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P-1947: Congratulations to Fred Whiting

From: Greg Long <greglong@PACIFICHARBOR.COM> 
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 20:54:57 -0700 
Fwd Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 08:16:38 -0400
Subject: P-1947: Congratulations to Fred Whiting

I want to congratulate Fred Whiting on his conclusion that the Roswell
debris was Project Mogul debris. This, too, is my conclusion. I always
found it patently ridiculous that the "alien artifacts" of Roswell would
turn out to be balsa-wood-like material.

The Roswell story is a very intriguing, interesting tale, but
nonetheless, it is second-hand and with no evidence of any
substantial nature to support the contention that a spacecraft
crashed in the desert. No photos of debris. No photos of alien
bodies. No bodies. Etcetera.

Should Kevin Randall want to actually prove Roswell, he might be
advised to turn his attention to proving a government conspiracy
to hide the truth of Roswell and stop touting second and
third-hand "remembrances."

Roswell has served one good purpose: it has stimulated public
interest in UFOs. However, beyond that accomplishment, Roswell
is fiction.

After I saw unexplained lights on Mary's Peak in western Oregon
in August and December 1995, I, for the first time, became an
actual UFO witness.

I now know that Roswell, in contrast to my own
sightings, is nothing but a science-fiction-like tale.

Once I learned that Donald Schmitt was a liar about his personal
background, I discarded Roswell as nothing but a money-making
effort by Randle and Schmitt.

I should tell this list that the moment I see any [Roswell--ebk]
message posted on the Project 1947 list, I immediately delete
it, unread.

What I like about this list is the occasional postings, usually
by Jan Aldrich, of actual SIGHTING REPORTS from the 1947 period.
These are a million times more valuable than endless hot hair
about Roswell.

I should also say that I instantly delete about 85% of the other
postings that deal with inter-personal rivalry, insults,
diatribes, and displays of intellectual wit and repartee.

I notice that usually when Aldrich leaves on a field trip, this
list rapidly degenerates into mindless and vapid babble.

I'll keep scanning each message rapidly and annihilating them as
I look for the actual UFO reports, the meat of the UFO

Greg Long -- greglong@pacificharbor.com              425-820-6978