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Re: The 'Society For Scientific Exploration' On

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Subject: Re: The 'Society For Scientific Exploration' On

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>Subject: Re: The 'Society For Scientific Exploration' On Skeptics


>>(A commentary by Bernhard Haisch, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of
>>Scientific Exploration)

>>If seeking publicity for the Society had been the purpose of
>>On the other hand the self-proclaimed skeptics attempting to
>>discredit the Report and the Society are not skeptics by this
>>dictionary definition. Their critiques virtually all consist of
>>scoffing, ridicule, ad hominem attacks, and the amazing claim
>>that their dogmatic beliefs that certain things are impossible
>>necessarily constitute laws of nature. It is a modern replay of
>>the cardinals refusing to look through Galileo's telescope.
>>because truth has already been revealed to them. I

>This should surprise no one. Any serious inquiry into the UFO
>subject, going back to day one, when it was first recognized as
>some type of unusual phenomenon, UFOs have been ridiculed. The
>debate has moved well past whether there really are lights that
>are seen in the sky. There are and they have been observed on
>the ground, in the air and on radar screens in a number of cases
>all at the same time.

>The only thing that has ever made sense, and I have been saying
>it for years is that some of these cases impact national
>security. The very item that the U.S. Military has said for
>years, that they don't do. And when national security is
>impacted, all the stops are then pulled out.

A careful reading of the early history through fall of 1948 when
General Vandenburg rejected the Estimate of the Situation shows
just how seriously the top brass considered this UFO problem. As
I demonstrated in "The UFO/FBI Connection/ the REAL X- files"
(manuscript/book recently reviewed in UFO MAGAZINE), the experts
in back-engineering enemy tecnology or "foreign technology"
worked at Wright Patterson AFB for Project Sign, Keep in mind
that they were the recognized military authorities for what they
did... technical intellgence. They studied the saucer sightings
in 1947 and 1948 and concluded that there was no logical earthly
explanation. The presented this conclusion to General
Vandenburg, Chief of Staff of the Air Force and he essentially
told them "Sorry, wrong answer." Although they had used their
best logic and analysis, and no doubt were aware of the
implications of their report (ET's or EBEs, etc.), they felt
sufficiently confident to present a report to the General. He
told the experts they were wrong.... find other answers to the
questions "What are they/where do they come from/ what are they
doing here?"

This was a "watershed event " in the history of saucers/UFOS,
because after this the only answers to these qestions that the
top brass would allow would within the following general
categories: misidentification, delusion, hoax.

One can only imagine that if Vandenburg HAD accepted the
conclusion of the Estimate, that "inteplanetary thinking" would
have developed within th military intelligence and by the 1950s
the idea of ET's flying around would have leaked out to the
general public and there would have been no 50 year cover up.

We are coming up on the 50th anniversary of that legendary
document. I propose a toast to the Ait Technical Intelligence
operatives who wrote it and suffered the ignominy of being told
"That's not the answer I want.. Give me another answer." We now
know they were right.

Vandenburg's action was the affirmation of the cover up that
(probably) started shortly after Roswell. Not only would
hardware be covered up, but also good sightings. We still live
with that legacy. So, perhaps we should also raise our glasses
high to Vandenburg as well..... for a job well done.... and to
General Ramey before him (of Roswell fame) and to General John
A. Samford after him. (Samford held the July 28, 1952 press
conference in which he called the Washington DC sightings radar
temperature inversions and all unexplained sightings he said
were natural phenomena..... BUT THIS ISN'T WHAT HIS OFFICE TOLD
THE FBI!!!.....see my book.) We have these three gentlement to
thank for the for the situation we are in.

>It should be
>obvious to anyone that has studied this for any length of time,
>that the last thing that anyone buried deep in government that
>has a handle on the secrets will want to happen, is to have a
>panel of "open minded scientists" to honestly study UFOs and
>what they "might be". And now the "open minded scientists" are
>getting a taste of the ridicule factor that we have all
>experienced, that have been chasing this subject. I was not
>surprised at all by the above events. Were you?

General Vandenburg's military cover up and the very potent
"self-cover up" (which derives from the inner depths of the
human soul that doesn't really want to know that there are
"omnipotent" creatures zooming around) have combined to create a
TRADITION that saucers/TRUFOS are trash... a "tarbaby".... a
disease. Anyone touching the subject is immediately tainted,
suspected of being somewhat "off" if not just plain loony
(unless, of course, said person loudly proclaims the party

Hence, as I see, the panel absolutely COULD NOT WOULD NOT even
admit to the liklihood that an unexplained case could be
evidence of ET. About the most they could do was to admit that
at least some sightings are difficult to explain. Can you
imagine the hoopla if they had stated the opinion that one (or
more) sightings was evidence of ET? Heavens To Betsy... the roof
would have caved in on them!! (For a similar reason, don't
expect any official government statement... )

eat, drink,
make  Mary.....uh, merry (or  what/whomever)
for tommorrow they land.