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Ohio Crop Circle Discovered: July, 1998

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Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 06:17:08 -0400
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Subject: Ohio Crop Circle Discovered: July, 1998

Paulding County Progress (Paulding, Ohio)
Wednesday, July 15, 1998, [Weekly publication]

Crop circle is discovered in county

By DENISE GEBERS Correspondent

 BROUGHTON - Wasn't it just a couple years ago, Fourth of July
weekend, that the infamous Paulding County Crop Circle hit the
scene and put our little corner of the world on the map? Seems
like once isn't enough, because there is another one!

This time, the circle was not found from the air, but by a
Grover Hill farmer harvesting wheat July 6. Brian Ruble was
combining an 18-acre field in Latty Township when he first
glimpsed the phenomena.

He said, "I saw it from a distance and didn't know what it was.
When I got closer, I could see it was a crop circle. My
8-year-old daughter has been looking for a crop circle since she
and her mom went to see the one at Arend's. I never thought I'd
find one."

He combined around it. Later he told his father and his wife,
who called landowner Georgia Price.

"I don't know what to make of it," said Price. "I don't believe
in outer space stuff. I don't know why anyone would go to this

She said her family has farmed the land 45 years and it has
never before produced such a crop.

A case of vandalism?

Sheriff Dave Harrow said his office received a report of crop
vandalism at 6:14 p.m. July 6.

He denied the existence of a crop circle in the county, although
he said the vandalism was circular in shape. He said his office
has no suspects and because the landowner did not want to press
charges, the case is closed.

Ruble said the sheriff came out July 6, compared the formation
with those in a book, declared it a hoax, and recommended they
to plow the compression under.

In spite of this, one witness said nearly 150 people were on the
scene later that evening. This circle has not been roped off and
had people inside it before experts arrived on the scene.

Samples taken for study

But, the circle was still intact over the weekend when it was
visited July 12 by Roger Sugden and Jeffrey Wilson. Both
researchers made trips to Paulding County when the first crop
circle was reported.

Sugden said he and Wilson each documented the circle and took
samples for study. Sugden took measurements, drew a field
diagram and checked electromagnetic readings (which were higher
inside the formation), before taking wheat and soil samples from
inside and outside the circle.

Samples taken by Sugden were sent to the Center for UFO Studies
(CUFOS) in Chicago at the request of John Timmerman from its
Lima office; BLT Research in Grass Lake, Mich., at the request
of biophysicist Dr. William C. Levengood; and the Mutual UFO
Network (MUFON), a Texas-based research group for which Sugden
is a field investigator. He also took aerial and ground-level

Wilson is an independent crop circle researcher from Eastern
Michigan University (EMU) in Ypsilanti, Mich., where he teaches

Similarities seen

There are many similarities between this circle and that found
two years ago in Jackson Township. Both occurred in a field of
bearded wheat, are about the same size, (this one is 92 feet in
diameter while the first was 93), each has an offset center, and
both were centered between ditches. They're only three miles
apart (by air, five by roadway). This one spins down in the
opposite direction, however.

Sugden said nodes on the plants were enlarged and stretched,
which is a good indication of an authentic formation.

He also noted a single thick stemmed dark weed, he thinks
perhaps dock, inside the circle. "It is the only thing left
standing. It's about two and a half to three feet tall. If this
was hoaxed, they wouldn't have seen the weed and it wouldn't be
standing," said Sugden.

The formation lies at the back of the field with two north-south
ditches running through it and a lot of clover growing in it.

Because of this growth, Sugden feels the circle was made in late
June or very early July. He also said the landowner told him the
house just south of the field had been struck by lightning June
27. He believes there could be a connection between the two.

Awaiting test results

Sugden doesn't believe this formation is a hoax. Wilson didn't
have an initial comment. Both are awaiting testing results for
confirmation. Sugden, who also works with UFO sightings, said
there were no UFO indicators at the site.

Two neighbors in the quiet area two, miles south of Ohio 637 on
Road 131 said they neither saw nor heard anything unusual that

The first crop circle was not hoaxed, but was caused by a type
of natural atmospheric disturbance, said Dr. Levengood. In May
1997, he released a report on his findings from crop circle
samples, taken from the Arend farm site the previous year.

The report said "the results clearly indicate that this event
was not, in fact, man-made. Instead, the findings support Dr.
Levengood's theory that very complex, turbulent,
thermodynamically unstable atmospheric energy systems are the
causative agents ... it is clear that both heat and
electromagnetic components were present, of the type that would
be expected in association with a highly-charged plasma vortex."



This article is courtesy of Mr. Jerry Hamm, researcher from
Napoleon, Ohio, regarding a recent Crop Circle supposedly
located in Paulding, Ohio. One may recall the crop circle found
in this vicinity in July of 1996 which made national headlines,
and happening during a spate of UFO sightings through the
Ohio/Indiana areas timed conveniently with the hype surrounding
the opening of the Independence Day movie.

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