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UFO*BC - Naval Report 1922

From: Bill Oliver - UFO*BC <boliver@direct.ca>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 22:03:06 -0700
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Subject: UFO*BC - Naval Report 1922

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Enclosed is a copy of an article by Admiral R.E.S.Bidwell Royal
Canadian Navy which was printed in the official R.C.N. Magazine
"Crowsnest" in June 1952 [Vo1.4 NO.8].

Admiral Bidwell was the Admiral commanding the Atlantic Naval
Forces at the time of this printing. I knew the Admiral and can
vouch for the fact that he was a serious minded and thoroughly
proficient officer.

Admiral Bidwell is now dead but thankfully he has left us with a
record of his sighting of an UFO.

Yours sincerely,
George R. MacFarlane


Flying Saucers

The other day I picked up from a news stand a book called "The
Flying Saucers Are Real", which gave numerous highly
authenticated stories of the appearance and behaviour of these

I suddenly remembered having seen, many years ago, something
which might well have been a flying saucer (if these exist) and
I not only saw it but made a record of it in my Midshipman's

I was a Sub-Lieutenant at the time, hut I continued to write up
my log, though it was considerably more informal than in the
days when it had to be inspected weekly by the "Snotties'
Nurse." Here is the entry, verbatim, written in faded ink and

H.M.C.S. Aurora Dominica to Barbados January 6th, 1922.

'We sailed in the evening and I kept the first watch (traded
with H. for the morning). Extraordinary incident took place at
10 p.m. when we were just off the North West corner of
Martinique. A brilliant green light appeared on port bow. Looked
quite close and was moving rapidly astern. It went out, came on
again, and then finally went out. Its movement was quite even,
not in a trajectory, but level. I can't explain it.

I can well remember this incident. The green light in question
looked to be the size of a soccer football and was about 500
feet up in the air, travelling very rapidly in level flight. My
immediate reaction was that it must be a rocket or star shell
(it looked far too close to be a shooting star) but I
immediately realized that had it been either of these it would
be moving in a trajectory

I recollect turning to my Signal man, who had been watching this
thing open-mouthed, and saying to him, "Do you think we should
report this to the Captain!" He shook his head and said, "Better
not, sir," and I did not, but contented myself with recording
the incident in my Log.

Yours truly,
R. E. S.Bidwell,