of Ufology
>attempts to stifle the publication of my forthcoming book
>entitled 'UFO Revelation' have failed miserably. The same people
>involved in this pathetic attempt are no doubt in close contact
>with the people who sabotaged Eric Morris's car only hours
>before we were due to travel to Sheffield yesterday (14th July)
>to address the excellent Yorkshire UFO Society.

>A very serious and potentially fatal accident was narrowly

>The circumstances are as follows; the crime was committed at
>Eric's place of work. 'Inside' knowledge that the work car park
>video camera was operational but that no tape was being used to
>record events was vital to the commission of the crime. There is
>no history of vandalism or car theft at the location in question
>and only ONE person with this information could have committed
>the crime.  This person is also the one behind the libelous
>'SHADOW' leaflets circulated at the back end of last year and in
>early 1998. We believe that this specimen has had the support of
>three other prominent Ufologists, one of them a prominent
>Midlands UFO groupie, and that they are for whatever reason
>desperate to halt our progress and to stop our research into
>man-made UFOs. We also suspect very strongly, and based upon a
>great deal of information provided by decent people close to
>this gang of wasters, that they are desperate to attack Eric
>Morris for reviewing his position on Close Encounters....

>This information is being passed to the local CID.

Dear All,

It is important that the the real facts about Eric's car are
told. A phrase that Tim Matthews likes to use is "potentially
libelous" and this statement is not potentially, it is libelous.

Basically, Tim and Eric are accusing me of this. Firstly lets
get some truths exposed. Tim has only been to Gatley where Eric
and I work a couple of times. As for the statement that there is
no history of car crime at the location is totally untrue. Only
days before Eric had reported on two separate occasions,
undesirables looking around our car park and one of them had
stuck two fingers up at Eric. They actually broke into one car
and slashed another.

The police came and they knew the occupants of the car. We have
the registration number of the car. Tim, please feel free to
check all this with the police before you spout off about
something you have no reliable information on.

This also proves that car thieves will still try to steal from
cars, even though there is a camera there. The camera system has
NEVER had recording facilities on. Also Eric had conveniently
parked his car at the bottom end of the car park, in a blind
spot. This particular area is hidden by a fire escape. Eric
usually moves his car to the front end of the car park, yet on
this night chose not to.

Eric had reported to me, someone in a grey car, driving around
the car park, taking down vehicle registrations. This was the
very night he got his car vandalised.

Sadly there are quite a number of break in crimes on the car
park. I will gladly ask Stockport police to prove that car crime
is a regular event. Eric is well aware of this and I will
contact the police to prove that Eric actually spoke to the
police. If anybody wants to check thefts etc. from our car
park,, then please call Stockport police....let's see who is
telling the truth.

Isn't it funny how Eric's car got vandalised, the night he
decided to give his notice. He claims he left the car park on
Monday night, then realised he'd forgot to give his notice, so
he reversed, and posted his notice through our letter box at
work. The person who ( if any ) broke into his car must have
been psychic or this is a spooky coincidence. I was on my day
off Tuesday and did not find out until Wednesday that he'd given
his notice, am I psychic?

Now funnily enough, I had forgot my house keys and turned around
to go back for them, yet I did not see Eric reversing up the car
park, to post his notice.

Eric rang me on Wednesday morning and said he'd had problems
with his car on the way home but had topped it up. So he was
aware of the problem before he set off to Sheffield, yet he
still went. He claims the car set on fire, on the way back from
the meeting. The police were called and an ambulance to give
them oxygen.

I spoke to a Fiat dealer as Eric owns a Fiat, and they told me
the most that would happen if an engine ran out of water, would
be the cylinder head could blow. Eric, cars are fitted with a
thermostat, when the needle points to the red, it means stop or
else there will be trouble with the car. Anyone with sense would
not plough on, especially as they knew the car had been leaking
earlier in the day.

He however told a colleague, that the AA ( Automobile
Association ) was at his house on the Tuesday morning, fixing
his car. They never made a very good job of this, if it still
broke down.

It gets better. I decided to ring the police in Huddersfield and
check this claim out. The police have no log of the incident. I
have spoke to the CID and they have no record of the incident.
Eric has been saying this is attempted murder to colleagues. If
it was such a serious crime, why have the CID or SOCO,( Scenes
Of Crimes Officers ) not visited the site of the alleged attack.
The CID advised me to seek legal help and this is what I am

I have spoke to Stockport police, Northwich police and they gave
me the same answer, no incident has been reported.

Anyone of you out there, are quite welcome to check all the
above, with the various police stations.

These are the questions that need answering,

1, How does Tim know there is no car crime at our car park.

2, Which police station was the incident reported to.

