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UK Crop Circle Conference

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Subject: UK Crop Circle Conference

From The BBC.





Saturday, July 18, 1998 Published at 13:11 GMT 14:11 UK


Unravelling crop circles

(Image: Crop circles: stunning designs)

(Audio: Clinton Rodgers reports)

A conference is being organised in the West Country in Britain
to try to make sense of one of the great untold mysteries of our
time - crop circles.

Experts from all over the world are meeting near Pewsey in
Wiltshire to study the phenomenon that has baffled science for

(Audio: Crop circle enthusiast Rod Bearcloud: Historical

Many people claim crop circles are really elaborate hoaxes. But
those attending the conference say that is a cynical view based
on ignorance.

The organisers do not believe the conference will provide all
the answers, but see it as a useful exchange of views among
those who believe greater forces are at work.

Fitting location

(Image: Could aliens be behind crop circles?)

The organisers could not have picked a more fitting location for
the conference. Already this year, 40 crop circles have sprung
up in fields across Wiltshire.

The West Country has long been the focal point of those in
Britain who believe that crop circles are the work of extra
terrestrial forces.

(Audio: Conference organiser Francine Blake: Greater forces at

Thousands of crop circles have been reported throughout the
world, with 90% coming from Britain. Enthusiasts say many more
go unreported.

Hoax claim

In 1991 two landscape painters, David Chorley, 62, and Douglas
Bower, 67, claimed they were behind the phenomenon. They said
they conceived their hoax in 1978, while sitting in a pub.

The duo said that for the past 13 years they had been sneaking
around southern England at night, fashioning as many as 25 to 30
new circles each growing season.

Their efforts apparently inspired copycats. Other individuals
and groups have come forward claiming to be behind hundreds of
crop circles both in Britain and abroad.

But enthusiasts maintain crop circles are the work of forces we
do not understand.

There is a new scientific discipline based around the study of
crop circles. It is known as cereology.

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