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New FUFOR Publications

From: Steven Kaeser <steve@konsulting.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 15:30:46 -0400
Fwd Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 22:54:52 -0400
Subject: New FUFOR Publications

At the risk of breaking into the exciting (multi-threaded)
debate that seems to have everyone's attention (please read the
previous as sarcasm), I wanted to make sure that several new
publications available through FUFOR are now available.  This
list has been compiled by comparing FUFOR's July, 1998 listing
with the list available on their WEB site (which I am in the
process of updating.  But in the interest of speed I thought I
would point them out here:

======================== Videotapes:

"Perspectives on the Abduction Phenomenon" -- An abduction panel
disucssion held at the Prince Georges Community College on 23
August 1997.  Panel members: Melanie Green, Dr. Robert Hall,
Debby Regimenti, Dr. S. Peter Resta, Susan Swiatek; 60 minutes
(VHS) -- $16.00

"The 1980 Randlesham Forest Encounter" -- A talk given by Col.
Charles I. Halt (Ret.) at Prince George's Community College on
23 August 1997 concerning his participation in the infamous
Rendlesham Forest UFO incident; 60 minutes (VHS) -- $16.00

Case Investigations:

"Colorado Probe: An Inquiry into the 1995 Salida UFO Sightings
and Videotape" by Jennie Zeidman -- These sightins garnered
considerale publicity when they occurred.  But were UFOs seen or
IFOs?  The author, a veteran investigator, here reveals her
reasons for being skeptical that any spaceships were flying
about Salidan skies; 18 pages, illus., center stapled. -- $8.00

"Aircraft/UFO Encounters: Military, Airliner, Private Pilot's
UFO Sightings from 1916 to 1997" by Dominique Weinstein -- A
tabular listing of over 900 worldwide aircraft -- UFO encounters
arranged chronologically; location, UFO description, and source
codes are included for each entry; 46 pages, stapled -- $5.00

Historical Research

"Government Policy on UFO Information: Its Origins and Status"
by Richard Hall -- This collection of essays is the first in a
series of ISSUE PAPERS to be offered by the Fund on a variety of
issues in UFO research; 89 pages. -- $18.00

"Index to the Case Files of Project Blue Book" Forward by  Don
Berliner -- This massive computerized printout of over 12,700
UFO sightings was produced by the University of Colorado UFO
study in the late-1960s; data codes associated with each
sighting can be deciphered using information provided in the
foreward; 270+ pages, perfectbound. -- $22.00

CD-ROMS & Audiotapes

"FBI & NSA FOIA Information Archive" -- A CD-ROM containing the
FOIA UFO "packets" compiled by the FBI and NSA on their web
sites, the complete Brookings Institution Study released in
1960, and the 1996 Air Force 2025 Report;  Minimum System
Requirements: Windows 95 or Windows NT (also requires
installation of Adobe Acrobat, which is included) -- $15.00

"Portage County, Ohio, UFO Chase, April 17, 1966: Quintanilla
Tape" -- A 90 minute audio cassette tape of Blue Book chief Maj.
Hector Quintanilla and NICAP investigator William Weitzel
interviewing witnesses involved in the April 1966 Portage, Ohio
UFO sighting; tape accompanied by 28 page booklet with case
summary; witness statements, and partial tape transcript. --


All items are available through the Fund for UFO Research and
for details on how they may be orderred, please visit the Fund's
web site at http://www.fufor.org for shipping costs on orderred
materials and an order form that can be printed out to make it
easier to make your request.

All profits from the sale of these items will go to help fund
research into the UFO phenomenon.

Steve Kaeser