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Meier Pictures

From: Andy Dene - A.U.R.A. <aura@telekabel2.nl>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 17:34:42 +0200
Fwd Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 07:13:03 -0400
Subject: Meier Pictures

[Apologies to Andy for the delay in posting this --ebk]

Hi People,

As promised some time ago, here's an update on the Billy Meier-case.
First of all I'd like to mention the fact that, even though he offered
to do lend a hand he never mailed me back.
A disappointing experience...

Anyway, after he and Luc Buergin came with new revelations in the Meier
case, I decided to call the Semjase Silver Star Center to see what Meier
or FiGU (as if there was a difference...) had to say about these
accusations. Here's a piece of that conversation as it took place:

A.D.:	Meier claims the Men in Black forged his photographs in
	order to discredit him, but what proof comes along to
	support this wild claims?

SSSC:	We have the contact-notes and the fact Ptaah (who only
	'appears' to Meier!) told us (sic) so!

A.D.:	So Meier NEVER created UFO-pictures himself? He has not
	now nor ever hoaxed UFO-pictures?

SSSC:	No. Not to our knowledge...No never.

A.D.:	What about the scale-models seen at the SSSC by many?"

SSSC:	Hold on... (and after a quick discussion amongst the
	FiGU-memebers:)  ...well, we don't know about that...
	There are no models used to my knowledge, never. Although
	people will never believe.."

A.D.:   What about the fact that Billy is seen purchasing helium
	before? I think that's a rather suspicious activity in
	his case...

SSSC:	Oh...you're talking about that...er..I mean...well,
	Billy admits to that, and so do we...see, we heard a lot
	about how Meier faked with helium, so we decided one day
	that we would try to make one ourselves.

The rest not worth mentioning because it was a mixture of
aggressive bashing of Korff or anyone that doesn't believe
Meier's ludicrous claims on the one hand and trying to convince
me of their "Mission". "The prophet of the New Age" as his
followers call Meier is actually planning to thank Korff and
Buergin for the free publicity, said the spokesman of the SSSC.

Have you noticed that in the conversation above there is a HUGE
contradiction: First there was claimed Meier NEVER made any fake
pictures him self. Then two questions later they practically
ADMIT he very well faked pictures!

This behaviour can be interpreted as sectarian, cult-like
behaviour only! Also we did a new analysis of a couple of
Meier-pics ALSO found on their website.(Just so the good ol'
MiB-excuse won't work this time ;-)) What we obviously noted was
the following:

Picture 200: Made taken March 8, 1976

After we enhanced the image we noted that the pixels in the
background were defiantly different from those on the
craft...rather sloppy work I'd say...but after we decided to
erase the back-ground we ALSO noticed a white edge, clearly a
result of "cut and paste"!


Picture 829: Made on march 26, 1981

Actually we didn't even really have to 'analyse' that pic. Just
a good look at it is enough to make you roll on the floor.
I'm not talking about the shape which I think would
hardly make it over the Alps, let alone out of our atmosphere.
No, but if you look at the upper side of the 'UFO' you can see
it's somewhat blurry. Strange thing is though, that the trees
which are supposed to be even FURTHER away are MUCH more IN

And if that all isn't enough, Meier still trying to manipulate
the minds of his somewhat naive  followers.

This time a MIB tried to shoot him from close range. To prove
this Meier came up with a .22 bullet stuck in a tree. Of course
Meier had no other witnesses of this "attack". In my opinion
those MIB in question must've been terrible rookies or drunk, if
they weren't capable of hitting him at an 8 meter distance!

Btw: Does anybody know the caliber of the guns the Swiss Army
has? Bet ya it's .22!

I guess it's useless wasting anymore time on Meier and his cult,
although I feel sorry for his followers who need to believe in

With Kind Regards,

Andy Denne