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11th Annual 'The UFO Experience' Conference

From: John White <JWhite8011@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 19:04:36 EDT
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Subject: 11th Annual 'The UFO Experience' Conference



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The sixth man on the moon, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell,
will be the featured speaker among a dozen UFO investigators
discussing the latest developments in ufology at the 11th annual
international conference on "The UFO Experience" on October
10-11, 1998 at the Holiday Inn in North Haven, Connecticut, USA. 

The conference will offer a comprehensive look at the UFO
phenomenon.  Eminent researchers and experiencers from around the
U.S. and Europe will present their findings and considered
opinions about what UFOs are, where they come from, why they are
here, and what the government knows about it and why it is
covering up.
In February 1971, Mitchell became the sixth man to walk on the
moon.  He holds a doctorate in aeronautics and astronautics from
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  On Saturday night,
October 11, he will discuss "Alien Presence=97Yes or No?," giving
an account of his personal investigations into the existence of
extraterrestrial life forms and the evidence for alien visitation
to Earth.

Other speakers on the program are:

Dan Brookes and John Dorazio, Connecticut ufologists who will
discuss "UFOs in Connecticut=97A Grassroots Investigation." 
Brookes and Dorazio are cofounders of the UFO Research and Study
Organization (UFORSO), a Connecticut-based public membership
group which investigates UFO reports and actively searches for

Michael Hesemann, a ufologist and cultural anthropologist from
Germany, will speak on "UFOs=97The Secret History."  His
presentation will discuss the government-military involvement
with UFOs from the 1940s to the present. Hesemann is coauthor of
Beyond Roswell, a recently published investigation of the
so-called "alien autopsy" and other aspects of the famed 1947
Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash and several other crashes which
are lesser known.

Linda Moulton Howe, M.S., an Emmy-winning television producer who
has investigated the phenomenon of animal mutilation and UFOs,
will speak on "Glimpses of Other Realities=971998 Update."  The
author of several documentaries and books on the subject,
including Strange Harvest and High Strangeness, Howe lives in

Philip Imbrogno, M.S., a ufologist and coauthor of Night Siege: 
The Hudson Valley UFO Mystery, will report on "Contact of the
Fifth Kind."  He contends there is a silent alien invasion under
way and the U.S. government knows of it.  He will present
evidence to demonstrate his claim.  A science educator in New
York state, Imbrogno holds a B.S. degree in astronomy, an M.S. in
science education and is a Ph.D. candidate.

Jack Kewaunee Lapseritis, M.S., author of the just-published book
The Psychic Sasquatch:  A UFO Connection, will discuss his
research into the Sasquatch people, popularly known as Bigfoot,
and their relation to UFOs.  Lapseritis, who claims to have had
20 years of personal contact with Sasquatch, is a social
scientist-anthropologist.  He lives in Arizona.

Joe Lewels, Ph.D., will discuss "Aliens or Angels:  The
Controversy Over the God Hypothesis."  Dr. Lewels' research with
more than 100 abductees leads him to conclude that UFOs and their
occupants have been responsible for most, if not all, world
religions, and their purpose today is to salvage human DNA before
the human species becomes extinct.  He was formerly a professor
of journalism and mass communications at University of Texas at
El Paso.

Michael Mannion, a New York City author, will discuss "Media
Manipulation and Public Perception of UFOs," based on his
just-published book, Project Mindshift, which looks at how public
opinion and public perception of the UFO phenomenon is influenced
by direct and by stealthy means.  Hollywood, television, science
and government, including covert government disinformation
operations, will be covered.

Derrel Sims, an "alien hunter" from Houston, Texas, will present
"Medical and Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact" gathered by
him over 34 years of research.  Slides, videotape and actual
physical objects apparently "alien" in nature will be shown,
along with a demonstration of Sims' discovery of a fluorescing
compound which is found on abductees after physical contact with

Daved Rubien, state director of the Mutual UFO Network for Rhode
Island, will speak on "The ETs We Encounter Today."  His research
with abductees indicates there are many types of ETs beyond the
so-called "grays" which are often depicted on television and in
film.  He will describe them and their activities, as revealed
through his abduction research.

Robert Wood, Ph.D., a retired aerospace engineer-scientist, will
talk about "Cosmic Watergate:  New Evidence of Crashed UFOs
Recovered by the Government." Dr. Wood has researched a recently
leaked 1954 Special Operations Manual used to guide U.S. military
personnel in recovery and disposal of UFOs and their occupants.

John White, internationally known researcher of paranormal
phenomena and author of 15 books, will chair the conference.  His
books and articles have been published in nine languages.

A UFO photo exhibit will also be featured, along with the
speakers' books for autographing.

Begun in 1987 by John White, "The UFO Experience" is an annual
October conference offering a wide-ranging, balanced look at the
UFO phenomenon.
Presentations are given by eminent investigators and famous UFO
contactees and abductees, who share their personal experiences,
their research data, and their insights and considered opinions
about what UFOs are, where they come from, why they are here. 
Attendees learn about the range of UFO encounters and theories,
how professional investigators conduct their investigations, and
how the public should handle UFO sightings for maximum
effectiveness in the ongoing search for answers.  The proceedings
of each year=92s program are available in audiotape and videotape
format, and a free brochure is available at the address below
which describes the lectures and the speakers.

The conference also offers a supportive setting for people to
"unburden" themselves if they feel they have had UFO experiences
but are afraid to talk about them.  People can share their UFO
experiences with others who are sympathetic and knowledgeable. 
The conference offers contact with support groups who can provide
ongoing help for those trying to recover from unusual, difficult
and often terrifying experiences.  Others believe they are "Star
People" whose true home is not Earth but some other planet or
solar system.
Star People likewise find the conference helpful to them.

Admission is by registration only.  The registration fee is $125
until June 30, $145 until August 30 and $175 thereafter.  The fee
does not include lodging or meals.  To register or for further
information, write to Omega Communications, P. O. Box 2051,
Cheshire, Connecticut 06410-5051, USA.  Or visit the conference
web site at http://www.ufoexperience.com.  If space allows at
conference time, admission will be permitted at $90 per day or
$20 per event.