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Re: Meier Pictures

From: The Duke of Mendoza - Peter Brookesmith <DarkSecretPB@compuserve.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 23:43:58 -0400
Fwd Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 09:42:18 -0400
Subject: Re: Meier Pictures

With the compliments of the Duke of Mendoza:

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>>Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 17:34:42 +0200
>>From: Andy Dene - A.U.R.A. <aura@telekabel2.nl>
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>>Subject: Meier-Pictures

>Actually, Canada, the United States and Many other
>countries use .223 caliber weapons, NOT .22  Its almost
>the same diameter bullet as your standard groundhog
>killing kid gun, but has a much longer shell, with about
>5 times the amount of powder.

Couldn't resist this one. That above is true except that

(a) a crucial difference is the .223 is a jacketed round, while
.22 Long Rifle is a bare lead bullet (though it may be copper
washed); .22 WMR is a jacketed round, however, and is deadly - it
actually carries more kinetic energy than a .45 Colt ACP, and is
the preferred pistol round for Mossad terminators: as it happens,
I used to have an S&W Model 48 in that calibre;

(b) the Swiss Army's issue rifle is in an idiosyncratic, non-NATO
(Switzerland is not in NATO) calibre - 7.5mm. However, it ain't
no sniper's piece. Most of those are in 7.62mm, and the usual
standard of accuracy is a 4-in group at 600 yards.

I did consider freaking out the members of the Stoke Newington
Vegetarian Front on this list with a long discussion of calibres
and weapons suitable for the assassination of ufological frauds -
or anyone else, now I come to think of it. However, I felt this
might be liable to misunderstanding. But, first, no sane assassin
would think of using a .22LR for a hit job (a sniper, or anyone
else with any sense, also *practises* with the round they will
carry in the field, on the street, or wherever). Second, the
national sport in Switzerland is shooting, Swiss gun laws are
admirably liberal, and .22 weapons are easily acquired. Third,
the Meier groupies freely admit they have firearms (big deal,
it's SOP for Swiss households).

The key question is: did Meier report this "assassination
attempt" to the police?

No? Really? You amaze me.

best wishes
Pyrodex D. Martini-Action
Esprit d'Escalier