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Skywatch: Marree Man

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Subject: Skywatch: Marree Man

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Date: Monday, July 20, 1998 9:03 AM
Subject: Marree Man

Aboriginal Man Marree

Well folks it seems the  Marree man will go down has an
Aussie 'Who Dunit?'

Channel 9 Ray Martin 6.30 Report:

Channel 9 went out to  Marree and did there own investigation
into the how the Marree man got there.

This is what I could make of their report:

1.They found pegs, marking out where to plough the soil.

2. The publican, who did see a truck with farm equipment going
through town but thought nothing of it, has trucks passing by
all the time.

3. The Locals are absolutely chuffed [thrilled to pieces -ebk]
and say, it's the best thing to have happened to the town, the
tourists are flocking in.

4. The Local pilot is making a killing with scenic flights. They
say that he has the most to gain hummm?

5. It was a rumour that there are 2 land claims both being  2
separate Aboriginal Tribes in the area of the drawing.

6. It is said that there is going to be a water pipe line laid
through the land.

7. Now the Locals want to keep the drawing, they say it has put
their little town on the world map, and they are willing to
maintain it.

8. The Locals think a 'Mad Artist' did it and would like to buy
him a beer.

SUNDAY Mail July 19.
Half a page story/ full colour picture "WOW"

1. The Marree man was first spotted by a freelance pilot on his
way from Coober Pedy to Marree on 26 June.

2. Mr. Smith was puzzled has to why he had not been told of the
new tourist attraction but said, "when I went into Marree the
locals didn't seem to be interested."

3. Then the a fax was sent to a business in Marree describing the
drawing, it claimed the drawing to be twice the size of the
largest drawing in Peru and 24 times larger than the Chalk Hill

4. Then the bottle was found containing a note with the words
"Stuart's Giant" an American flag and a reference to the US
Branch Davidian cult.

5. Police say it has finger, toes, eyes , ears, beard, genitals.

6. Estimated to have been there from 4 to 8 weeks.

7. It was made by some kind of implement, perhaps a plough or a
ripper, depth 20 to 30cm into the earth.

8. Mike Durdett a surveyor said "whoever did it was a
professional, it was quite an exercise."

9. The perimeter would be 15km or so.

10. Whoever created it has sparked a controversy between South
Australian Aborigines and Tourism Operators.

11. Outback Manager for SA Tourism Commission Mr. Andrew Beare
said he hopes whoever did it owns up so he can "shout them a slab
of beer - we love it".

12. Flights have increased over the site but the Aborigines have
taken legal advice to stop the flights.

13. The Dieri people want the figure erased, stating the drawing
was exploiting the Dreaming of the people and it had caused them
great harm.

14. South Australian Aboriginal Affairs chef executive David
Rathmann branded the image "Graffiti" and our Environment
Minister, Dorothy Kotz, attacked the etching as "Environmental

Well there you have it, if I DUNIT, I wouldn't own up. Would
you? They're out for his/her blood.

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