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P-1947: Fred Whiting on Roswell

From: Herb Taylor <HerbUFO@AOL.COM>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 11:58:21 EDT
Fwd Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 12:53:41 -0400
Subject: P-1947: Fred Whiting on Roswell

Greetings to the List:

"The Roswell case is a Cautionary Tale. It teaches us not to
believe everything you read in the newspapers or even hear from
first-hand "witnesses". It also shows that some in the UFO
field are pursing(sic) an agenda that is not necessarily
congruent with the truth".

These are not my words, though I am in complete agreement with
them. They are the words of Fred Whiting, formerly a prominent
UFO researcher held in high regard by his peers, no longer
active in ufology. For many years he played a leading role in
the Fund for UFO Research, first as a member of the Executive
Committee, and later also as the Secretary-Treasurer. He also
played a leading role in that organization's activities as it
related to the Roswell matter. Noteworthy is the fact that for
many years he held the view that Roswell was an event of
considerable importance, only to become a firm skeptic when he
realized that he had been mislead by misrepresntation and
misinterpretation of the data by persons he had believed to be
giving us the straight story. Further clarification of Fred
Whiting's current views are as follows;

"I am convinced that the debris recovered on the Brazel ranch
was from Project Mogul. This became apparent to me when Charles
Moore explained the "alien writing" on the 'I-beams' as tape
from a novelty store with flowers - exactly the description of
several people (including Mac Brazel's daughter) who handled the

"All of the sensational claims of alien bodies and craft have
come from unreliable witnesses whose testimony has been
thoroughly discredited. That some of these witnesses have been
enthusiastically supported and promoted by self-styled UFO
"investigators" is shameful. I accept some measure of blame
myself for including the testimony of Gerald Anderson in the
'Recollections of Roswell' video (although I note that he
was the ONLY Roswell witness to have taken - and passed - a
polygraph examination).

"I guess the most persuasive evidence was Glenn Dennis's story
about the nurse. He was, as you know, a very credible witness -
even though his testimony was second-hand. The fact that there
was no evidence that the nurse ever existed eventually made his
account very problematic.

"When you get right down to it, however, there never was very
much credible evidence about bodies and an extraterrestrial
craft. Only tantalizing stories told by not-very-credible
witnesses like Gerald Anderson, Frank Kauffman and Frankie Rowe,
or second-hand accounts by people who were dead ('Pappy'
Henderson and Melvin Brown, for example)."

His comments as to why he left the Fund (and ufology) are worth

"...I was becoming rather weary of both the Fund and the UFO
subject. I was spent on the Roswell case, satisfied with what we
had managed to accomplish (to initiate a congressional inquiry
that led to a definitive answer of what crashed in 1947), but
disappointed with the behavior of many in the field - including
people I had considered to be friends and colleagues.

"When it became apparent that there was a prosaic explanation
for Roswell, I was astonished to learn that a number of folks
with the Fund seemed to unwilling to accept what had become
patently obvious.

"That and their rejection of Karl Pflock as the harbinger of
this 'bad news' suggested to me that Truth had become a

Whereas Kent Jeffrey went public with his change of heart on
Roswell, Fred Whiting chose to take a low profile. It is most
important that his succinct views on Roswell are now on the

Regards, Herb Taylor