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Re: Mr. Werner Walter And His Reality

From: Werner Walter <113236.1604@compuserve.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 16:29:33 -0400
Fwd Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 01:33:51 -0400
Subject: Re: Mr. Werner Walter And His Reality

Hi List,

I=B4m very afraid to seen Joachim Koch=B4s message here in my mail.
I big oops come about my mouth. =3D)

I=B4m very astouned because Joachim Koch was never my
correspondent-partner and has never received my monthly CENAP
REPORT. I has never meet him on a personal base. From that sight
of view her bring up strong calibers agins me.

I=B4m a private UFO-researcher with a great deal of personal
experience won through own research-activitys here and abroad.
I=B4m not a UFO-theorist but a practical working man with the
background which you can easy call "learning by doing". Now I=B4m
has 25 years of work (self-financed work) on my humble back...

I has built up one of the greatest archives here in Germany and
read all important UFO-papers and books on a international level
also the book of Joachim Koch about self-styled kiddish corn
circle for a personal contact to beings from outer space. But
thats another matter...

I=B4m estimates me not as the main and most important debunker
here in Germany - thats a matter which has built up the medias.
One for shure: I=B4m only a very interessted UFO-researcher and
case-investigator with a great background knowledge about the
whole affair. Shure is: The most cases find a naturally or
ordinary explanations - thats it. It is not my problem when
other UFO-peoples are to enthusiastic and blened by own concepts
and X-file-like ideas.

In the medias I shown up only that bad work of UFOlogyst here
which was from this groups or individuals is self produced.
Again thats not my problem...

Shure is that I=B4m not found a evidence for a nut and bold UFO
but I think this "problem" is one with which the most members on
this list has to fight. Or? :)

I and my fried Rudolf Henke has worked hard on the
Belgium-UFO-weave and we have published a bookled called "UFOs
2000 - Die Eskalation" - based on the original SOBEPS-report
which is very interessting in the case of desorganisation. This
desorganisation has bring up the factor desorientation. And
based of this we has found many errors in the original
SOBEPS-report - thats all. Everyone which can read should read
my arguments - Joachim Koch has never ordered the bookled but
bring up the big cry. I=B4m wonder... - but this is the sytle of
attacks to me here in Germany. Nobody known correct my work but
all cry up about this. I=B4m not shure but is this the right
way??? Yes few sightings were ULs (which self SOBEPS has to
say!) but not all. Again: Read the paper and make not up
incorrect statements. Alone on the base because I=B4m self do this
not and collect my arguments on the base...

Shure is also that I=B4m not everybodys darling because I often
find the hidden stinky corpses in the basement of the arguments
from the self-declared UFO-enthusiasts and say it loud. Thats
the "major damage" in the credibility of few big names in the
german scene. I can=B4t not support the falsh pictures which are
builted around few personalitys.

Greeting from Germany