3, On what date was it reported

4, What was the crime number that the police gave them.

5, Is there a log for the ambulance dashing to their mercy.
   (This is being checked)

6, Where was the car impounded for SOCO tests.

7, How did they get the car back home if it was damaged by fire.

8, Is there a log or the AA calling to fix Eric's car.

9, Why would they try to get somewhere if they knew their car
   was faulty.

Tim Matthews has tried to link me to larry O'Hara, he uses the
phrase probably. He has written and emailed other people with
this information and they have kindly sent it to me. He talks
about a smear campaign and yet writes umpteen letters trying to
get people to stop associating with us. There is no link between
me and Larry O'Hara. Try another one Tim, you've exhausted this
angle. Who is Larry O'Hara? He is someone who Tim has had a few
run ins with before Tim entered ufology. I will let Tim explain
that connection.

He says to others that our group PHUFON is too small to be a
threat, so why does he keep on about us if were are so small. He
says other groups in Lancashire are small. Obviously Tim
believes the Godzilla hype, "Size Does Matter." Does having more
members make you a better group......

This is what Eric says about the Compuserve UFO Forum. He
emailed this to a colleague.

>>Chris, I don't have enough hard drive memory to enter the
>>UFO Forum. Is there any remedy to put this right I know it's
>>a load of rubbish on it, but I would like to enter it for a
>>laugh at all these saddened ufologists who think they are
>>someone, and have a passion for allegedly going around messing
>>up car's, nearly killing the driver's and passenger's.

>>Thank you for  the e.mail message, I got it, and although I
>>am leaving the cinema, I hope you get the 'chief's' position.
>>Don't let them tread on you and take advantage, because the
>>scumbags will. I did tell Rory I thought we came worse off
>>during the summer holiday's with longer hours and same pay,
>>despite the usherette's being paid by the hour.He saifd that
>>he counteracted this by splitting up the day and us going
>>home early. Did I have 'missing time' last year?

>>I must have been bloody abducted by John Merryweather's
>>alien being's as I did not have slipt days.

>>I do hope everything works out for you, because you deserve
>>better than the cinema,  honestly, I was surprised when I
>>was offered =A3****p an hour, I can get you at least =A3* an
>>hour, plus travelling >>expenses as well. An agency I hope to
>>join pay ** per mile after the first ten miles!!!

Note:- I deleted the amounts of pay as this is personal

>>I have not heard off the law about Huddersfield tomorrow,
>>but I believe you are being called in anyway.
>>Watch your car, it could be you next, I am going to find out
>>who did my car,already I have received some phone calls naming
>>names and I am following their movements up.

>>Please let me know about the hard drive, can it be compressed
>>again? Is it games?

>>I will still use you as my consultant computer engineer and
>>advertise you.

>>see ya soon hopefully, keep taking the viagra

I challenge Eric to name the names.

Now see below what Tim puts in the original message.

>As you may know by now, Eric is a qualified and Registered SEN
>who has worked for many years as a Psychiatric Nurse. He spent
>two years running the 'Abduction Research and Counselling
>Centre' from 1994 and he gained quite a bit of publicity as a
>result of this bold effort. He concluded, after a great deal of
>research and having met several dozen 'experiencers', that in
>all but a two cases nothing real (at least not abduction by
>aliens whereby 'victims' are taken onboard a 'spaceship',
>examined, experimented upon and returned to their point of
>origin) took place.

There is nothing wrong with changing your opinion based on new
evidence. However if we take a look at Issue 7 of Eric's
magazine, INTELLIGENCE, he says this of abductions on page 9.

>>In recent months, I have met, personally over twenty people
>>who have been abducted.

In issue 8 of INTELLIGENCE, page 5, Eric writes

>>BUFOSC know from their own investigations that this is a normal
>>practice during abduction , the hybrid breeding programme and
>>subsequent bonding between mother and offspring is a common
>>practise, however cruel and callous it appears to the human

Eric enjoys nursing and I wish him well with that.

I have never tried to stifle Tim's new book, in fact I can't
wait for it to come out. Tim obviously needs to take this up
with whoever is doing it. I'm sure and I have said to Tim, that
it will be popular and if its in his usual style, it will be
well written.

I met up with Eric at work back in June and we decided that the
hostilities between ourselves should cease. We had kept our end
of the deal, yet still we got messages, letter and emails from
people, showing us that they had not dropped it.

I ask them to prove their accusations. I am ready to go to court
over this and other incidents, are they?

Either put up, or shut up.

So, the choice is theirs, carry on with this line of attack and
I will take it further, or drop it. We will get off your case
and you get off ours...fair enough.

I intend to inform Stockport police and get them to investigate
this further.


Rory Lushman.